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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 57) – Shut up media, you’re asking too much!

A whole episode condemning the decision to suspend The Edge. Aiyo… who are the ones who should be investigated here?

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Are we allowed to ask what happened to 1MDB?

Are we allowed to ask what happened to 1MDB?
By Zan Azlee

Malaysia is being plagued by one of its biggest scandals and it is even getting significant attention from the international community. 530 more words


Can independent journalists and news sites be sustainable in Malaysia?

In the past decade, news websites have sporuted in in Malaysia like mushrooms after the rain. But most have been relatively big organisations with sufficient financing. 386 more words


The news site SarawakReport.org has been blocked by the MCMC but says they will not be impeded!

First, they attacked all the porn sites. And now, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has gone and blocked access to the SarawakReport.Org! Freedom of speech is going down the drain in Malaysia. 160 more words


The BBC is thinking of moving their news channel online... TV news is DEAD!!

I told you TV news is dead! Even the BBC are thinking of moving their news channel online. And that channel is the most watched news channel in the UK gets around 8.6 million views. 140 more words


Ira Glass now fully owns This American Life

The radio show This American Life is now owned wholly by Ira Glass! Whoahh!! He has acquired all stakes for the show (and the most popular podcast in the world, Serial) from WBEZ. 114 more words

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