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Why don't "diets" work?

This post was inspired by my recent Netflix documentary binge, if you’re interested check out “Hungry for Change”, “Fed Up”  and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. 452 more words


Welcome To My Detox

Okay here’s the thing. I’ve been a bad girl with what I’ve been sticking into my mouth. Wait! I should put that another way: Lately I’ve been eating poorly. 576 more words


Giving up...on giving up things?

My best friend recently decided to join her coworkers in a challenge to do a dry February. Supposedly, this is a healthy thing we should do sometimes, and February is the shortest month, so the timing seemed ripe. 819 more words


Juicing For Health- Let's Give It A Go

Does anyone else every notice life seems a bit serendipitous at times?

Just two days ago I clicked on a link for a 5 Day juice cleanse… 650 more words

Healthy Living

The Juicing Challenge Begins

I’ve dabbled with juicing now and then but have never really stuck with it before. Lots of times it ended simply because the time investment needed to juice was too much (shopping for fresh produce often, making the juice, cleaning the damn juicing machine all the time), plus you have to make the juice fresh instead of ahead of time. 468 more words


Is Old MacDonald Dead?

A Review of Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

If you eat, read this book! It will open your eyes to the realities of our modern, industrialized food culture. 523 more words


Day 141 ~ Vegetable Juice

I am one of those people that hates vegetables (love fruit though) and I’ve been feeling like I don’t get enough of them so I decided to buy a juicer! 39 more words