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Some effective exercises for busy men

Naturally all of us want to stay healthy, but sadly, for busy men there are no enough hours in a day to devote time to exercising. 237 more words

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Few fat burning foods that increases your metabolism rate

There are many foods that increase the rate which help in fastening the fat burning potential of your body. Your body was brilliantly designed to burn fat capably and hence if you eat the correct type of fat burning food then getting rid of thigh fat, mulish belly fat and leg fat which makes your body looks out of shape and unhealthy, becomes easy and quick. 237 more words

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I Cheated:  Emotional Eating Fallout and Rising Above

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On Tuesday night – there was a bit of a family crisis.   I was (and still am) sad, frustrated and emotional about the whole thing. 527 more words

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Fasted Cardio - my thoughts...

So a well-used fitness ‘trick’ dished out by many personal trainers is to encourage clients to do ‘fasted cardio’ – to encourage the body to burn fat at a faster rate than it might do if sufficient glycogen levels are available (i.e if you have had breakfast). 500 more words

Four foods that’ll rev up your metabolism

Here’s the problem with many diets: They focus on what you shouldn’t have instead of what you should have.


I’ve started so many diets that have left me feeling so deprived because all they seemed to do was tell me what I’m not allowed to eat. 393 more words


Banana, almond butter and chia seed toast – a tasty fat-burning breakfast

I’ll admit – I’m obsessed with almond butter and chia seeds. So when I came across this delicious breakfast idea, I was just delighted! (And I admit, it’s what I’ve been having for breakfast for the last week) 166 more words


Top 10 Tips For Getting Into Shape This Summer

Carole shares her top 10 tips to making sure you achieve the best results in limited time:

So lets get to it…

1. Always have something green on your plate. 621 more words