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Easy Weight Loss With Treadmill

Treadmill is known to be the most effective weight loss equipment now available at homes. It has been designed in order to provide indoor workouts for overall wellness and health. 260 more words

Fat Burner

Coconut Oil Coffee

The new thing I tried for March is coconut oil in my coffee, (if you are new to the site my new years resolution was to try something new each month). 323 more words


Keto Experiment Day 3 - Wednesday

So I’m three days into keto and N=1 self-experimentation and I’m feeling fine; pretty damned good actually. I think I’m lucky as having been eating reasonably high-fat, with an inconsistent smattering of carb indiscretions, I came to this somewhat fat adapted. 1,389 more words

Right Nutrition to keep a fit body

Nutrition is the most primary essence of life. Australia  is an example of many obese people and people who have neglected their diet. Nutrition enhances the balance of our body to be fit and healthy. 485 more words


How Can I Reduce My Blood Pressure Naturally?

There isn’t enough evidence that any supplement can be used for lowering blood pressure. But certain lifestyle changes and natural remedies may help it from spiralling out of control. 453 more words

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REDOXFAT: The Loss that You Gain

Achieving the body you always wanted is addicting. It makes you love yourself more and appreciate yourself more. It’s because looking good reciprocates a feel-good emotion that boosts our drive to maintain our figures. 281 more words