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My name is Ameliassandra, and welcome to DIY No Skills Needed! I created this site to assist those like me who are DIY fanatics, bargain shoppers, and geek freaks. 53 more words


Applause for Sam

I’VE NEVER seen West Wing because it’s not available on Mexican Netflix. I think I would like it.

Democrat Party

Fat Cats 

Oil in Alberta is the topic everyone is talking about, from activists to the folks who rely on the industry, enabling to feed their families. I’m not talking about the ‘Fat Cats’ where their interest is only in the tumbling shares. 1,256 more words


Got diabetic - put my cat on a diet, part 3

We are still too fat, me and my cat

My cat is fat and so am I – yes, we still are! That even though I have changed the food for us both – and for my part I’ve also changed meal routines. 3,011 more words

Lacto Vegetarian

Non-private sector fat cats

I recently wrote elsewhere about the way some care providers pay staff basic wages but make sure that the people at the top are generously rewarded. 356 more words


Fat Cats = A Serious Issue

Some people seem to believe that fat cats are just a part of life. However, a serious internet search or trip to the vet will confirm that obesity in cats is a serious issue and can cause all sorts of cat problems (arthritis, diabetes, fatty liver disease to name a few).  372 more words


Fat Cat Pac-Man!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Zee Fat Cat!!

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Whta to do? What to do?


Bernie Sanders stars in his own flash game where you shoot down literal fat cats… 109 more words