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Week 6

After my splurge in London last week, I was pleasantly surprised by my sneaky weigh-in last Friday. I’d assumed that as soon as I came off 800 calories a day and, more to the point, didn’t exactly restrict my starchy and sugary carbs, I would immediately put on a few pounds. 294 more words

Newcastle Diet

Moringa Health Advantages

Moringa is referred to as the Miracle Tree and rightly so. Moringa oleifera tree has been referred to as tree of life in many cultures around the globe. 676 more words

Why Last 10 Pounds So Tough

Listen to Why is it So Tough to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Make better choices.  Hydrate. Eat better foods. Quality of the protein.  Stay active, sitting is terrible. 30 more words

Best Body Report

The Sugar Free, Fat Burning Solution to Your Chocolate Cravings

So many women struggle with this one common problem… CHOCOLATE. So, I thought I’d share one of my favourite, guilt free, recipes with you to help you curb your craving in a healthier way. 217 more words


Chlorogenic Acid

When you research chlorogenic acids you will observe a lot of information about coffee and green coffee extract show up. But what is chlorogenic acid… 503 more words

Friday Four: Fat Burning Foods

To merit the all-important fat burning medal a food has to achieve on a number of levels. It has to encourage the glucose from carbohydrates to be stored in calorie-munching muscle cells rather than lazy fat cells, it has to reduce the action of the enzyme system which is programmed to store fat and it has to keep the communication lines open between the brain and the hunger and appetite hormones so we recognise when we need to eat and when we are full. 454 more words


How to Burn More Fat

 Increase Lifting Speed and Weight

Lifting weights quickly costs more calories and shape muscle effectively. It is a process that raises your metabolism permanently, which makes you strong and toned by lifting weights upward. 219 more words