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Martini Powered PJ and Julia!

Today was a proud day for me.

My Dad took my advise and  embraced the Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Program! My niece Julia has been on the program for over a month.   75 more words

Fit And Fabulous

Does the science support HIIT?

High intensity training has been a hot media topic over the last couple of years, from magazine and newspaper articles to prime time television shows on the BBC. 796 more words


Some days you just need chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Day 24!

I am not a big Valentine’s person. I felt it would be nice to have a treat for dessert tonight. I made Guilt Free Chocolate pudding recipe from Eat For Your Gut by Dr. 32 more words


Green Tea Weightloss And Fat Burning Benifets

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world behind water and dates back to over 4000 years ago in china. And one of the earliest types of tea is Green Tea which you will find all over the world.Its extreme popularity is owed to the amazing health benefits it contains. 338 more words

Taking on the Stereotypes of Cardio

When people think of cardio, it’s easy to assume it is all about losing fat. Although, it does trim away fat, it also helps lower heart rate, and make for a healthier body. 578 more words

"I have so much energy!"

Day 21 of No gluten, sugar, alcohol!

Here is a quick video with Chef Ivone talking about her experience with our 30 Day Program.

A 7 day program of No grains, sugar and alcohol with my friend Chef Ivone of Healthy Sage. 205 more words

Fit And Fabulous

Have you checked in with your SHMEC?


Day 20 of no gluten, sugar or alcohol. My SHMEC is great!!!

You are in balance when your SHMEC is in balance. 332 more words

Fit And Fabulous