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The Problem with "Body Positivity"

The new “body positive” movement, and “healthy at any size” mantras may make people feel good about themselves, but it won’t help them live any longer. 263 more words


It's not me, it's you

Since my last blog mainly focused on my dating life, it seems fitting that this one should start with a breakup. Don’t worry, le bf and I are fine. 947 more words


Should you love me? Fat and all?

The “Fat Acceptance” movement believes in loving your body no matter 319 more words

The power of "fat".

Although I've chosen to be positive about my body I've found it really difficult to accept the word "fat".
I know it's only an adjective and it shouldn't have any sort of negative connotation, but it's so ingrained within me. 377 more words

Plus Size

A Plus Must

Alright guys, a ‘plus must’ is a plus size brand you most definitely must check out! Yes, I just made it up. Isn’t it so fetch? 229 more words

On Fatness and Acceptability

Boy, you never know what’s going to lay you so low.

So it’s been a productive morning and I reward myself by vegging out and watching IG stories for a a few minutes. 1,493 more words

Body Toxicity

Content warning for sexual assault, fatphobia, sexism, and my overwhelming heteronormativity.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how fat women’s bodies are treated so violently by men in general, but especially those who claim to love fat women (read: fetishize us.) This only begins to touch the surface.  459 more words

Body Positive