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Newshub label fat people as “vulnerable” — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

If you are overweight and like donuts then be aware that you are now a member of yet another victimhood group if Newshub is to be believed.

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Why You're So Fat


I did it again. Once again I find myself in the need to warn my reader that I’ve come up with an article that’s far longer than I had originally intended. 3,542 more words


Please Be Kind to Fat People

Word Count: 730

by Lenna

I’ve been critical of the “Fat Acceptance” movement because I think rising obesity worldwide is a health crisis we should do more to address. 719 more words


Greatest Candy of All-Time Candidate: Fast Break

There are so many great candy bars in the world. Until recently, I couldn’t name a favorite. The feeling I got whenever asked to pick one must be the way parents do when deciding which child they should let burn for the life insurance. 485 more words


How to Treat The Fat Person In Your Life

Disclaimer:  Our culture has a distorted view of beauty.  That topic is for another blog.  Here I address the actual need for weight loss and how one might treat a person who is overweight. 1,088 more words

The fatshion police

So this is another thing that I wanted to rant about on my social media, but again, it is something I will get so much backlash from that it is not worth it. 779 more words

Free Sweets

Dredged up from the Wobbly Goggy vaults, edited and coloured, for your viewing pleasure