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I Love/Hate FTL: Faster Than Light

A game by the name of Into the Breach caught my eye recently, a tactical role playing game from developers Subset Games. It had an Advance Wars vibe to it that really grabbed my interest. 1,269 more words


3 Things That Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Yeah, yeah, so Einstein basically stamped a cosmic limit on how fast an object can travel in space.

For an object to travel at the speed of light would require an infinite amount of energy meaning, the object’s mass would be infinite, which is not possible. 340 more words


Something Vital At Christmas

Barry had always adored Christmas. His parents told him stories of Santa Claus and the elves and the reindeer. Barry soaked it all in and believed it with all his heart. 197 more words

Short Fiction

How to make Faster Than Light more Human (and Alien)

Faster Than Light is such a good game in a lot of ways, but I’ve noticed something about it that bothers me. The morality of… 1,027 more words

Video Games

"Dark Backward And Abysm"



We can see fourteen billion light years out.

For those still here a million years from now,

more light will have traveled to them, no doubt, 338 more words


The villanelle, “SUPERLUMINELLE,” first appeared in The Society of Classical Poets, Annual Journal, Vol.1, 2013.


The Universe is expanding,

faster than the limit of light, 156 more words