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The privilege of ethical food

When I was 18 years old I was in a circumstance that left me with AUD$20 (approx US$15) every week as my grocery budget. My grocery list included a bag or two of plain dry pasta, a loaf of bread, a tub of margarine, and a carton of cage eggs. 942 more words


State of the digestive system

My early satiety is back and getting worse.  UUUGGGGHHHHH.  This means that I’m going to start losing weight again because I won’t be able eat enough. 389 more words


Selfishness Required

In the interest of full disclosure, the title of this post is intentionally “click-bait.” For me, “selfish” relates to your relationship to others (lacking consideration for others).

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General Musings

This Is NOT What Female Empowerment Looks Like

I’m going to assume we’ve all seen the scene in Mean Girls where Tina Fey told us we have to stop calling other women “bitches” and “sluts” because it makes it ok for men to do it too? 404 more words


How subversive is women's "bulking up", really?

Today’s workout was another active recovery session– 30 minutes on the elliptical at a light effort. I’ve been thinking that the heart rate monitor on the elliptical was broken, so I brought in my fancy HRM watch– and nope, it’s not broken, my heart rate is just staying that low. 397 more words

TBT: Would You Talk To A Friend Like That?

I’m trying a new feature: Throwback Thursdays. As I search to find my way again, I’m going to re-read old blog posts and revisit the themes. 698 more words


Zoning Out

Last week I Heart My Body, a Facebook page, posted a video showing 3 fat women, including Marcy Cruz from Fearlessly Just Me, as they faced their insecurities and fears to try on a 2-piece swimsuit. 646 more words