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My YA novella

It isn’t easy being the fat girl at school. Read Pamela’s story.


Out With The Old

Today I went through my closet on a mission to get rid of things I never wear but it quickly turned into a mission with a different goal. 804 more words


A New Look, A New Title

My YA novella that I had fondly named Just me, the Sink & the Pot, is now available with a brand new cover and title on Amazon Kindle worldwide.

Hope you like it!


A Lying Mirror

“Have you ever loved yourself?” He asked her the simple question that she already knew the answer to. It was not easy to feel worthy of anyone’s love – even her own. 41 more words


Fat Girl

“You are beautiful,” her mother tried to make her feel better at home. “You need more confidence,” said her brother. She nodded as if she agreed with them. 58 more words


An Extract from Just me, the Sink & the Pot

Things did not improve as I gained years and kilos. In class three, I had a class teacher who believed that every kid needed a Valentine, so she would let us take turns drawing out our classmates’ names from a bowl. 122 more words


A Big Girl

Was she supposed to dislike herself every day? The other girls at school acted like she was the ugliest person they’d ever seen. “You’d be a good catch if you weren’t so fat,” one said. 56 more words