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Using the F Word

After overhearing a conversation on the bus this morning where two people were discussing another person and debating why it is that they didn’t like her – they kept calling her fat as some sort of justification of their bitchiness. 898 more words


Why would I feel bad for fat people?

That was a question told to me in the 6th grade. The children often snickered about my obese teacher. One day in class the children were making “fat jokes” about the teacher and I still remember a girl in my class telling me that fat people make themselves fat, so we shouldn’t feel bad for them. 392 more words

Body Image

Shoving "Real Beauty" Down The Throats Of Men

The “Real Beauty” is also the big is beautiful and fat acceptance. This is not OK.

Fat is not OK. Your fat can and will kill you. 138 more words

Figure Drawing with References

Do you realize how difficult it is to come up with figure references for doing any kind of art that involves a plus-sized woman?

I’m not talking about finding candid photos of large women on the internet.  900 more words


But, Your Honor, I Swore She Was 18!

I’ve been doing a metric ton of thinking about my teen years this last week or so.  And about the things that happened to me in my teens and 20s. 295 more words


Shaking the Tree of Disordered Eating

At some point in my life I started to challenge my fundamental belief that my self-worth is tied to how much I weigh. I believed that if I lost weight I was good. 529 more words

I'm gaining weight like crazy, and that's just fine with me.

So I’ve been on prednisone for a while, and am doing a slow taper off now, as the last attempt to taper me off more assertively ended fairly disastrously with pretty nasty facial angioedema and full-body hives.   619 more words