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Rainy day, shorts fit, more energy!

Do you love to exercise for the sake of exercise? I do! I know I feel much better after a workout. It has been raining here for days now. 337 more words


You’re a cardio machine

With most gyms having battle ropes, kettlebells, and medicine balls, there are more interesting ways to get your sweat on instead of being held captive by the… 370 more words


MITOCHONDRIAL MAKEOVER: HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

Now that we are adjusting our nutrition to reap the wellness benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet with nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting, lets move… 548 more words


Forget willpower, deprivation, struggle - just reset your hormones to lose the fat.

Do you believe it’s really hard to lose fat and feel better?

Do you think it must require enormous willpower, great deprivation, gruelling training sessions etc. 364 more words

Self Improvement

The amazing benefits of water

Growing up, I was accustomed to drinking water because of how active I was as a child. However, as a child, I had a favoritism towards juices and sodas. 290 more words


Why Cardio Kickboxing Is the Ultimate Workout

If you’ve never heard оf cardio kickboxing оr hаvе heard оf іt but never tried іt, уоu don’t yet know hоw much уоu саn get оut оf thіѕ form оf exercise. 585 more words


Low Impact Vs High Impact HIIT

When chasing your goals the key to success always starts with effective planning

There is tons of evidence to support the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), however this can be intimidating when you have injuries and mobility issues…. 61 more words