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Cow's milk: so tasty and white!

Cow’s milk is a complete food, rich in all the necessary nutrients for the body, and especially for growth. This thirst-quenching drink contains sugars, proteins, fats, vitamins and also… 142 more words


Warning: Fat Girl Working Out

I felt like I needed “Warning: Fat Girl Working Out” on a t-shirt when I started working out at my new gym.I stood outside the gym door going back and forth about whether or not I should go through with my workout plan.   465 more words

Body Image

Plate Police Brutality: The Struggles of Eating in Public

I am re-blogging this from Sass and Balderdash. I just love her blog. But this specific post hit the nail right on the head. I know most women feel this way, I know that I certainly have on many occasions. 292 more words


Looking into the Mirror

She remembered looking into the mirror and wishing she didn’t exist. She could still feel every moment of hurt that they’d gifted her. Her mother thought that she’d make things alright by telling her that she was beautiful. 35 more words


The scores on the doors are ......

I have just summoned up the courage to measure myself .

So I am going to share it with you . If sharing this information with the world doesn’t kickstart my motivation , then I don’t know what will . 85 more words


Moving but not far along 

I’ve been slacking at blogging and other aspects of life. I can’t help but wonder where all my motivation went! The good news is I’ve managed to maintain my weight after coming off the Phentermine. 402 more words