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Poem 68: Ah! Song!

There’s so much can be said in a song.
The troubled child sings an inner song.

Fat cats stuff their mouths with food and drink. 86 more words


Doing nothing wrong!

Perhaps the only good thing about a prolonged bout of illness is the opportunity to catch up on some of those TV programmes you meant to watch. 231 more words



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the view from the aeroplane window
shows men naked and chained on the floor… 158 more words


It Is All Scripted, Folks.

How moving, how touching earlier this week to see the forlorn and chapfallen Women of The Today Show speaking from the heart about the pain, desolation, and sorrow they experienced upon learning – just moments before airtime – the shocking news that their beloved Matt Lauer lost his job.  159 more words


Bath? Campus protest in Bath?

Later today, 30 November, there will be a protest on the University of Bath campus against the terms of departure of the current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, demanding that she go now, and that she be accompanied out the door by the Chair of Council, the university’s governing body, by the Remuneration Committee, and by select individuals who would already have gone if they had any wit. 1,154 more words


The Fat Cats Power.

The fat cat sits in her favorite chair and licks her white and gray spotted paws clean as  watches over the living room, or as she sees it, she watches over her kingdom.   464 more words