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What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

Tried to get my cat to sit on something funny but she’s not usually the type to do that. Unless it’s a bag. Or in a box (like most cats). 21 more words


The Vet Part 2

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks. Not because my cats have been boring or ill or anything really to do with them. 436 more words


How did we lose control of the monetary system? - The Emperors new clothes!

I am going to start with an open question who amongst us genuinely understands our monitory systems as in the economies of  Unites States & most of the so called Western economies? 2,754 more words


Were we really all in it together…

The natural home of the poet
Is not among society’s elite
But away from the riches and finery
And the fat-cat country seat.

We’re the eyes for the one who’s the underdog… 134 more words


What a Rally

What a Rally is a poem that explores the political terrain. It exposes how politicians exploit the vote and the voice behind the ballot box. Are these guys worth our vote? 21 more words


Heading for Hell in a hand-basket.......and here's why.

So I got a letter recently asking me to attend a “work focussed interview with regard to the upcoming change to Universal Credit”

I figured this wasn’t a big thing, just a meeting to tell me all my money will be rolled into one big payment, once a month and I’d have to get used to it, end of. 1,182 more words

Annoying Things

Stormed the Desert

At 5:00AM Dr. Artz asked Jim if he was ready to go home today. He told her the proper Ducks t-shirt had already been selected and he was good to go. 192 more words