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Fat Diminisher Review | Easy Fat Loss Program

Fat Diminisher Review Product Description: The weight loss industry rakes in over 60 billion every year. There is no shortage of weight loss supplements, fat burners, weight loss DVDs, guides, etc. 159 more words

Memo: Not Easy to Lose Weight

I apologize that the title is such a downer. I just had a conversation with my boyfriend and he said that he would make fun of them for being fat and they would return it back to him by saying he will end up with someone fat and he said “that’s how I ended up with you”. 55 more words

Automatic overeating

Yesterday I had a little hiccup. I baked some delicious salmon marinated with lemons and onions, nothing else added. I put it in tin foil and let it get sauteed in the lemon juices. 374 more words


The Office Stone

Sitting at my desk today I took a look at my colleagues and thought I should touch upon the dreaded and largely unspoken of “office stone” 481 more words

The wonderful world of Kefir

So as i mentioned previously, my awful start to the day was made even worse by the lack of Kefir in my local shop.

First of all I would like to clarify what Kefir is and where it came from. 492 more words

Day 1: - All is far from well

Today is day is the day. Time to get up and start a positive and healthy new beginning…..or so i thought.

I know you are thinking “why is she starting on a Wednesday?” and to be honest the thought of waiting until Monday had crossed my mind on several occasions but a Wednesday is as good a day as any I guess. 441 more words