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Bootea Teatox 28 Day Challenge

Universal Levels have set each other challenges. We will be showing these to you throughout March and April.

We have uploaded a Bootea Teatox 28 Day video to our YouTube Channel: … 21 more words


You Are Not Subtle With Your Hate

Inspired my my dear friend Ali over at Mean Fat Girl, I want to expand upon her post That Thing Thin People Do.  The thing is, we see you, thin people.  788 more words


Fatphobia and Fat discrimination are real things that do exists. But let me bring up some things you might not have thought about.

Fat people use to be more accepted centuries ago.  578 more words

FAT PEOPLE: Deformation or Human Being? The Dysfunctional Psychology Behind Some People’s Views and Perceptions (Edited)

“How do you see yourself?”

How do you view the differences between these two photos? Both are erotic. Both possess erotic imagery, but who is perceived as psychologically more erotic in the minds of women?

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You're not really my type

Who hasn’t heard that? I think I had a similar discussion with my partner when we once meet, when I was young. I wasn’t ugly, I wasn’t even fat back in those days. 1,140 more words


A sack of shit on TEDx - Fatphobia

Pretty disgusting human being indeed.

Projecting your own insecurities on the rest of society does not make you any slimmer, despite maybe making you feel slightly better. 62 more words

Oh The Internet!

Kenny Rogers Has a Popular Restaurant in the Philippines Yet None in the US

Kenny Rogers of Jackass fame…

Not, but really…Kenny Rogers, the musician who is as American as voting for Donald Trump while giving a bald eagle a blow job, has a popular restaurant in the Philippines. 309 more words