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Ugly in a sea of beauty

i feel ugly… i look ugly… i am ugly

there i said it… i am ugly in a sea of beauty

i feel fat… i look fat… i am fat… 20 more words


Phentermine success 

I started my phentermine journey about 4 months ago and I am now into my fifth. I have lost over 30 pounds and have continued to slowly lose weight. 105 more words

Post Eight - Fat Jammers and the pity party

So it’s been a while since my last post and, truthfully, I haven’t been writing because I’m feeling terribly sorry for myself. Whilst I know that people are interested in exploring mental health issues, no one ever RSVPs “hell yes” to the pity party. 693 more words

Roller Derby

Swordfish: fish with a sword on his nose

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) is a marine fish of large size, but the lean meat rich in protein and omega3 acids, which are essential in the protection and repair of cell membranes, delaying aging. 128 more words


Not pretty - 2nd August 2015

Oh boy, what a mess….

Ok well, as previously divulged, I’m a big, chunky, lump of fat which has taken approximately 8 years to achieve and I’m currently unsure of how long it will take to undo, BUT as previously stated, I have 357 days to make a big difference. 94 more words


Engage brain before speaking!

So, as you’re aware by now I’m on the large side, I’ve not always been big but have always struggled with my weight (by that I mean I’ve yo-yo dieted and fluctuated between 8 stone, at my lowest, and now 19 stone, at my heaviest). 201 more words


Oh it hurts.

Whilst on my holiday, I’ve been talked in to walking by my family, much more than I normally would on a day to day basis. Walking more than normal has resulted in very painful tendons at the back of my ankles. 129 more words