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Just 17 syllables

suppresses a sneeze

it has to go somewhere though

it’s brown trouser time


9. Behind the orange Punjabi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

July 2017

Shenaaz and Babu headed straight to the airport from Zuhaira’s daughter wedding. Babu was staring crossly at his phone. 523 more words


Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Its so easy to do. I am going to do this. All you need is 2 simple ingredients. Why have I not tried this? This is ideal! 6 more words

Dancing With a Broken Knee

Dancing With a Broken Knee

It can’t be done at my weight! I have no clear recollection of where it comes from but I love Latin dance. 294 more words

Weight Loss

Wednesday already?

A quite flexible chap from Barundi

was a fellow from Thursday to Sunday

then some blusher, a tuck

padded bra and good luck

was a woman first thing on the Monday



It is reported that fire brigades are increasingly being called out to move obese people in their homes using heavy lifting gear as they are too big and heavy to move under their own steam. 166 more words

Medical & NHS


This is what my bed looks like every morning.

My dilemma every time I go out of the house: what should I wear? Not because I want to look pretty and fashionable but because I want at least a simple t-shirt and jeans to fit me. 168 more words