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Fitness and You 

Whether you love exercise or have never exercised a day in your life there is a workout for everyone. Exercise can be whatever you want it to be relaxing with yoga or intense training regiment and anywhere in between. 106 more words

Your Possible Interests

Bring It On Bikini Season!

Here is another go-to cardio blast of mine on.. If you aren’t comfortable running you can perform the same sequence on an elliptical or stationary bike by adjusting your resistance. 83 more words


Lets Talk Food! - Ketogenic Diet Plan

Hi! Welcome to Hogg’s Blog.

In my previous post I discussed a diet that I followed earlier this year – the Ketogenic Diet (Keto for short). 415 more words


How To Effectively Foam Roll Your Upper & Lower Body

The use of foam rollers, sticks, therapy balls, theracanes, and other trigger point tools are on the rise—why? Because chances are you’re reading this, right now, in some pain due to chronic movement patterns from flawed body mechanics. 1,131 more words

What Your Soreness After A Workout Really Means

Ever wonder if the post-exercise wobble is an indicator of a good workout or a sign you overdid it? Well, the truth lies somewhere in between. 732 more words

6 exercises to get the perfect summer body

Summer is already at the doorstep, its time to shed off the layers and shine in your skin. Lets just not only wish for the perfect summer body but also achieve it. 945 more words