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Fat Tuesday: Salted Caramel Butter Bars

Mindful Monday was about the time I spent with my girlfriends. Fat Tuesday is going to be about something I fed to them. My girl, Wendy was… 335 more words

The Swearing Mom

Fat Tuesday: Chicken and Waffle Bites

I had never eaten chicken and waffles until I moved to Southern California. To be honest, breakfast was a clear division of sweets and savories. I did NOT want my bacon and eggs in my syrup! 350 more words

The Good Life

Fat Tuesday Update Number >1 but <100

Thought I’d let you know what is working.

For a couple months now, I’ve removed simple carbs, and fruit from my diet. I eat protein, fat, and carbohydrates from veggies and beans. 130 more words

The Plan Isn't Going As Planned...

The plan was to lose 30 pounds in 30 weeks, 1 pound per week seemed sensible and doable. However, that is not happening. The plan was to exercise daily – which started out great then stopped and is currently just waiting to get started again. 103 more words

For The Love Of Food

Fat Tuesday and a Little Almond Cake

I made these sweet little almond cakes a couple weeks ago for my evening at The Huntington. I mean, there’s no reason to not have special food just because you’re eating it on the grass, right? 234 more words

The Good Life

Pesto Guacamole!

My workplace held a salsa competition and a guacamole competition earlier this month. Even though I like tomatoes, I don’t really like salsa so I decided to join in the guacamole competition even though I’ve never made guacamole before. 383 more words

For The Love Of Food

I'm (NOT) Losing It.

It’s Fat Tuesday and I’m not losing the weight I was hoping. I tried to get into a regular exercise routine and it seems each time I walk on the treadmill, my knees hurt (well, one in particular). 108 more words

For The Love Of Food