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An Extraordinary Art Gallery from Russia - Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Fat Cat.

Thanks a million to Svetlana and to Zarathustra the Fat Cat for their kindness and for allowing the reprinting of some of their artistic-moments on this site.
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Tutti Gli Articoli

Happy Caturday!

I found this little gem of a cat last month when Jonathan was arranging some files. I was all, “Where did THIS come from? I love it!” And he’s so modest, he was all Needless to say, there’s a story about a cat rattling around in his brain. 37 more words


Cat in a Chicken Run: Reasons to be Awakened at 1:30 a.m.

So, a bit of background…

We have a raw-fed Westie, that greatly enjoys salad, cucumbers, and pretty much will do anything for a tomato.  We even have to spell the word, “tomato.”  And we’re reaching the point where we have to spell the spelling of tomato, which gets very confusing. 946 more words


Fat Cats Review

A few weeks ago I shared a special deal that Fat Cats was hosting. (Read that post here) Since then, I had the chance to try out that special package for free. 334 more words

Product Review

Corruption and fat-cats are the enemies of prosperity

With the election looming and most people looking for better times, it is instructive to consider what prevents greater prosperity. Comparing different countries, what stands out strongly is that the greater the level of corruption the lower the prosperity, however you define it. 232 more words


Food Bank Kedgeree

Unusually for a Monday, I’m feeling a touch nostalgic. When I’m like this, my regular breakfast of a lightly toasted english muffin with butter and Fortnum’s best preserves just won’t do. 677 more words

Fat Cats

Food bank velouté au poulet.

Being something of a gormandizing bon viveur, I have had the good fortune to eat at many of the best restaurants, here at home, and around the world. 673 more words

Fat Cats