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Third Annual Fat Activism Conference

I had the pleasure of gaining access to the Third Annual Fat Activism Conference, a digital sharing of knowledge and empowerment. The first day was a short introduction to a very long weekend that was jam-packed with a diverse group of speakers. 1,535 more words

Body Positive

I’m...Something? A Coming Out in Three Acts

PFPC 2.5

CW: Mild homophobia

The HRC is celebrating #BiWeek this week, and it seemed like a good time to give you my coming out story. 1,110 more words

Dietitians Unplugged: Virgie Tovar is a Fierce Fat Babe

Aaron and I got to interview one of my fat-activist heroes recently, Virgie Tovar. Virgie drops some serious knowledge on us about fat phobia, sexism, dieting and fighting a toxic culture. 121 more words


Let's Respond to 33 "Fat Phobic" Comments

A YouTube channel called Wear Your Voice Magazine (a publication that I’m sure will take it’s place right alongside The Mary Sue) decided to post a video where they address 33 “fat phobic” comments.  1,953 more words


Christian Siriano Normalises Plus-Size at New York Fashion Week

Plus-size fashion is going from strength to strength lately what with high street brands like River Island and H&M taking their fuller figured customers to stylish new heights and “fatshion” becoming ever prevalent on Instagram. 463 more words


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Love this! I know today is a day of reblogs but I have come across so much awesomeness! I promise I will write some original content soon. I have just been overwhelmed with writing a thesis with only 3 months to do it! I am reblogging this one because I love how Christian Siriano added bigger models and didn't make a show of it. It is nice to see how steps are being made to normalize and bridge the gap between "regular" and "plus sized." I know what a radical idea! Us bigger women are a (no pun intended) huge part of the market that designers are just not taking advantage. I will say though that fashion for us has improved since my days of shopping in men's sections as a teenager. You can read about my investigative attempts in my previous posts Plus size shopping experience: Where is it at? and Forever 21 plus size heaven!

The New Scarlet Letters

For those of you whose high school experience did not include the required reading of The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne, I would encourage you to read at least the plot synopsis linked in this paragraph… 914 more words


the myth of 12: on love, selfies, and marilyn monroe

Today you can find my post “The Myth of 12: On Love, Selfies, and Marilyn Monroe” on The Pinup Professor! I was so happy to write this piece about body confidence and self love for Annie’s blog, and I hope that you’ll give her a visit and check it out!