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Stop "Caring" About Fat Women's Health Please

Yesterday on Twitter, a fellow fluffy mutual of mine posted a beautiful body positive photo set, professing her love for her body. Another woman took it upon herself to lecture her on her health that was supposedly in jeopardy. 1,549 more words

De La Fro

This is me

A year ago, my friend and I met over dinner to catch up.  She told me about the man she had been dating for several months.  1,102 more words

On Representation

Disclaimer: I knew going into This Is Us that it would probably be too sentimental for my tastes. I wasn’t wrong, but my own personal bias against emotional manipulation in the media probs led me to hating it more than I might have without that bias. 891 more words

Today I Wore a Bikini, and No One Died.

Okay, so it wasn’t today exactly. It was actually most days last week while I was on vacation. But the title, “Most Days Last Week I Wore a Bikini, and No One Died,” just doesn’t sound right. 1,128 more words