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Beginner’s Guide To Lose Weight Through Exercise If You Are Obese

Obesity is known to be a significant contributing factor to increase risks of serious diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes). 380 more words

Beginner Weight Training For Women

Upping the burn

My weight loss has slowed, so im upping my activity. Im gonna run on day 1, which will be my best possible effort, then again on day 2, as much as i can, and rest on day 3, and then same run on days4 and 5, rest day 6, run day 7, and day 1 rest day 2 etc. 155 more words


How To Roast Vegetables - The Minimalist (and Paleo) Way!

The best way to get healthy quickest is to replace as much of your diet as possible with vegetables.

Vegetables are almost miracles. They taste great, are easy to cook well, and are extremely nutrient dense. 265 more words


10 Ways to Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle (reblog)

Our contributing writer, Arin Agase, is back to share a handful of ideas for taking easy steps toward a lifetime of good health.  (Reblog from Glitter Guide)  777 more words


Top 3 Fat Furnace Foods (Part 1 of 4)

Some of Cape Town’s most elite personal trainers Irene Scholz, Franco Flach, Tracey Garton and Gordon Stevens were interviewed and asked two questions: What are your top three foods and exercises to burn fat? 1,121 more words


6 Best Fat Burning Foods - nuts, whole grains, lean meat, fatty fish, green tea, hot chili & low fat

There are certain foods that you can include in your diet that will rev up your metabolism & help burn body fats, inculding nuts, whole grains, lean meat, fatty fish, green tea, hot chili & low fat dairy. 7 more words

Workout #816 "Don't be a wimp"

“On earth’s fight on obesity, the fat and lazy people will be pursued by the Elite Master Trainer…Mike Batman Bencic…These are his workouts”! Observation Ok, real fast. 15 more words