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My Favourite Decorations.

I love the build up to Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year, I’m not a fan of Christmas Day itself but I love December. I love the atmosphere, the shopping, the hype and all the festivities. 515 more words


Stranger Things Gift Guide (Plus Sizes Included)

The highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 is finally here! And with this next chapter, we got answers to so many questions that arose after the first seasons cliff hanger finale! 505 more words

Fat Fashion

Cardigan Weather

It feels like every year, as soon as the colder weather sets in, my first go-to choice in fall apparel is always this ultra comfy hooded cardigan. 313 more words

Fat Fashion

ASOS is making me angry and petty (but I need them).

I need to preface the below by stating clearly that I am not blaming the people who deliver for ASOS or the frontline customer service staff. 800 more words


25 Spooky Scary Plus Size Clothing Pieces Every Ghoul Needs

Halloween is the best holiday of the year for so many reasons; carving pumpkins, dressing up, scary movies, putting up decorations, CANDY! But, until about two years ago, I was always so concerned about finding a decent costume, it never occurred to me that this is also the perfect time to stock up on ALL THE SPOOKY THEMED CLOTHES! 405 more words

Fat Fashion


Being fat limits my fashion options, but it doesn’t prohibit me from having a shopping addiction as there are more and more options available in plus size. 616 more words


The Fat Lingerie Dilemma: Big Company Intimates vs. What We Want

Let’s talk about the part of fat fashion that almost no one likes to address: lingerie. It’s something about picturing a full figured woman in lingerie that makes people react one of two ways: either they cringe at the thought of it, or they appreciate it and smile. 526 more words