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The Not-So-Chubby Inquisitor

In almost all of the video games I play, especially role-playing games (rpg) and action adventure games, there are almost no fat people. Even in games where you can create your own character, there are very limited options. 383 more words

Body Image

Another New Year

A new year gave her the chance for a fresh start. Out went the terrible chocolate and evil pasta. She even found leftover Halloween candy from last year. 31 more words


A for effort?

My brother and I were driving to school on Friday last week and on the radio they were talking about Obesity. Obesity is a huge problem in the United States of America. 193 more words

Bears and Their Community

The reading about manscaping got me thinking about the role that bodies play in the gay community, specifically fat and hairy bodies. They completely determine where you are and who you associate with. 251 more words


Now and Then

At some point in my life I was 325lbs of pure fat. This was a result of me eating too much (having a sweet tooth and loving junk food) and not working out, I did not have any health conditions that caused me to be fat. 269 more words


7 Common sense reasons to eat fat

A few weeks ago the government finally released its obesity strategy for children, which was heavily criticised by many health campaigners including Jamie Oliver. Jamie detailed the things that the plan was failing on (see link below), one of which is compulsory reduction of the sugar content of foods aimed at children. 760 more words


I Don't Care How Long It's Been Since You Ate That-Via Sass & Balderdash

I fell in love with this blog post. Everyone can relate to it. I know that I have had a time or two where I order my favourite thing on the menu (or an extra item because I love it so much) while out with people who are supposed to be your friends. 133 more words