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Too Busy For Love

My friend Fiona is my sounding board for all my foibles with men.  Every time I tell her of about someone odd who contacted me or a strange first date her first words to me are “That’s going in the book!”.   1,626 more words


Sacrifice or common sense?

Did anyone see the article a couple of days ago in the UK press? It was about that period between trying to get pregnant and the day the test shows positive. 131 more words



I’m two weeks into my second month on phentermine and I am down 17 pounds so far ! I couldn’t be happier, I feel energized and my body is changing slowly. 36 more words

What you really mean

Women, a fat friend of yours says, “I’m fat.” Is your response to make the whiny, high pitched poor-kitty “aww” sound before you launch into, “Awwww, don’t be so hard on yourself!”?  358 more words


Be careful which voices you listen to

In my previous post I mentioned a statistic that I had read about how long it takes couples on average to fall pregnant once they’ve come off the pill. 462 more words


Woke up fat

Part of the really incredible new hire intake procedure I’m going through is to have a physical with the Occupational Medicine department. I haven’t had to do one of those since 1980 and I started work at ALCOA. 879 more words


Check in with doctor. 

I officially weighed in at the doctors office. I went during my lunch break at work and did my required weigh in with my primary care physician. 523 more words