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Fat in Fiction - A Review Post

I think this post is going to be an ongoing one.

I’ve been working on it for ages now, slowly building up a collection of books with fat characters that I can review for you all, and I know there will be more in the future, I’m sure there are plenty that you can recommend for me that I haven’t covered here, which I will add to my To Be Read and Reviewed pile.  1,023 more words

Fat People on Airlines To Get Weighed?

A movement is taking place in Europe that will force fat people to pay what they weigh at the airport.  The movement, started by skinny people, is gaining ground and it is expected that the US airlines, never ones to shy away from making more money from their duplicitous scales, will jump on board as well. 175 more words



In my opinion their are only two types of fat people.

Nice type:

The ones who are fluffy and huggable. The type that everyone likes to be around because they give the best advice and their funny as hell. 384 more words


Extend My Hand In Friendship And Fairness

This week’s post is part 3 of 4 regarding my personal commitments to be a better human that are tattooed on my arm. (See previous posts at links below.) 970 more words


Would you do you if you weren't you nonanom?

Well, would you?

Sex is overrated when you’re in a committed relationship.

But taking care of your body and personal hygiene isn’t. I mean that’s the basics of it. 184 more words

Why I Am Against Fat Acceptance

Hello, lovely people. Today I will be talking about a movement that is currently taking place.

The Fat Acceptance Movement or as people like to call it “Body Positivity” 666 more words


A Response to the "Dear Fat People" Video

Anyone who keeps up with the daily news (or, arguably, who does not live under a rock) has likely read or seen some evidence of the systematic degradation of a large element of our society’s common decency toward others. 589 more words