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Phat Acceptance.

“Why would God out music in my heart and not allow me to sing it?”

In interviews around “how to be a person” the zeitgeist reporter in me is distilling a singularity around the word “acceptance.” Everybody wants to be received, first. 33 more words

Fat Acceptance

I have written about this before, but I will write about it more until people can understand this.

I’m fat. There’s no way around it, I just am. 1,559 more words


A Twisted Relationship Part III: Discipline

My dad was a big man who suffered from various kinds of chronic pain most of his life. When he was a teen, he was bedridden almost a year with some genetic disorder that appears from time to time in adolescent males. 2,479 more words

Mental Health

And in Other News...

When celebrities… or even regular, every day people… lose weight, it becomes a news-worthy event. Media outlets rush to get the “secrets” and “tips” and gush over how so-and-so looks “amazing” and is “an inspiration” after dropping X amount of pounds. 500 more words

Don't Feed the Trolls

As some of you know, I’ve had this blog for a few years. Apparently it’s been under the radar because I’ve had no negative comments… unless you count the “but being fat is unhealthy!” responses.   265 more words

On Finding body positivity and holding on to it

With the help of my wonderful mother and father I was taught to always love and cherish my body. My mother had grown up hating her body and her dream was to make sure that her girls didn’t feel the same. 1,018 more words

Zine Review: Fat is Beautiful

Fat is Beautiful
Crystal Hartman

Fat is Beautiful is one of those zines that made me punch my fist into air and say, “Yes!” I try not to let myself riled up about these things, but if I hear ‘it’s all calories in, calories out’ one more time… If was all just calories, then conditions like PCOS couldn’t possibly have ‘makes it harder to lose weight’ as a symptom. 306 more words