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Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)

Happy Wednesday everyone! The podcast is up a day late and it’s Pete’s fault. He had two glasses of gin, which is apparently too much now because he’s a total ninny now. 98 more words


FTL - Faster than light ili Kako sam naučio voljeti i cijeniti posadu broda

Kada spominjemo roguelike igre bilo bi teško ne spomenuti jedan dragulj iz toga žanra. FTL – Faster than light. FTL je top-down roguelike simulator upravljanja svemirskim brodom, kojeg su razvili indie developeri Subset Games.  565 more words


Zack Palm Travels Faster Than Light

Transporting stolen data and outrunning the rebel fleet is the easy part, whereas Zack Palm’s true test lies in being the captain of his own ship. 44 more words


Warp drive

Gene Roddenberry’s classic sci-fi drama, Star Trek, made famous the warp drive, a theoretical concept whereby a spacecraft travels Faster Than L… 2,207 more words


FTL: Faster Than Light

In the decades that I’ve been a gamer, I’ve experienced many emotional highs, many in-game moments that delivered many personal exultations and reminded me why I’m a gamer. 688 more words

Setting: Galactic Empire, part 2

In part 1, I wrote about the enormous scale of a galactic empire.  If we’re going to turn that empire into a decent setting for a story, we’ll need to understand its economics. 620 more words

Science Fiction

Einstein Wrong

Einstein’s Relativity may be wrong because no direct tests in deep space have ever been done. The claim that “nothing can travel faster than light” may be true on Earth or some other massive body (like planets or stars), but no one has ever tried to accelerate in deep space – period. 195 more words

Einstein Wrong