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A Delicate Man

I have a folder in my email inbox called “Creeps on the Internet”. That’s where I stash emails and screenshots of private messages from strangers on the internet who want me to give them my full attention. 1,574 more words

Kinda Feminist 01: Why the Fat Acceptance Movement is NOT Feminist...

Shallow, Appropriating, Problematic, Dangerous

So after a couple of light-hearted posts, I’m now going to get heavier and piss people off. Well it was going to happen eventually. 2,332 more words


Ask Ciiku: I have internalised fatphobia

Hi Ciiku.

I’m a fattie, and I love the work you do for body positivity. I like to think I’m body positive myself- except for *myself*. 1,012 more words


Your Body Is Your Home.

Your body is your home. Yet, we women often tend think of them like show houses: as if their purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing, perfectly put together, not a hair or a freckle out of place. 464 more words

My Identity, My Choice

If I could have two wishes, the first one would be that everyone who thinks about telling me that I should stop identifying as fat would decide… 1,501 more words

Body Positivity

You may have heard of some concepts (such as “thin privilege” or “body positivity”) perpetuated by Revelist, who also owns the page I Heart My Body… 178 more words