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Why did you get into all this body stuff?

Fat runs in my family. A couple of aunts, a cousin or two, and a few other family members are (or have been) a weight that society has deemed unacceptable. 834 more words

Why not blog it?

So I was sitting in this coffee shop near my house today, as you do, reading The Body is Not an Apology by the incomparable… 81 more words

If I'd know I was gonna get lucky I probably wouldn't have eaten so much pizza...

Probably… I mean I love pizza.

My friend predicted what was going to happen on Wednesday night, how she knew before I did I’ll never know. 615 more words


As I sit writing this, I am waiting for my breakfast a local restaurant. I ordered a fruit cup to start, coffee and OJ, and a super vegetarian omelet with English muffins and sweet potato home-fries. 585 more words

Oprah: The fatphobic demon of my childhood

I can still remember when I started thinking Oprah was my arch nemesis. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, absolutely gorgeous. I’d been running around outside like the active, but chubby, 7 year old I was. 1,565 more words


"Maybe she was flattered?" Fatness and gendered violence

In this post I want to build on Tracy Royce’s paper ‘The Shape of Abuse: Fat Oppression as a Form of Violence Against Women’ to bring attention to the ways in which fatphobia informs, intersects with and perpetuates rape myths and sexual violence against women. 760 more words

Fat Studies

The Body and Dominion: Physical Plane as Stage for Disability Interplay

Originally written October 5, 2017

In researching for a document at work, I discovered NOLOSE, an organization devoted to queer, fat positivity. To quote their mission, “…fighting fat phobia is seen as integrally linked to other social justice issues such as…disability rights movements.” They also addressed other issues relating to the civil rights movement, queer activism, and feminism, but I’ve decided to articulate their intersection with disability rights in particular. 608 more words