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Ch-ch-ch-ange is Hard Even for Me But Necessary

We all feel the need to change things periodically like our hair, our wardrobe or our furniture.  So, in that spirit, you will see some changes coming shortly to the blog site!   723 more words

Little hints

Somedays, like today, my stomach hurts. It twinges and cramps and I know in a short while I’ll need the bathroom and will probably be like this for the next few hours. 62 more words


Another stressful week

And I’ve gained a 1lb. Not 100% as bad as I thought it would be considering we went our for a buffet for my brothers 21st. 38 more words

The Journey

The Journey

I remember once when I was about 13, my aunt decided to take me shopping with her and 2 of my other cousins. My mom gave me $50 dollars (which is A LOT of money to a 13 year old) and I had my favorite female cousins with me; I just knew it was going to be an amazing day. 1,117 more words


Birthday fail. 

Every Year on my bday I think maybe this is the year I outgrow my eating disorder, maybe this is the year I leave all the bullshit and terrible eating habits and body image issues and general unhealthiness behind me. 59 more words

March 31st 2015 - My fat in all it's glory..

Took Measurements… Eeek…!! OMG.. How we deceive ourselves into thinking we havn’t gained THAT much weight – I’m a pure ‘porker’. Definitely know this is going to be at least a years worth of hard slog to budge this little lot of lard..