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I've Been Struck Down by an Evil Virus!

It’s Saturday evening and instead of going out and living it up, I have had to retreat to my bed. I started feeling kind of crappy this morning but I chalked it up to that wine I drank last night (I counted the calories!!). 355 more words


Traveling in the New World

I’m just home from a couple days of travel for work. It was a bit tough to get out of town, but once I was sitting in the plane, belted in, ready to take off, things were all in their place. 1,105 more words

Taking up More Space

Chances are, if you have ever struggled with your weight, you have experienced what I’m about to launch into a full-blown rant about.


This. 442 more words

Let's fatten your coffee

Fat. Coffee. Can the two go together? YES!

Don’t be afraid of fat. Ok, let’s clarify and qualify that. Don’t be afraid of GOOD fat. Good fat comes in many forms. 524 more words


I knew I should have trade marked my logo. Here I am in Din Tai Fung next to a statue of their mascot which looks strikingly similar to my… 91 more words

Are carbohydrates really to blame?

Throughout the years multiple food groups have been given the blame for causing weight gain, from Fat to Carbohydrates to everything except protein, remember Atkins? 378 more words


Love Your Body 

Body image is how an individual sees oneself in the mirror. It is a judgement made on the basis of a few combination of characteristics of what is ‘beautiful’ and what a good looking person looks like, which is mostly developed by the society we live in. 282 more words