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ANT & WLS: I Ain't Mad At Ya, Ashley

Unpopular opinion ahead: Unlike some body positive / fat acceptance advocates, I’m not angry over designer and Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton’s recent public announcement that she underwent gastric bypass surgery… 824 more words

Body Love

Internalised Fathphobia is Still Fatphobia

First a tiny bit of housekeeping – thank you so much to all of those who have donated so far to my GoFundMe to get to Sydney for the Cyberhate Symposium.  1,388 more words

Cinderella's Glass Slipper: One size does not fit all

Recently I was chatting with a friend about weight, they are naturally lean but for various reasons they had recently gained a few pounds.  They asked me for some professional insight on the best way to lose weight. 513 more words

Cyberhate Symposium - Can You Help?

Sometimes I can’t believe where the world has taken me.  Sometimes I have to stop, blink and ask myself whose life this is that I am living.  794 more words

Trolling's Unwise, No Matter Your Size

Do you know blogger Sarah Sapora of Sarah Plus Life? If not, you might want to become acquainted with her. She’s absolutely gorgeous, has such an upbeat attitude and great style. 649 more words


Aspire to be More, Not Less

I dunno if y’all have seen the garbage fire that has been happening around Modcloth lately, but in case you haven’t, the bottom line is, Modcloth have been sold off to Jet.com, who are owned by Walmart. 1,268 more words

Nothin' To See Here Folks

Apparently a nest of you has been stirred up again, and y’all think turning up here and yelling “TRIGGERED!!” is some kind of ace slapdown that showcases the best of your wit and intellect. 76 more words