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Fat and Sexy: Learning to be Both

So my last fat and sexy post was in September of last year and it was a shit show. I was having car trouble, knee trouble, and various other issues that I felt related to my problems with being fat and sexy. 673 more words


Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

I have always been the bigger girl. Always dreaming of being one of the magazine girls. My weight really is a hyper kid on a trampoline. 172 more words

Saturday Shenanigans

A hirsute young woman called Betty

who in bed got incredibly sweaty

but her chap didn’t mind

was incredibly kind

even though she resembled a yeti


Office workers eat irregularly and easily lead to fatty liver

Xiao Li, 29, works for a consulting firm in a foreign company. Because of her busy work, she seldom eats according to order on time. She often breaks from work during the day with snacks to feed her hunger. 364 more words


Day one...

Ok it’s a wet day in May, and something has to change. Just weighed myself and the stone and a bit I lost after Christmas has almost crept back on. 267 more words

Change Life Style


I’ve spent probably 30 years plus of my 45 years of life on a diet, thinking about a diet, wishing I could diet and failing to diet. 104 more words


Happy Friday

Once a fellow not straight, gay but bi

said why not he’d give most things a try

Feasts on penis and breasts

full round bums taut smooth chests… 60 more words