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As I sit writing this, I am waiting for my breakfast a local restaurant. I ordered a fruit cup to start, coffee and OJ, and a super vegetarian omelet with English muffins and sweet potato home-fries. 585 more words

Dear America, We Need To Talk About Your Weight.

It’s An Epidemic.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average weight of American women in 2017 was 168.5 pounds, and the average height was 5.3 feet; This means the average body mass index of American women in 2017 was 29.8. 2,546 more words


Megyn Kelly Wanted To Be Called A Fat Ass In Order To Stay Thin?

So Megyn Kelly asked her step-father to help her lose weight by fat shaming her, and that’s supposed to be the same thing as a young girl or a woman being fat-shamed in public? 374 more words

Fat Acceptance adalah Racun Masyarakat

Seringkali dalam sebuah perjamuan yang dihadiri oleh keluarga besar, demi menjalin komunikasi, salah seorang sanak saudara menginisiasi percakapan dengan melontarkan kesan personalnya terhadap kita. Komentar seperti “Tambah cantik, ya!” tentu mampu mengembangkan senyum di wajah kita. 552 more words


Is fat-shaming wrong?

Before I present my argument, I’d like to affirm that fat-shaming is one of the lowest forms of discrimination we can make others endure. With social media fast replacing our face-to-face conversations, our interactions are increasingly less personalized. 219 more words



T/W: I talk about victims of sexual assault in this article.

So back in May I had one of the most humbling experiences in my life and it really made me want to talk about empathy. 2,765 more words


No Fat Chicks

An Open Letter to the Driver:

I’ve stared long and hard at this picture wondering what I want to say about it. I have to admit, when I looked up and saw this while I was idling in traffic, I did one of those cartoon double-takes. 437 more words