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My response, summed up:

1)  An overweight person at the gym isn’t necessarily a rookie.  Stop making stupid assumptions.  Also, a fat person at the gym during the start of a new year might not be trying to lose weight; sometimes we want to get healthy and don’t care if that happens to mean we lose weight.   436 more words

Fat Acceptance

Don't tell me I'm not fat.

I had trepidations about starting a blog about my experiences as a fatty, because I am “only” a size 14.  Then I decided that was bull shit.   331 more words

Fat Acceptance

Why I care about how I look

There are three sides to this coin.  (It’s a special coin, shut up.)

1)  In dealing with my Bipolar Disorder I’ve learned that taking a shower every day and getting dressed vastly improves my mood and productivity.   851 more words


My Privilege: On Being an "Inbetweenie"

**I will be writing a series of posts examining the different ways in which I am privileged.  This installment will cover my privilege as a smaller fatty. 953 more words


Why I can't get behind Fat Acceptance, and never will.

Hey all, I haven’t posted in a long time.  Since August I have lost a total of 21 pounds.  It has been rough going because starting in November, I had a 6 week bout with a very persistent and severe case of bronchitis, followed immediately by the common cold which turned into a wicked sinus infection that hung around for 2 weeks after the initial cold, and then the holidays came and I engaged in more debauchery than I planned.  1,525 more words

Health At Every Size

Long runs and fat acceptance as civil rights

I’m just going to turn this into a complaining-about-the-weather blog, ok? It was 2 degrees (yes, Fahrenheit) this morning. The general consensus is that no one should leave their house and we should all have the day off so we can sit under a blanket and drink hot drinks. 385 more words

ACTIVISM: On Internalized Fat Hate, the Good Fatty, & Anxiety

(Possible triggers for anxiety, fat hate and weight loss.)

Before I discovered fat acceptance, I believed that all my problems would be solved if I were thin. 593 more words