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The no diet diet

I’ve managed to lose 12lbs and I’m chuffed but…..

Not as chuffed as I’d like to be, the weight loss is slow, it’s agony and overall I feel deprived, not just of food but life. 185 more words


Over due update 

I officially lost 30 pounds with the help of Phentermine. I am happy with the results and feel motivated to continue the journey. My last day oh Phentermine was about 3 weeks ago, I didn’t wean myself off per my doctor she said it was up to me but either way it wouldn’t make much of a difference so I took my last tablet 3 weeks ago and honestly I didn’t notice any bad side effects or withdrawals when stopping…. 350 more words

Chinook salmon: red king salmon

Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), is the largest species of the family Salmonidae (including all salmon). The salmon have a fusiform body with oval section, with a tail fin biloba or margin slightly concave, characterized by a dark steel blue livery on its back, gradually faded on silver sides, until the belly is silvery white with dark spots on the back, and on the sides and on the dorsal fins. 125 more words


Critical Updates

Our knowledge or how to stay healthy is constantly evolving.  15 years ago when Baruch came to me concerning eating properly and how to exercise… 1,184 more words

Healthy Living

Ten Things the "Dear Fat People" Vlogger Could Do Instead of Recording Boring, Hateful Videos

So, I finally broke down and watched the viral “Dear Fat People” video (not going to link, if you want to watch it you can find it easily), and, honestly, there’s nothing new to be said about it that hasn’t already been eloquently expressed by a gazillion other people, notably… 916 more words


Fuck Fat People!

Why are people so afraid of hooking up, dating, or being involved with fat people?  723 more words

Body Image

Ugly in a sea of beauty

i feel ugly… i look ugly… i am ugly

there i said it… i am ugly in a sea of beauty

i feel fat… i look fat… i am fat… 20 more words