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Fat Activism and You!

Got some free time from October 9 through 11? Yes or no, you should check out this year’s Fat Activism Conference: Tools for the Revolution… 107 more words

Self Love

The Fat of the Land, by Michael Fumento

Michael Fumento has an admirable willingness to write books that go against popular wisdom and political correctness. (Unfortunately, though, he seems to have an aversion to using his impressive critical thinking skills against right wing and corporate targets.) In this book, he takes on diet hucksters, fat activists, and overweight Americans themselves. 955 more words


Questions about NAAFA

If you didn’t know, NAAFA is the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, and was the first fat rights group. It was a truly important force in the fat acceptance movement in the 1970s and the 1980s, through part of the 1990s. 71 more words

Size Acceptance

This is what a fat activist does...

Last year I was asked to participate in a panel about all the wonderful forms of fat activism, shortly after I had organised the first fat positive clothes swap. 18 more words

Agents .000007--License to Hate (Electing hate proxy holders to be mean for us)

Okay (deep breath).  There’s a video that surfaced on YouTube yesterday by a woman named Nicole called “Dear Fat People”  (There is no force on earth that will compel me to link to that ish).  973 more words


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The trolls came to me hungry, clamouring for attention I hadn’t even provoked. Added me to two Twitter lists – ‘landwhales’, for fatties, and ‘femcunts’, for feminists, because what could be worse than being fat and a feminist? 442 more words


A Personal (R)evolution Sparked by 'Dietland'

I read Sarai Walker’s Dietland earlier this summer, and even in the moment, I knew it had impacted me. But I didn’t realize how much. I wrote about some of these revelations in my… 929 more words