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Sleeveless and Fearless

Instead of a blog post today I wanted to share one of my pieces of fat-positive art with you! I created the original version of this piece about seven years ago, but since I recently changed my name I wanted to update the piece. I hope you enjoy!

Fat Acceptance

My Non Binary Body

Like many, possibly most, I have a complicated relationship with my body. I always have. I’ve always been bigger. Bigger than what? Bigger than everyone else, bigger than I was supposed to be, bigger than what was considered good, right, or healthy. 494 more words

My YA novella

It isn’t easy being the fat girl at school. Read Pamela‚Äôs story.


Out With The Old

Today I went through my closet on a mission to get rid of things I never wear but it quickly turned into a mission with a different goal. 804 more words


A New Look, A New Title

My YA novella that I had fondly named Just me, the Sink & the Pot, is now available with a brand new cover and title on Amazon Kindle worldwide.

Hope you like it!


A Lying Mirror

“Have you ever loved yourself?” He asked her the simple question that she already knew the answer to. It was not easy to feel worthy of anyone’s love – even her own. 41 more words