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I'm Not just Crispy, I'm a Frigging Cookie!

Today was more of a grind, pop, then cracking kinda day.  Boy, I only did what needed to get done then back to bed to put my feet up. 201 more words

10KM Training Plan (Week 4) 25 May 2015

 AVG PACE 09:09 min/km / MAX PACE 07:21 min/km
WIND 1 km/h
HUMIDITY… 182 more words


Food Lover: I Am What I Am

If some of the best experiences you have are in restaurants, how can you walk away from them?

Food makes me happy. Eating with people makes me happy. 31 more words

Random Thoughts

"My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn't stand the sideline."

A week ago I was in the middle of my workout with Trainer McSteamy and near the end of my set of squats I felt something in my right knee click…and then not click back. 707 more words

Hello World! I'm fat, loud, and a miserable bitch!


My name is Michelle.  I’m 39, and I work at a software company.  I’m married to the most amazing man in the world. He is kind, handsome, has dreamy blue eyes, is younger than me ( 247 more words

Baby Hungry

How To Lose Weight

There are many programs which promise weight loss which don’t work for most people. But the issue of weight management is very simple. You need to understand the simple science behind weigh gain and weight loss. 305 more words