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Podcast 117: Trade-In Value


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I talk about a number of trades I’ve read, including Animosity v1, Injection v1, Faster Than Light v1-2, Wayward v1, and… 44 more words


What if We Never Travel Faster Than Light?

No faster than light = Humanity is doomed? Links for discussion video: (The status of faster-than-light travel) (Diameter of the Milkyway) (Diameter of the observable universe) (Spacecraft propulsion) (Embryo Cryopreservation) (Artificial Uterus) (Artifical Intelligence) (Technological

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Other Dimensions

I’m always on the lookout for a cunning device that is going to let us move at speeds greater than the speed of light.  I recently re-acquainted myself with… 757 more words

NASA Studying How to Travel Faster than Light After Finding Trappist-1 ·

NASA recently reported finding a treasure trove of planets, all able to support life in a nearby solar system, called Trappist-1, according to a Harvard paper on the subject. 353 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)

Happy Wednesday everyone! The podcast is up a day late and it’s Pete’s fault. He had two glasses of gin, which is apparently too much now because he’s a total ninny now. 98 more words


FTL - Faster than light ili Kako sam naučio voljeti i cijeniti posadu broda

Kada spominjemo roguelike igre bilo bi teško ne spomenuti jedan dragulj iz toga žanra. FTL – Faster than light. FTL je top-down roguelike simulator upravljanja svemirskim brodom, kojeg su razvili indie developeri Subset Games.  565 more words