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Honoring Fat Cat

So, today I mustered up a bit of strength to deal with commemorating ChesterAnn. I had gotten some various sized pictures printed out of her right after her death, because I wasnt sure if we were going to get an urn that accomodated a picture or not. 370 more words

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Fat Cat Judges You

This is Cuddy. She does not want to move for me to sweep under the rug. Thanks, Cuddy.


Where in the World is Chelso Chelso

I really love this woman’s face. It creeps me out.

So over the weekend when Aaron saw his parents, they declared that they felt that they didn’t know me well enough. 466 more words


30 Day Challenge: Day 30!!

Day 30: Anything you want to post about

Well…I could post about anything, huh? No fear, dear readers, I wont torment you.

Really, lately I’ve just been moping, mourning and grieving the loss of Fat Cat.

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Bringing Fat Cat home. My broken heart.

I brought Fat Cat home.

Her urn is resting in a cubby in my desk above my head so she can always be looking down her nose at me.

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Day 3 without Fat Cat: Bittersweet

Well, today was the day to go to the Funeral Home and choose ChesterAnn’s urn. She hadnt been cremated yet, so they allowed me to see her one last time. 492 more words

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30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: A letter to someone. Anyone.

Little Love,

You are gone now, and I miss you something fierce. I miss your soft fluffy paws patting me for attention.

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