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Having a fat day, everyday.


We all have those days, where we wake  up feeling a little more bloated than the night before. Those days where our pants are more snug around the waist and those days where we look and feel like a potato… but what if that is everyday? 694 more words

A Pair of Boardshorts Tripped Me Up

Who has a “skinny” girl (or guy) outfit hiding somewhere deep in their closest?  You know the one I’m talking about.  Maybe it’s a cute pair of jeans that only fits when you’re at your ideal body weight.   408 more words

How to avoid visiting the kitchen when having a 'feeling crap' day!

Two days ago I had a ‘feeling crap’ day! My thought process went a little something like this… ‘Seriously Camille, I knew you’d gain weight in just one week while overseas, you have no will power when it comes to social occasions!  408 more words


Labor Day = "let yourself go" :(

So, can someone please explain to me why when there is a Holiday or when you are on vacation or when you have company or basically anything that is not your normal routine, why do we let ourselves fall off the wagon?   552 more words