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On Gabourey Sidibe, Empire, Fat and Sexual Desirability

“After we were shooting it, the camera guy came over, and he said, ‘I’ve never shot a scene like this. And I’ve never seen a scene like this.’ ” Sidibe said.

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Hustle And Bustle

This story first appeared in The New Paltz Oracle.

Donning red lipstick, a purple feather boa, and a rose-printed dress, Lillian Bustle urged a crowded room of eager onlookers to redefine beauty and celebrate their bodies. 485 more words

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Weight Will Never Define Who You Are

“It was the 17th of November year 1995 when a beautiful and healthy baby girl was born, she was indeed the most precious gift for Mr & Mrs Pamplona…” 669 more words


For women, being 13 pounds overweight means losing $9,000 a year in salary | Money | The Guardian

Suzanne McGee: Extra pounds translate to a more difficult financial life for overweight women – but the difference for discrimination can be as little as 13lbs… 15 more words

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I'm Sorry ...

I’m Sorry …
I am sorry that my talking about my weight or the swelling in my legs bothers you. I really am sorry. I realized something today. 1,386 more words

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Real reasons women add weight after wedding

She used to be very slim, and her friends used to call her lepa (a slim person). In fact, the maximum weight she recorded before she got married was 35kg, even at 32 years, 1,276 more words