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Life is good minus the bumps 

my weekend was was fantastic my parents were up to visit my sister and I. We had a blast We boated all day Saturday followed by a BBQ with my cousins and my sisters BF along with the parents then Sunday relaxed and went shopping :) I was good all weekend making sure not to over indulge in any foods and to only eat when I felt hungry and although it was hard and I did eat more than usual I was satisfied with my self control. 160 more words

Who Should Start their Raw Food Journey with Nuts?

Every time I go to the grocery store, I have to tell myself to stay away from the nuts (pecans and cashews are my ultimate weakness!) because I know that they are very rich in healthy fats. 446 more words


7 more days till weigh in 3 with doctor 

I must say finishing up my last 7 days of my 90 day Phentermine is bitter sweet. I started out not really thinking much would happen but here I am today almost 25 pounds lighter! 421 more words

European seabass: delicate fish

The Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a fish bone from the elongated body, slightly compressed laterally, with a prominent jaw jaw. The back has two fins contiguous and of equal height, of which the first is supported by spiny rays and the second soft rays. 142 more words


Checking in 

I have about two weeks till my next weigh in with my doctor for my 90 day mark . After two weeks of teetering on 180.7 pounds which is about 20 pounds less than when I started, I finally reached 179 ! 169 more words

The ban on unhealthy body image photos needs to extend to the 'Obese' as well.

We’ve made such an uproar about banning anorexic models, lets not now say it’s “Ok” to promote obesity.

And Tess Holliday is obese. I wont sugar coat it, or make it ‘politically correct’ or ‘palatable’ for the delicately inclined among us, because failure to face hard truths is turning us into a bunch of weak willed members of society. 211 more words

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