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The Problem with Hollywood's Version of Body Acceptance

There has been a lot of talk among celebrities about body acceptance in the past five years or so. The famous Kate Moss quip “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” is so 90’s. 1,160 more words


The Internet Comments Section: A Modern Roman Arena

Anyone who has a smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or is even breathing is aware of the implications of having a comment section on the internet. 781 more words

Fat Acceptance

If You Diet, I Will Love You

-Honey, you’re too fat.  You need to lose some weight.  Then I will love you.  But if you gain weight, I will hate you.

Dieting has nothing to do with health.  385 more words

Some Thoughts on Gluttony

I’ve already mentioned that I get really tired of the conflation of having a fat body with the sin of gluttony. The times that I’ve seen gluttony addressed in a Christian, religious context, “fat” is usually used as a shorthand for gluttony, and eating in any way that doesn’t make you thin (or at least thinner) is viewed as sinful. 815 more words

Boobs are Weird

I lay in bed thinking about this last night, thinking “I could write a whole blog post about this.”

Boobs are weird.

Hear me out, now… 703 more words


Take me as I am

Some of you might have been wondering what that previous post was about. Well I am here to shed some light.

This year has been a struggle. 946 more words

Size Matters

Mind if I rant for a minute?

I have a niece who is overweight.  Morbidly obese.  She commented on facebook that she wished she could use a magic wand and “POOF” make herself beautiful.  521 more words