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The Communism Train, The Children, fat acceptance, and equality

I don’t understand why Progressives aren’t all calling themselves Communists yet? What could their reasons be for avoiding such a glorious title? They’re working together… 123 more words


Im Sommer 1000 Blicke

Wenn es im Sommer heiß wird, dann möchte ein Großteil der Menschen nicht in langen Klamotten rumlaufen. So auch ich.

Während ich auch im Winter manchmal komisch angeschaut werde, steigt die Zahl dieser Blicke im Sommer stark an. 597 more words

How to Love Food Yet Keep an Hour Glass Shape

I learned a long time ago, how to manage my weight while at the same time, being able to almost eat whatever I wanted, not feeling deprived or prevented from eating any certain food group. 1,632 more words

"Did fatphobia enable Jared Fogle's predatory behavior?"

The Frisky asks this question in a recent article, and I think they’ve spoken out about something that’s not being said, and needs to be said.   196 more words


Why Don't Women Order Their Own Fries?

I saw this the other day, shared on a website, and honestly didn’t think too much into it at the time. Yet it’s been stuck in my head a bit since then, bugging me a bit more over time. 995 more words

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