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Faster than light proves space travel is just as annoying as the rest of life.

It’s easily the most fraustrating game ive ever ever played and I’ve gone all the way through both Demon and Dark souls. Havn’t played dark souls 2 yet but i’m told its pretty much the same as Dark souls only less hard. 386 more words


Consequence of Travelling Faster Than Light... What Will You See?


This weird thought occurred to me.. Possibly as a result of watching too many science fiction movies I suppose :). I was asking myself, what happens if we travel faster than light? 723 more words

Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light Review

Platform: PC, IOS

When I first opened Faster Than Light, I was met with a pixel-art background and chiptune music that conveyed a distinctly retro feel. 579 more words

The Feasibility of Interstellar Propulsion

Recent revelations of NASA’s Eagleworks Em Drive caused a sensation on the internet as to why interstellar propulsion can or cannot be possible. The nay sayers pointed to shoddy engineering and impossible physics, and ayes pointed to the physics of the Alcubierre-type warp drives based on General Relativity. 1,028 more words

Future Physics

Will we ever colonize distant worlds?

On first glance, that question seems absurd. Humans are an adventurous species, so the thinking is of course we’ll spread out among the stars, especially as word comes of more and more planets that may be close to Earth-like. 356 more words

Geek Eclectic Plays: FTL Part 1

In this episode of Geek Eclectic Plays, Nick does a playthrough of FTL (Faster Than Light). It’s safe to say that this is a Nick heavy episode, so it’s possible that there is some crude language…you’ve been warned. 9 more words

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