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Weight Training and Healthy Eating

To summarise it. Eating greens and doing cardio is not the way to get lean, says personal trainer. Weight training is key and ends up burning more fat as you continue burning it throughout the day. 45 more words


Why base metabolism varies with mass

A multidisciplinary team of researchers has managed to solve a puzzle that had bewildered biologists for over a century: how and why an organism’s base metabolism varies depending on its mass. 21 more words

Eating And Diet

Don't Force It

For the past 30-odd years I’ve had a sweet story percolating in my brain and taking up space on several different hard drives. I’m fairly certain it’s a young adult tale, but…  It’s the “fairly” part of the equation that keeps biting me on the posterior. 447 more words


Why I don't count calories...

I often hear of people who spend so much time counting calories and invest so much of their time figuring out how many calories they have to burn off in order for them to not gain weight that they become totally obsessed. 244 more words



Next week I’ve decided to have some fun dancing! I have chosen the popsugarfitness 20- minute country dance workout.

Feel free to join me next week for some cardio dance moves & keep an eye out for my weekly reviews on each workout. 25 more words


Review: 15min Boxing Workout


I’m really sorry about falling so behind in my blog! Last week I did complete the Popsugarfitness YouTube video 15-minute Boxing Workout You Can do at Home|Class Fitsugar… 118 more words