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On fat admirers and allyship

There are two articles I saw recently that I want to highlight – one on being a good ally to fat acceptance, and one on dating while fat. 1,329 more words


One of my favorite body positive posts ever

I avoid searching tags on Tumblr because people are garbage and like to fill the feminism tag with mysoginist hate and the fatspo tag with fat bashing.   155 more words

When I am Thin, Fat will be In.

I originally posted this on Tumblr on December 2nd 2015.
I’ve decided to edit (one word changed and a sentence added) and re-post it here at my new blog. 725 more words

A Plus-Size Model Breaks Down On Camera During This Poignant Video About Body Image

“I am fat. Like, I am fat. It’s just a descriptive word.”

The words above come from British model Olivia Campbell, who, by all outward appearances, is a gorgeous, confident woman who also happens to be overweight. 494 more words


Body Depersonalization

There is a very common belief that it is important for people to see their bodies as part of themselves, not something separate from you, not just a vehicle you are in, but an intrinsic part of you. 269 more words


End of week 11/Fat Acceptance and Self Love

Weight:113kg (i gained about 2kg)

This is the highest weight i’ve ever been. I’m literally 7kg away from being 120kg! And I’m very tiny, at only 5’4. 400 more words

Being the Bystander Who Doesn't Stand By

At the end of this brilliant call-to-action piece by “Your Fat Friend” over at Medium comes the wonderfully simple yet crucial sentence, “Be the bystander who won’t stand by.” Arriving at this sentence after the whole piece, I was thinking that these are exactly the words that I, and we as a society, need. 1,568 more words