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6 exercises to get the perfect summer body

Summer is already at the doorstep, its time to shed off the layers and shine in your skin. Lets just not only wish for the perfect summer body but also achieve it. 945 more words

Exercising on empty stomach may be better for health: study

Fitness enthusiasts, take note! Exercising on an empty stomach may help burn more body fat and fuel your metabolism, boosting your health in the long run, a new study has found. 182 more words


Gym Injuries: Causes and Prevention

Exercising is a miracle solution to your problems, but only in correct dosage. While it is important to work out and let fitness enhance your body, it is as important to be cautious while exercising and not to risk those precious bones and muscles. 505 more words

The Body Transformation Talk

Okay. Let’s assume you want to transform your body into its best version. Also, let’s assume you went for a lean and muscular look. There are a few things nobody warned you about. 448 more words

Flat Belly


Following along with information I have read about utilizing the female hormonal cycle to my advantage (I posted information here), I am now in a reset phase. 178 more words


Green Juice

Green Juice Recipe

Do you need to lose that belly fat and fast? Green juice is the trick to burn that belly fat and keep your belly flat. 50 more words