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I'm Hungry

It’s 9:01 pm.

I should be eating right now, but my stupid people changed dinner time to 10:00 pm.



Nothing to see here....

Hello my peeps!

Just checking in, making sure you all don’t abandon me. ~duct tapes self to all of you~

So my friend had their surgery on Monday morning and I’ve been taking care of them non-stop. 359 more words

I Went Bump

In Memoriam

I’ve been kind of AWOL this week, and so I apologize for that. I had some stuff going on, which I’ll probably post about later just to let all you know what I’m up to. 255 more words


Fat Cats

Obesity in cats is not a joke. It’s an extremely serious condition that leads to all kinds of health disorders, including a potentially fatal condition called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease), diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, skin conditions, and crippling arthritis. 252 more words

Internal Medicine

Rory.......and Other Stuff

It was Rory’s check up on Wednesday, and even though the abcess in her mouth is much improved, it is still swollen so she has another 10 days of antibiotics. 332 more words

General Chaos

Miss me? Upcoming thangs and stuff...

Miss me? Heeelllooo…is this thing on? Anyone?

Okay. Well. I have some crucial things weighing upon me at the time, so I will be scarce for the month of March. 551 more words