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My one and last comprehensive guide to (not superficial) fat loss - PART 1

I deeply dislike talking about this. Mainly because this topic has been my main worry for too much time, time i could have spent doing something more enjoyable than surfing the internet looking for diet plans or, even worse, trying them all, like learning kite surf or kissing handsome strangers on the beach or both.At least, now I know a thing or two about fat loss that may be helpful to someone struggling out there, so here i am, not trying to sell you some superfood bullshit or the last diet plan. 1,357 more words

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Am I in ketosis and does it matter?

Hello everybody and happy 2017 to all of you. May this be the year for achieving your goals and realising all your dreams for health and wellness. 1,629 more words

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Do you want to Survive in Bed for Longer

Dear Friends,

Here are Few tips to survive longer on bed.

That being said there are a few ways to help you last longer in bed naturally. 364 more words