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Weekend Reads: Cow Butts, Writing, and Fat People on Planes

Welcome to Weekend Reads – a new feature where I share three or four articles, websites, or podcasts I was entranced by, and then seriously annoyed my family by giving them the links and saying, “Did you read it yet, huh, did ya huh? 288 more words

Random Musings

Here's Why Most People Don't Care When You're Offended – PART 2

In part one I discussed the need so many have to feel like victims fight for some sort of cause, wanting to label people as racist/misogynistic and how poorly that effects the rest of society. 1,100 more words


Here's Why Most People Don't Care When You're Offended - Part 1

I’ve told you before, I’m not even that smart. So, for the purpose of this post I’d like to claim that I am informed on the topics I talk about, and those are the types of people who don’t care about hurt feelings, in the broad sense of debate. 1,116 more words


Paul Mason: The World's Fattest Man Watched by the World's Weirdest Bees

On the most recent beecation the strangest morning Jenny and I happened pretty early on. I think it was Tuesday morning, a day after I had recovered from vomiting following my flight to the Philippines. 582 more words

Bee Life


Fat shaming.
Does it really exist or are fat people just upset that others are calling them out and they simply can’t handle the truth? 359 more words

Reality and bullies.

I am so sick and tired of those people who thinks they look cool or amazing when they bully someone or call someone fat, ugly, dumbass, etc. 272 more words


July 10th, 2016

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