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Ugg this planet is in serious trouble!

Well world we are aboslutely messed up. We seem to have a problem here and it’s time we talk.

We need to stop judging peoples business prowess based on nothing more then then a persons ability to screw the most amount of people for the most cash. 243 more words


Behind Closed Doors - Chapter One

Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 1

Utrecht 2007

“Howzit? You got here, then?”

“Yes, Joop. I got here. At last.”

“Uh oh. Delays?”

“Right now I’m in a taxi from the airport. 1,766 more words


Shrimp's Extreme Workout 

Well, the human said I’m “getting fat!”


So, now she’s wanting me to lose weight (and lose this gorgeous body of mine)? 101 more words


Doctors' union awards secret pay hikes to senior members | Guardian

Doctors’ union awards secret pay hikes to senior members http://gu.com/p/49hzt/stw

Once again austerity only applies to the “plebs”.

On Bankers' Psychology, And FO Numbers

Here is the deal. See those stocks over there? Stay in those for a couple of weeks, with people throwing things at you. Then walk away with a few million quid, and we’ll put some other victim in your place. 344 more words

What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

Tried to get my cat to sit on something funny but she’s not usually the type to do that. Unless it’s a bag. Or in a box (like most cats). 21 more words


The Vet Part 2

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks. Not because my cats have been boring or ill or anything really to do with them. 436 more words