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The fatshion police

So this is another thing that I wanted to rant about on my social media, but again, it is something I will get so much backlash from that it is not worth it. 779 more words

Free Sweets

Dredged up from the Wobbly Goggy vaults, edited and coloured, for your viewing pleasure


Fat people and the NHS.

This particular topic is something that has in the past got me in serious shit for discussing on my social media page. The reasoning behind this backlash is baffling to me because it is something which I thought was pretty widely accepted as being detestable. 1,090 more words

Well, that's new

I did, in fact, manage to make it through my doctor’s visit yesterday without any invasive examinations, which I mostly wasn’t super interested in anyway.  The part of me that  752 more words


OMG the sugar cravings are killing me!

Hello readers,

I have a confession… the last article I wrote about the last goodbye and how I was giving up sugar after that day…. well it wasn’t the case. 403 more words

The Last Goodbye

Today I did what I call the last goodbye. You see, tomorrow I plan on enduring at least 30 days with no added sugar…. in anything. 415 more words