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SONG OF THE DAY Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster - Headed South

Oxford, MS-based Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster (the singer/guitarist for the band Water Liars) is to release his debut solo album ‘Constant Stranger’ next month, and if his first single is anything to go by this will definitely be worth checking out. 84 more words


"Turn Into" by Jay Som

“Turn Into” is the title track of the Jay Som album originally called “Untitled” when it was released last December when PopLib previewed the first track… 153 more words

Pop Lib

Minor Victories - Self-titled (Fat Possum Records)

Θα μπορούσε να χαρακτηρισθεί ως supergroup η δημιουργία μιας μπάντας με μέλη από τους Mogwai, Slowdive και Editors. Πριν από ένα χρόνο λοιπόν οι Rachel Goswell, Stuart Braithwaite, Justin Lockey και James Lockey σχημάτισαν τους Minor Victories. 16 more words


SONG OF THE DAY AdamTorres - Outlands

Adam Torres first appeared with his self released debut album ‘Nostra Nova’ in 2006 and it has taken ten years for the folk singer-songwriter to return.   174 more words


ADAM TORRES - " Breakneck Jane’s Fifteen Minute Escape "

Music by Adam Torres/Nostra Nova
Video by Brian Wiebe/Ethereal Epitome

While playing in Southeast Engine, Adam Torres wrote Nostra Nova in the mid-aughts. In extremely DIY fashion, he handed.out CDs to select friends around… 1,029 more words


ADAM TORRES - " High Lonesome "

In 2006, the then 20-year-old Adam Torres released his idiosyncratic, varied, and beautiful debut album, Nostra Nova. A DIY self-release, the album became a closely-held, sleeper favorite in the close-knit music scene of… 114 more words


YUNG - " A Youthful Dream "

We’re pretty partial to most things musical coming out of Denmark these days, and Yung is no exception. It’s essentially the project of Mikkel Holm Silkjær… 55 more words