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How to be a good ally to fat patients

I recently switched to a new doctor. The moment I walked into their waiting room, I had a good feeling about this practice. Here’s why: 203 more words


Trying to Rise from the Ashes

Wow, tonight sucked.  President-elect Donald Trump.  I’m not okay with this, and I don’t know how we as a nation are okay with this.  (I’m pretty sure that we as a nation aren’t actually, and that voter suppression played a huge role.) 197 more words

What I Can't Forgive

CW: Infertility, discussion of weight loss and eating disorders

If you’ve been around the fat activist or body positivity communities, you may have heard the axiom “What gets diagnosed in thin people gets prescribed for fat people.” What this means is the medical establishment often encourages fat people to engage in behaviors that would be seen as warning signs in thin people, or overlooks symptoms in fat people that would have them sending thin people to specialists, because ANYTHING is better than being fat, amirite? 1,605 more words

Random Musing

The Last Diet I Ever Went On

Back in the early 2000’s there was a very popular diet book called The Skinny Bitch diet.  It was a New York Times bestseller, and a secret manifesto for an extreme form of veganism. 2,219 more words


Night Thoughts on Weight

So lately I’ve started being anxious about my weight again. In a sense, this is a good thing, because I was too busy having an existential crisis for awhile there to have any energy left to worry about my weight! 1,648 more words


Full Disclosure

Recently, I visited a podiatrist to check my overall foot health. Not only was the appointment uninformative and he did not examine my feet, the doctor made an unsolicited, medically unnecessary comment about my weight that had nothing to do with my feet. 293 more words

Public Service Announcement

A few of my favorite body-positive Instagram feeds

I’m currently in a yoga teacher training program at Whole Life Yoga. That’s me right in front, wearing a dress that I made out of galaxy fabric. 1,117 more words