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Running as a former fatty

I want to start this essay with a very important disclaimer: fat bodies are valuable, deserving of love, attractive, and not an indicator of someone’s health. 1,026 more words

Personal Thoughts

Please do not feed the diet monster

It’s only been two years since I started trying to break out of the whole mainstream fatphobic diet mentality thing, and I already have far, far more good days than bad. 473 more words

Fractured Mirror

My husband is the front man for a popular local Blues band. The other day as he was preparing for the latest gig, singing under his breath to make sure the songs on the set list lined up, I said, “I have this fantasy, one day I’ll come to one of your gigs all done up, in spiky high heels, a new hair-do and makeup, and a shiny dress, and strut.” 1,017 more words

Random Musing

Sweet, blessed apathy

It’s January, New Year’s resolution season, and a number of my coworkers have a diet pool going, with weekly weigh ins and a cash prize for the winner.   82 more words

Sewing panels into a favorite old shirt, and the virtues of keeping your "skinny clothes"

Not until I became obsessed with sewing back in August did I realize how much clothes mean to me. How a single piece can be full of meaning and memory, how just seeing something in my dresser can make me smile or feel more secure in the world. 1,135 more words


3 Reasons I Am Okay With You Calling Me Fat

The title of this article alone is enough to strike fear in so many people that I am sure some of you are reading this post just to see if I have lost my mind. 690 more words

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