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Beating Faster Than Light

So I fucking told you all I’d do it, given enough time and enough abysmal failures I would finally complete the game and be triumphant and blow it all if it wasn’t finally today after a week long struggle to put up loft insulation. 296 more words


FTL; Had it all!

Seriously had three beam weapons AND the hacking device, still got my butt whooped after loosing my engines guy in a random encounter. The game giveth but the game taketh away at the same time. 129 more words


FTL Ceases to Amuse

So my strategy so far has been to rely on luck too much. I see that now. Although I am quite capable of having over 300 scrap by the end of the third level, I can’t find the weapons or stuff I need to garuntee final victory in the field. 320 more words


Why I keep coming back to FTL

If you haven’t heard of FTL: Faster Than Light it’s a wonderful 2D top-down spaceship simulator game focused on exploring space and spaceship combat. The Rebel fleet is chasing you so every jump you make they get a little bit closer. 1,091 more words

Review - Faster than Light #3 (Image Comics)

Title: Faster Than Light #3
Publisher: Image Comics
Story and Illustration: Brian Haberlin
Colours: Dan Kemp
Release Date: 11th November 2015 386 more words

Image Comics

Still Can't Beat Faster Than Light


I’ve watched about 12 different youtube videos, all about different ships, all doing more or less the same tactics. 336 more words


Faster Than Light Ensures Certain Death

I’m obviously doing something wrong because apparently there is something I am not quite getting here. I cannot beat this game, I’ve tried different ships, different tactics, all manner of choices and I just can’t crush the final ship. 347 more words