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Weighing the Verdict--Punished in the Courtroom for Being Fat

Recently I ran across this article in Scientific American about how certain stigmatized groups are more likely to elicit harsher punishments than other groups.  In particular, the article talks about a study where participants were asked to read a paragraph about people committing acts that are commonly considered to be “impure” like watching pornography, being sloppy or cursing.  556 more words


The annual roll call of indie rock’s latest darlings of the scene is back around again. The sustainable NME tour that features the most exciting bands of the year has brought us acts including Arctic Monkeys, Florence and The Machine, Crystal Castles and Coldplay with the intention of being the show that propels minor bands to fame and fortune. 513 more words

Live Reviews

The weigh in

Well I gained 1.2lbs so I’m up to 14st 11.8lbs.

Disappointed? Yeah a bit, I’m really in the zone right now so it’s a little upsetting. 149 more words

Advocare: Day 2

There’s not much to report today with either Advocare developments or the WOD. Today’s work out was one of the hardest I’ve done yet:

EMOM… 261 more words


A goldfish in the pacific ocean

So today I went to therapy and my therapist told me that it was time for me to finish therapy. I’ve had ED for 6 years now, and have been in therapy for the last 2 years. 274 more words

Eating Disorder

Dream Live Thrive the Dherbs Battlefield: 159 Pounds Down And Counting

Had an unexpected great day- well, I guess I kind of expected it. The morning started with prayer and devotion then I took another nap J then got up and dressed, ready for the day. 466 more words

The Skin I LIve In

Day 13

Weight–stayed the FREAKING SAME again…307.2 very annoying!

Calories–rocked it! I’m working towards flipping my meals. As of now, I tend to eat a light breakfast, a medium lunch, and my heaviest meal is supper. 235 more words