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Whole 30 Day Seventeen - Sharing my thoughts so far

I’d like to highlight a few health improvements I’ve noticed in the first couple weeks of Whole 30ing.  I’ve already mentioned some noticeable fat and bloat reduction, but I’ve also suffered much less head and stomach ache pain, fatigue, emotional highs and lows, and irritability (because c’mon, which mom never struggles with this, let’s keep it real).   496 more words

Is Ephedra A Good Fat Burner?

Burn fat without exercising! Lose weight while eating whatever you like!

You’ve heard these catchy taglines a lot of times, but are fat burning supplements with ephedra with these promises effective? 371 more words

Burn Fat Quickly With This 20 Minute Cardio Routine

This fat burning cardio routine takes just 20 minutes to do but packs a powerful punch! No treadmills, stair steppers or gym memberships required.

We all know that doing cardio is essential in order to lose weight, burn fat and trim… 2,792 more words


I'm not that hungry girl.

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin…into the future.  Thank you for understanding, Steve Miller Band.

I feel like there’s never enough time in the day.   939 more words

Just Do It! Today's Treadmill Running Class

Anyone CAN DO anything they choose to do, anything they put their mind to do, anything they desire to do… Running is a challenge to me because it’s not what I normally do or am used to.   374 more words

Where Did The Day Go?

Hi Friends,

Oh my goodness, where did the day go? September is definitely off and running.

I was sitting at my desk and glanced down at the time displayed on my computer screen. 225 more words

Jackie's Corner

Are you interested in committing to a thirty day challenge that can change your life?

Have you heard of the Whole 30?  It’s a nutrition program during which you commit to eating real, whole foods for a full 30 days.   533 more words