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Kenny Rogers Has a Popular Restaurant in the Philippines Yet None in the US

Kenny Rogers of Jackass fame…

Not, but really…Kenny Rogers, the musician who is as American as voting for Donald Trump while giving a bald eagle a blow job, has a popular restaurant in the Philippines. 309 more words


Line(s) of the day #EdGamble

Phrases I’ve never heard before. Things that only thin people say. “I think I’ve got some biscuits. I’ll just go and check.” Who’s living their life like that? 39 more words

Alex Raphael

The big fat philosophers

There’s a tendency among fat people in the world to cover up their fat-ty personality by wearing dresses that bring their non-fatty characteristics to the fore. 128 more words

Fat people are funny!

Fat people are funny!

Nineteen years ago, in a tiny, dark studio apartment I sat and ate a large sausage and extra cheese pizza by myself. 778 more words


Transsexuals Cooked Me Pig Rectum

The day before Jenny’s birthday we went to a barbecue place. It was a little different than places you’d find in the United States as it included many vendors and had no real walls or roof. 700 more words

Bee Life

Certain Myths about Plus-Size

Many a time when we don’t know about things. We treat our ignorance as the ultimate knowledge. The same applies the plus sized folks. Here, I am not using the word fat/obese,  because I think it is rather offensive. 752 more words


The Girl Who Cried "Body-Shaming".

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, and therefore the target audience for these news stories and opinion pieces. Maybe it’s because I’m drawn to human interest stories in general, and those that feature women in particular. 1,552 more words