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Fat Cats

Who knew fat cats would be so fun to make. I even want to make them fatter

What do you think … In or Out 14 more words


Suspicious Motives and EU Idealism

So you want to stay in the EU? What’s this all about then, holidays to Spain and maybe you want to live there one day? No? 844 more words

Ramblings About Crap

Stop the EU gravy train! MEPs and campaigners DEMAND Brussels ends tax break for staff : Express.

CAMPAIGNERS and politicians have demanded an end to an Brussels loophole which allows EU staff and MEPs to pay just 12 per cent tax. 190 more words


amazon disgrace Angry MPs urge Brits to boycott Amazon as it’s revealed the online giant’s UK tax bill HALVED last year – while sales soared : Sun.

Politicians and campaigners rounded on the US giant for coughing up ‘peanuts’ to the Taxman despite raking in £1.4 billion.

FURIOUS MPs last night urged Brits to BOYCOTT Amazon after its UK delivery business paid just £7.4 million in tax – despite sales of £1.4 BILLION. 43 more words


It’s the rich who have a ‘magic money tree’—and it needs shaking : Socialist Worker.

There’s no magic money tree, says tax-avoiding Tory minister Amber Rudd (Pic: Flickr/WorldSkillUK, Pixabay, WikimediaCommons/Victorgrigas, Socialist Worker)

Theresa May lectured a nurse suffering under Tories’ public sector pay freeze on BBC Question Time last week. 170 more words


Fat cats rake it in—make them pay out : Socialist Worker.

Some newspapers last week reported that Britain’s top bosses have suffered a 17 percent pay cut. The real news is that the gap between bosses’ and workers’ wages is growing. 365 more words


TAKING THE PUSS We reveal the fatcat bosses living in the lap of luxury as they reap profits from leasehold scandal : Sun.

A FATCAT boss involved in the leasehold scandal lives in one of his company’s newbuild homes.

But he has avoided the rip-off ground rent fees that have ruined the lives of other homebuyers. 222 more words