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Theorizing the Web Day 2: here comes every body + h8 + lockscreen + algorithms + technologies and pathologies

The second day of Theorizing the Web was as intense as the first, and many of the presentations discussed potentially-distressing issues, including anti-fat prejudice, online harassment and abuse, police violence against people of colour, suicide, and transmisogyny. 3,145 more words

Body Acceptance

In my previous posts I have been discussing about fat politics and fat activism, in trying to change society’s perspective on fatness and being fat. Now people are saying that it’s okay to be fat in society and lead a healthy life. 375 more words

Fat Activism

Healthism: Part 2

In my last post I started talking about healthism and how people automatically think that just because someone is ‘fat’ or ‘big’ that they are then unhealthy.This is not  necessarily true. 189 more words

Fat Activism

Fat vs. Health: How Fat Activism is Challenging Healthism

Hello all,

In my last post I posted a podcast from Rabble.ca that discussed fat politics and the way that fatness is perceived in society. In that podcast they were also discussing the concept of healthism, and saying that being fat does not necessarily mean a person is not healthy. 233 more words

Fat Activism

Fat Politics: Part 2

In my last post I started discussing about fat politics and how fat activists are now trying to show that being fat in society is okay and pushing for body acceptance. 165 more words

Fat Activism

Let's Talk Fat Politics

What is “fat politics”? Fat politics can be referred to as the “fat acceptance movement” or “fat liberation.” Fat politics has increased over the past few years as a way of trying to change the negative images surrounding fatness and fat people. 200 more words

Fat Activism

Society's Obsession with FAT

Society today has become obsessed with the notion of fatness. The recent obesity epidemic, and the numerous advertisements of diets and dieting books, fitness routines and ‘boot camps,’ and weight loss surgical procedures have made people hyperaware of fatness and caused the notion of being ‘fat’ to be seen as negative and dangerous in society. 127 more words

Fat Activism