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Like Crisps? Good News, They Can Be Healthy-Here's How.

Looking for a great new healthy snack?

I often recommend making your own healthy crisps using kale- especially considering the outrageous cost of pre packaged versions! 391 more words


Conditioning Session 3.

It’s starting to feel like summer already… suns out and it’s warming up… the perfect excuse to get outside for a conditioning session.

This one is probably my favourite conditioning session – Hill sprints. 95 more words


Top 5 Tricks to Beating Junk Food Cravings

We all know about them, we all have them…cravings. Either it be that kit kat bar or the salty deep friend french fries, they are the main reason why you won’t get that beach body before the summer finally sets in. 335 more words

My New Super Healthy, Delicious Pesto

I think this is my new favorite recipe. But shhh… it’s got a secret ingredient. This pesto is completely oil free, and is not to be missed. 427 more words


You've Only Got 7 minutes to Workout. You Want to Burn Some Fat. Do This

There’s no point spending hours upon hours searching for the world’s hottest, most effective fat loss program if you don’t have the time nor the will to get it done. 520 more words


Laundry day

God morgon!

Ledig dag och jag tvättar kläder, jag ser det som lite “spontan fett förbränning” haha

Idag blir det heller igen styrketräning eftersom jag har kört mina 6 dagar och tar då ut den sista dagen för ledighet så kroppen får sin återhämtning. 157 more words


Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating and Failed Diets!

Want to look and feel your best this summer and stay that way? Fed up of not feeling great about yourself and the roller coaster of trying to change and failing? 1,187 more words