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SR #25: FTL Drive

We’re finally sliding into home plate in this series (it’s baseball season, so I get to use baseball metaphors now). After spending a lot of time looking into how… 1,303 more words


Plugged In: "FTL: Faster Than Light"

If there ever was a rogue like that was both addicting, yet constantly threatening to have me throw my computer against the wall, it would be… 247 more words


Faster Than Light iOS Review: It's not the Destination, it's the Journey

(Jeff made a good point, if I’m going to talk about how wildly fun a game is, I better give a more succinct reason for you to throw some money down and support.) 1,033 more words


Faster Than Light (FTL) Review: Immersion to the 'Nth' Degree

‘Immersive’ is not a word I throw around often because it requires context, otherwise it could just as easily be a negative thing.

For instance, in my  640 more words


A Bit of News: Acting Up With Friends

Hey folks,

now I’ve been working on on a project with my friend Andrew for a few weeks now and I completely spaced on letting you all know. 118 more words


Special Al Day!

Okay. I’ve been teasing doubly special Saturday and (especially this year) since last Monday (and planting hints along the way). If you haven’t figured it out by now, today is… 969 more words


Odyssey Communications

The TET is far enough away from Earth that the crew goes into suspended animation for the initial travel to it. This initial travel is either automated or controlled from Earth. 1,052 more words

Oblivion (2013)