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Full Disclosure

Recently, I visited a podiatrist to check my overall foot health. Not only was the appointment uninformative and he did not examine my feet, the doctor made an unsolicited, medically unnecessary comment about my weight that had nothing to do with my feet. 293 more words

Public Service Announcement

An Open Letter to Rosie Mercado

Dear Ms Mercado,

I saw your interview on TMZ a few days ago. You mentioned getting mail from fans who told you to “jump off a bridge” (are they really fans?) and that fat activists “hated” how you’re “really public about… weight loss”. 456 more words

September NAAFA Newsletter

I forgot to post the link to this month’s NAAFA newsletter last week; sorry about that. But here it is, and I’ve pre-clicked for you so that the link below takes you straight to the fat news. 13 more words

Size Acceptance

Weight loss women

I’ve struggled all my life with the attitudes of this fatphobic society and what it means to be a fat girl in this society. It’s not fun. 417 more words

Public Service Announcement

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - The Political

What a whirlwind 10 days I had in Melbourne for Melbourne Fashion Week Plus (MFW+).  I think I’m still reeling a bit from just how full on it was, I know I’m still processing a lot of the feelings that bubbled up during the entire week.  1,850 more words

August NAAFA Newsletter

Fans of fat news will be happy to hear that the NAAFA Newsletter is available right now right here: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1011223658185&ca=38e46b66-05ed-42ec-a4e0-f8e31c4bdf52
Why be happy, you may ask? 70 more words

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