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What I Learned From Speaking Up

Over the past few days, I’ve sat down to write a blog post about five times. I could never figure out what I wanted to say, or where I wanted to begin. 876 more words

to doubt is human

I spend a lot of my time doubting myself.

I leave an interaction and a moment later think, “Jesus, was I so rude? I feel like that was incredibly rude.” I ruminate for the rest of the afternoon on it. 688 more words

Finding My Own Fat Girl Magic by Radelia Harrison

I’ve been called many names in my 24 years of life. Big Bird, Baby D (from Next Friday), Husky, Fluffy, solid, big boned, thick and the F-bomb; Fat. 659 more words

The Bazey Address

7 Ways Fatshion Blogging Is Activism

You may have noticed that I’ve slowly moved away from having a strictly body positive blog and that I have been embracing fatshion blogging. The reason why is worthy of its very own blog post so I won’t get into that here, but what I do what to address are the ways fatshion blogging is body positive activism. 942 more words

Plus Size

Chewing the fat (out)

When the calorie counting challenge arrived, we felt it was worth doing two posts, one on the challenge itself, and another for the research we did… 1,878 more words


I received so many hate messages because I'm fat that I almost started to hate my body again

Ever since I landed an amazing job at Revelist.com I have been lucky enough to make videos that help explain the experience of being a fat person in this world. 470 more words


Fact Acceptance > Fat Acceptance

As we said in our post on #FC2k17 Challenge 4 post, in researching to check our facts (shocking behaviour, I know), we came across a lot of pure rage fuel. 2,786 more words