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I’ve had to take today off from the gym to rest my poor knee. And dare I say it, it’s really actually very bad. I went in to the office, but really should have stayed home and kept it elevated and iced but I’m a bit addicted to my job or should I say I have a high work ethic. 308 more words

Right Foods for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Goal

No matter how hard people exercise for losing weight, their weight loss goal will not be achieved if they are careless about their food intake. 190 more words

Weight Loss

Dumbbell Workout

Like many women, I steered clear of weights when exercising as I was worried about becoming too muscly and bulky.  I much preferred cardio workouts and enjoyed keeping fit by walking, occasionally running and swimming. 283 more words

Healthy Body

Pushing through

I’ll be honest -today was marginally better than yesterday but certainly not back to my former performance or determination. I did my meal – or should I say salad prep last night but that was about it. 595 more words

Fat Burning Workout Criteria for Men

Fat Burning Workout

Every man surely wants to have the best body. When people are talking about the best body for men, we can make sure that it is not about the body which is filled with fat. 182 more words


What It Takes to Develop Six Pack Abs

Six pack abs is one of the most common goals of people who get into body building. Yet it can seem very elusive for most people, as they can work out for weeks and months without seeming to make any progress. 465 more words