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A Weighty Issue

She lasted seven whole days. And I leave tomorrow, so it was almost the entire duration of my stay. I should have known it would come up at some point. 1,473 more words

More green smoothies

I need to get a high speed blender. I think my home made green smoothies will be so much better if I do. 2 bananas, 2apples, 2cups of greens and a half a cup of almond milk. 82 more words


What a drag.

It’s fun hanging around people with big ideas and too many ideas, and they pop and snap from moment to moment, described with wild-eyed passion and no one could possibly follow through with them, and they can’t all be executed in any reasonably acceptable way.   227 more words


Daily Update

This blog is just as much for me as anyone else. I’m using it as a tool to document my progress and I’m hoping that will make it easier to stay on track. 283 more words

Health or Wealth?

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… soaked in oil and fat! Its 2016, we only feed on junk food!

* This post is not targeting doctors, chemists and pharmacists, food producers, big brands, publicity agencies. 18 more words


American Obese Females

YOU’RE FAT! This article is about the American dream, the American right, the American obesity epidemic rising vastly across it’s great nation. So why did I call you fat though, easy, so many people want to call you thick or big boned. 942 more words