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Vegetarian Delight – Part 2

The Mysteries of Gnosis vs. the Revelations of the Gospel

Whoever heard of a “gnosis” anyway? I heard you wonder that. Well, it’s like this. Everyone in the Roman province of Asia heard of gnosis, as well as all of the “mystery religions” which abounded there in New Testament times. 864 more words

Church Age

Jesus instructs us to do things in secret

“Aunty, I need to tell you something” says my little nephew.

He was so excited that I got excited to hear what he had to tell me. 788 more words

Food For Thought

Die Before You Die

Many esoteric sects suggest purging that from ourselves which wants, that which wills, that which desires as a means of becoming aware of an old truth. 260 more words


I started fasting and holy fuck

I use a lot of expletives in my writing, if you haven’t noticed.  If this hurts your feminine sensibilities, or feminist sensibilities, then too bad.  I simply do not care.  1,002 more words

Snake Diet

The commandment of Fasting

Fasting is not an advice, or an admonition, fasting is a commandment. It is when you fast and not if you fast. “Moreover, when ye fast”  608 more words


Idle Hands

If the devil finds work for idle hands, then the Internet is his playground and the majority are in big trouble.

So what is the ‘devil’. 18 more words


tuned out

I gave up my headphones for Lent.

(We’re also going to pretend that my last blog entry wasn’t well over a year ago.)

Anyway, I gave up my headphones for Lent. 1,255 more words