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Feeling Icky

I have not done well diet wise at all. I haven’t been exercising and all I eat is cereal and bread these days.

I already have an exercise plan in my mind for when we get to California. 22 more words


Redefine Beauty

Homeowners may cringe at the sight of a dandelion, a pesky weed that quickly takes over a lawn, and rush to tear it out of the earth to be discarded with the rest of the lawn waste. 55 more words

老常家面馆~ too full the dinner ~

my goodness – last time when tao told me that the portions of this place was large i had no idea – this time i learned the lesson … after having this – i bet tmr i don’t have the appetite to have any meat for the whole day … i bet i’ve gotten the collagen injected for the month out of this plate … 42 more words


Low carb does not equal low calorie

The last few weeks I have been very busy getting used to a low-carb diet. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in the blogs falling a bit behind as I have mostly been in the kitchen trying things out. 277 more words


Tom Brady tests New England's fanhood, dares us to buy his $200 recipe book filled with foods we'll never eat

I love Tom Brady and everything he’s about, but I’ve put too many hours into this body to fuck it up by starting to eat the crazy shit he does. 388 more words


Makeup: my confidence

-“Why do you wear makeup?”

-“Ummm… because I’m ugly?????”

Lol it sounds funny but yeah that’s the truth. And I am not ashamed of admitting that. 568 more words


The healthy fat you're not eating- but should be

Do you eat this healthy fat?

If you haven’t heard about the awesome fat that is clarified butter, get ready you might just melt with excitement. 576 more words