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Lent: Photo a Day 1& 2; Fettisdagen: Who Am I? & Ash Wednesday: Return

Fettisgdagen (in Swedish), known in English as Fat Tuesday was celebrated with my host group. We made semlor together which is THE food to have on Fettisdagen. 195 more words

Savory Crispy Pancakes

So I’ve got a bad feeling right about now. Not one of those “oh no, disaster is imminent” kinds of feelings, but more like a “I totally missed out on that” deprived kind of feeling. 1,266 more words


Sitges&Carnaval 2/17

What’s this?? A blog post that’s NOT a weekend wrap up?? It’s true, not all the fun and adventure I’m having here takes place on the weekends. 1,210 more words


Share the Paczkis

Being Catholic, Polish, and from Detroit, I cannot go through a “Fat Tuesday” without eating a paczki. The caloric, custard-filled doughnut always is just perfect. Is there a sense of trying to stuff myself the day before fasting on Ash Wednesday? 459 more words

Take Me to Church

I just realized we’re only a week into Lent. Sometimes I get in my weird Time Warp and it seems like either 1) I have plenty of time to cram more things in or 2) more time should have already passed because this is TAKING FOREVER. 497 more words


Goodbye, Mardi Gras. Hello, Lent.

Lent.  So much more somber than Mardi Gras.  As TheUpperRoom.org puts it:

“Lent is a season of the Christian Year where Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in order to grow closer to God.  473 more words