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Yet Another Teenage Wasteland

Fat Kid Rules the World (2012)
Directed by Matthew Lillard
Netflix Rating: Liked It

It’s not easy to construct a succinct, tightly coherent coming-of-age film, regardless of sub-genre. 821 more words

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Throwback Trailer SXSW Edition: Fat Kid Rules The World 

Troy Billings is fat. His life sucks. He’s about to end it all by jumping in front of a bus, when Marcus Macrae, a charismatic punk rock superstar, tackles him to the ground and changes his life forever. 32 more words

Throwback Trailer

Fat Kid Rules the World: Zippy's Giant Burgers

Troy (Jacob Wysocki) wears a Zippy’s Hamburgers T-shirt in the 2012 movie Fat Kid Rules the World.


Shorts Spotlight: Coming Home Soon

Recently we listed Matthew Lillard’s feature film debut, Fat Kid Rules the World, as a Netflix recommendation. Today we wanted to highlight a short film Lillard made in collaboration with the Vancouver Film School. 100 more words


Netflix Pick: Fat Kid Rules the World

Adapted from the novel by K.L. Going, Matthew Lillard’s directorial debut Fat Kid Rules the World aims to provide a more realistic look at the complexities of youth. 379 more words


Fat Kid Rules the World (2012)

Indie φιλμάκι με πρωταγωνιστή τον Troy, ένα 16-χρονο που ζει στο Seattle και παλεύει με την παχυσαρκία, την κοινωνική απομόνωση και την απώλεια της μητέρας του. Η φιλία του με έναν κατεστραμμένο rock star θα του δώσει διέξοδο παίζοντας ντραμς στη νέα του punk μπάντα.

Συμπαθητικό, με πολύ ωραίες ερμηνείες, ένας φόρος τιμής στη δύναμη της ανθρώπινης ψυχής. Αξίζει.

7 / 10


Fat Kid Rules The World

Going, K. L. Fat Kid Rules the World. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2003. Print.

ISBN: 0-399-23990-1

Fat Kid Rules The World

K. L. Going… 314 more words

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