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Land Whales Outraged by Wonder Woman

As per usual, the invent-a-conflict crowd has come out with complaints over the new Wonder Woman movie’s advertising partnership with Think Thin, a brand of food. 58 more words

Fat Woman In A Camaro

that was me earlier struggling to get out of my son’s 1995 Camaro. I fought,strived,struggled,started to panic,started to cry,& when I finally got out I cussed like a sailor. 102 more words


Dad Bod's & Fat Women

Hey feminists, great to have you.

Gender equality, body shaming, and sexism.

Are you uncomfortable yet? If so, why? These are all things that everyone wants to talk about, are they not? 855 more words

Tinder season is in full effect

Skeptical. Sketchy. Whatever you call tinder it is what it is. When if first came out I thought it would be the glory holes of holes. 341 more words

192. Squiggles.

I’m staring out of the window, looking at the trees.
Whoever designed the factory all those years ago decided that trees would soften the impact of this great, rumbling, shuddering blot on the landscape, so we have trees. 1,275 more words

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