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Revisiting Contextual Fatness.

Oh y’alls.

I’ve seen at least five folks who don’t know each other talking about it, so let’s talk about it.

We’re gonna talk about fatness, gatekeeping of fatness, why fatness is not a single thing or experience and why it is important to learn how to deal with varying fatness because y’all ain’t nobody got time for bullshit. 1,033 more words

Body Politics

Opinion: Whitewashing Weight Gain: “Tater Tots and Fat Thoughts” event advertises unhealthy eating to Boise State students

By Jacob Palmer
Originally published March 28, 2018

I was always pencil-thin growing up and never really dealt with the problem of being overweight. But as I approached my tween years and started experiencing an anxiety disorder, I was prescribed the antidepressant known as “Abilify.” As with all medication, it has the possibility of… 210 more words

Written Articles

Make America Great Again: Get in Shape!

One reason America was great compared to today’s America, people made healthier decisions. It made people gag when someone in a scooter was seen coasting by, with half their belly or back end hanging out of their shirt. 375 more words

Obesity is Unacceptable | Links I Like

Shall be expanding on this topic and videos soon. For now just take your time to watch this. this is privilege.

Only in America?

Someone please think of the women. 57 more words


Book Review: Landwhale

I loved this book so much! I finished it in three sittings at the hair salon & enjoyed every single page. I can’t wait for this book to be released so you can all enjoy the fabulously vulnerable writing of Jes Baker. 409 more words

Body Positive

The disturbing side of the fat acceptance movement.

People like Sofie Hagen are extremely vocal about their views on fat acceptance and body positivity. Just take a look at one of her tweets: 1,361 more words

Lindy West, intersectional victim

We saw on Tuesday that New York Times contributor Lindy West is preoccupied with her status as a woman – and thus a member of a certified victim group. 1,030 more words

New York Times