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I'm Back Baby!

I’m back!

I cannot believe that it has been 3 months since my last ‘REAL’ post. Life got busy, I got lazy, and everything was kind of set on Auto-Pilot for a while. 476 more words


On Being Gender Agnostic

Academics, raise your hand if you have trouble sitting down to write in the morning?  Now, how many of you find that your procrastination stems from trying to figure out who you are in this world?  1,673 more words


Addressing women's body image issues

Why is the author of this article suggesting that the government should get involved in women’s body issues?

I understand that body image for many women is indeed an issue, but rather than attempt to regulate the industry by placing restrictions on image publication, why don’t we teach our daughters how to deal with these issues. 361 more words


Those Crushes

It wasn’t like she hadn’t felt this way before. Of course she had. She loved and feared that racing heart and dreamy mind. Lunch break and after school moments were all about catching glimpses of him. 23 more words


Finding Beauty

“If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then I guess everybody thinks I’m ugly,” the young girl told her mother with no emotion in her voice. 56 more words


Being a Big Girl

Every time there was a birthday party or random house party, she prayed that the cool kids would invite her. She knew she was fat so her boring clothes would never get her invited. 69 more words


Never get the hang of this 

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here and honestly I feel miserable. I have managed to maintain my weightloss from before but I’ve failed to lose anymore and there’s plenty more to shed. 223 more words