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On the road to fat acceptance

Apparently Lyn felt like writing last night. Her new post, as someone said in the comments here “is a doozy”.

In the post, she weighs (hehe) the pros and cons of losing weight vs. 483 more words


"Good Fatty Blog" and privileged voices

Longer treadmill run today: 4 miles in 53 minutes, nice and solid, no need for a walking break. Today actually would’ve been a nice day to run outside, but I neglected to plan ahead so I was stuck inside. 395 more words

It's Summer, Time to Love Yo' Self

Dear fellow Ladies,
We were fortunate enough to fulfill my 12 year old son’s birthday wish to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge (It is an indoor water park hotel chain. 398 more words

Physical Beauty DOES NOT come in every size.

This is just absolutely insane.

The realms of political correctness and ass kissing apparently knows no bounds.

Apparently¬†every woman is beautiful at every size and this woman has helped change the fashion industry’s standard of weight. 437 more words

Mombod, Dadbod, Everyone's Bod is Awesome

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the recent “dadbod” phenomenon taking over social media. If you haven’t, essentially it’s a bunch of dudes who have a certain type of physique being celebrated and called attractive for that physique… 770 more words

About Me

Coming to terms with being fat (or, how the internet is a dangerous influence on me)

Since the end of January this year, I have lost over a stone in weight. This was a huge (forgive the pun) deal for me, as I have been overweight my entire life. 1,145 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Body Positivity and Fitness

So someone mentioned a website proteinpow.com online and I decided to check it out. It’s a website with a bunch of recipes using protein powder. Pretty cool.¬† 748 more words

Fat Acceptance