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Do fat lives matter?

In a candid discussion on my Facebook wall about Black Panther, I was wondering something….why is it still ok to make fun of fat people? 275 more words

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Slim man who bought healthy food in the vicinity of obese women arrested for fat shaming

Toronto, Canada – 26-year-old fitness instructor Mark Olson has been arrested for filling his supermarket basket with healthy food in what a group of morbidly obese women are saying is a blatant act of fat shaming. 232 more words


Elizabeth Webster to replace Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in final season of Game of Thrones

In what’s being hailed as a stunning victory for the fat acceptance movement, plus size actress Elizabeth Webster who played Roose Bolton’s wife, Lady Walda in Game of Thrones, is set to replace Emilia Clarke as Queen Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of HBO’s most popular series. 396 more words

Fat Acceptance

What if dissatisfaction was just fine?

All of my insights come to me in the peace that follows a binge-like upheaval. Right now, I feel that peace. Two days ago, though, I was at the center of a crisis over a loaf of Asiago bread. 1,115 more words

Stop Hiding!

This is a very spontaneous blog post. Just receiving my student loan means only one thing, shopping. Having a nighttime scroll through Asos, I had a very bizarre thought. 288 more words


Books I Started . . . But Didn't Finish

I used to feel guilty for not finishing a book, feeling like I needed to complete what I started.  I was an indiscriminate reader as a child and young adult–not terribly picky about what I read, and I would force myself to get through a book even if I didn’t like the way I felt when I read it. 801 more words

Fat Acceptance

Body Image Poetry

The Box

Feeling fat,

Want to hide,

Food has consumed my pride.

Don’t look at me,

For I will break.

Just another one of my mistakes. 66 more words