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Nutrition Basics: Fats

During the last two nutrition posts, I’ve already covered two of the three major food groups: Protein and carbohydrates. So, the one left now is – fats. 719 more words


Beauty Blessings

“Oh adorable lord of beauty and peace, zero-figure and long skinny feet,

Help me, my useless mind to stay at bay from calories Let biscuits crumble under my sight, let chocolates fall in ditches, 539 more words

320 Calorie Meal

Pancake – 240 Calories, 8 Protein, 52 Carbs, 1 Fat

Syrup – 80 Calories, 32 Carbs

Total – 320 Calories, 8 Protein, 84 Carbs, 1 Fat


Data Porn: Training for the World Marathon Challenge

The first leg of the World Marathon Challenge begins in just 10 days, kicking off January 30th in Antarctica. We’ll be running a certified, full distance marathon (26.2 miles) on each of the 7 continents in 7 days. 904 more words


34 Weeks....

Over the Christmas period a “family” member pointed out to me how “big” I looked. Now before pregnancy took hold I was on a diet plan and had lost a stone and a half, I was pleased with myself and this loss. 300 more words

Bio Moment - The struggle is real

For fat people, there’s a fine line between accepting (and daring to love) ourselves as we are and struggling to lose weight because we feel we should (for myriad reasons including our health, pleasing ourselves or others and/or fitting in an airplane seat). 956 more words


Bodywrecker: The Ones who are Chubby (and Beautiful!)

Dear Bodywrecker,

Let’s face it, were all a bunch of partial people on this planet! We love pudgy, cuddly babies, but when those cute chubby little toddlers start growing up what do we do? 298 more words