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Keep steppin'!

Steps has become a big part of my everyday life. I count them and keep them up. At least 9000 a day, at least one 15 run or 45 min walk a day, at least 250 steps per hour between 8 am and 5 pm… 63 more words


Was Jesus Fat?

“Behind every thin person is a fat person.”

Is this true??!!?

They say opposites attract.

Do these two species depend on one other?

(Fats and thins).

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Illegal Trade in the “Fat Market”

Also today we’re continuing the review on fat people and the connections there. Surprisingly, there is a lot of stolen psychic property and attributes bought, stored, and sold on the “fat market.” The fat was being used as a storage format for frequency and other things. 214 more words


When You're Flying In 16A

Like the great beluga whale

It weighs a couple tons,

Is pale as homemade yogurt,

And very seldom runs,

It makes a high-pitched squealing

When it means to share its views. 12 more words


Newshub label fat people as “vulnerable” — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

If you are overweight and like donuts then be aware that you are now a member of yet another victimhood group if Newshub is to be believed.

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Why You're So Fat


I did it again. Once again I find myself in the need to warn my reader that I’ve come up with an article that’s far longer than I had originally intended. 3,542 more words


Please Be Kind to Fat People

Photo from Pexels.

by Lenna

I confess I’ve criticized the “Fat Acceptance” movement. We should do more to address rising obesity levels worldwide. 684 more words