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What do I do with all my problems now that I can’t blame them on my weight?

A couple weeks ago, I woke up with this weird half-of-my-face headache. Was it my first migraine? Did I drink too much? Do I need new glasses? 1,872 more words

Too Fat For Life. CN: Eating disorder mentions, weight loss, trauma.

First story time.

Once upon a time yours truly was a (as I thought then) super fat fat fatty teenager who was in fact too fat to live. 1,415 more words

Body Politics

How are you ever going to survive the holidays without GETTING FAT!??

Inevitably, as the holidays approach, we’re going to see an upswing in articles about “Self-control despite Christmas Cookies” and “Staying on Track on Turkey Day” and “12 Winter Fitness Finds for Fighting Holiday Flab” and all the other diet culture BS that we looove to buy into during these 6 or so weeks of indulgent holiday parties. 1,570 more words

Breaking the cycle of Bad Body Thoughts

This is super basic and I’d love to expand on all of these steps when I have the energy, but here is a brief overview of how I’ve started to overcome those creeping thoughts about how terrible my body is. 452 more words

Please stop “Burning for Brunch” or whatever the hell you call it

It’s weird to be part of a young movement. Every time I have undergone a shift in beliefs before, I had a community of real-life professors, peers, and colleagues who taught me new information and guided me as I grasped it, and then I also had various forms of mainstream media to help support and solidify my beliefs. 1,402 more words

More Confessions of a Body Positivity Failure

CW: Weight Loss, Diet Talk, Exercise Talk

Since last June. I’ve been swimming two or three times a week, having been fortunate enough to have found a community pool and then a rec center that are welcoming of people of all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities. 931 more words

Mental Health

Plus Size Paradise at The Resort

Hello Beauties! It’s been a while since I’ve written on here and for that I apologize. A health update is coming in the next few days, I promise. 852 more words

Body Love