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Day 21 - We Made It!

We made it to day 21! Congratulations!

This has, for me, been an amazing 21 days; it has been a very good fast. You may ask, “How can a fast be good?” The benefits of fasting far outweigh the discomforts and inconveniences we face when on a fast. 844 more words


How Zacchaeus Reclaimed Paradise

The Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke. (19:1-10)

Many people say that they want to know God. Sometimes people are more specific and they say that they want to know Jesus Christ. 941 more words

"Daniel Fast: Day 21" by Dr.J. POST 34

Sin blinds. Hardness of heart blinds. Rejection of truth blinds. Being unteachable blinds. Thinking you know everything blinds.

Your eyes have been opened. Your perspective has changed. 142 more words


Two dreams...

I had this dream recently, just before waking:

Christians were being rounded up. Someone came and told me to get in line. We were told to walk in single file with our hand on the shoulder of the one ahead of us. 618 more words


Muddy Waters Fasting

I completed my first 5 day extended fast! I have read a lot of research and anecdotal information regarding therapeutic fasting, intermittent fasting, and the difference between fasting and starvation. 1,142 more words


The Prayer Of Faith

At the bottom of the mountain, a large crowd had gathered around the rest of Jesus’ chosen witnesses, and some teachers of the law were arguing with them (100). 314 more words