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So far part 2

So… I was going to:

  • Matcha latte (100)
  • Protein shake (190)
  • Bone Broth (80)
  • Will have caramelized carrots for supper with hemp heats and sesame seeds (400)
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Christ in all

Christ lives within you (Romans 8:10; NLT).


Christ in sorrow
And in bliss,

Christ in darkness
And in light;

Christ in fasting
And in feast, 52 more words


Sunday's Sermon

Hey Y’all 

So how do you all deal with toxic people or situations? Do you kick them to the curb the minute your spidey senses go off or do you give them chance after chance hoping that they change? 453 more words


Prayers for Soon Coming Calamities in America (12/12/2017)

We should do our best to prepare ourselves ahead of time by storing up water, canned goods, and other supplies in anticipation of future calamities. Yet, no matter what we do, we will never have enough. 174 more words



Hello there…seems I missed a few days of entries there. My apologies. Been going through some personal issues lately, trying to recover.

Let’s see, well I am still on the program, however I have seen no results, which is REALLY bringing me down. 304 more words


Pre-Christmas Fasting Recipe

If you want to be healthy and rich in spirit heading into Christmas, you might want to try this new fasting technique from the prophet Isaiah.  782 more words

Marc Kinna

#42Days A #HungerStrike in protest against #UniversalCredit Day 42

This is it folks…this is the big one…the last day of the hunger strike.

You know all the whys and wherefores behind it – and together we’ve made a bit of a noise – and I can’t thank you enough for that. 377 more words

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