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How to make Faster Than Light more Human (and Alien)

Faster Than Light is such a good game in a lot of ways, but I’ve noticed something about it that bothers me. The morality of… 1,027 more words

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"Dark Backward And Abysm"



We can see fourteen billion light years out.

For those still here a million years from now,

more light will have traveled to them, no doubt, 338 more words


The villanelle, “SUPERLUMINELLE,” first appeared in The Society of Classical Poets, Annual Journal, Vol.1, 2013.


The Universe is expanding,

faster than the limit of light, 156 more words

Podcast 117: Trade-In Value


Direct Download (46:20)

I talk about a number of trades I’ve read, including Animosity v1, Injection v1, Faster Than Light v1-2, Wayward v1, and… 44 more words


What if We Never Travel Faster Than Light?

No faster than light = Humanity is doomed? Links for discussion video: (The status of faster-than-light travel) (Diameter of the Milkyway) (Diameter of the observable universe) (Spacecraft propulsion) (Embryo Cryopreservation) (Artificial Uterus) (Artifical Intelligence) (Technological

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Other Dimensions

I’m always on the lookout for a cunning device that is going to let us move at speeds greater than the speed of light.  I recently re-acquainted myself with… 757 more words