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Late night 9/20

Can’t sleep and neither can my bestie. Guess it’s a sign. Or maybe because I slept all day. I get up and head outside for a smoke, listening to George Straight. 145 more words


Fat around the stomach is associated with a host of medical problems

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

How can you tell if you have a dangerous amount of belly fat?

NEW YORK: Visceral fat is fat that collects around the abdomen – giving a “beach ball” look in some cases – and is associated with a host of medical problems, including heart disease, diabetes, heartburn and sleep difficulties. 371 more words

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Wednesday 9/20

I roll off the couch to the sound of my alarm. Loud techno music, reminding me that I am still at work. Stretching, I head to the kids rooms. 336 more words


3 Types Of Misinformation + How To Protect Yourself From The BS Part 2

Welcome back! I’m glad you’re interested in checkin’ yourself before you wreck yourself! Let’s jump right into it. A lot of what I discuss here is mostly just personal experience and observations, so it may be a bit more informal than usual. 1,126 more words


Episode 5: Feel The Breeze

Shakesville’s Melissa McEwan joins the show to talk about fat hatred and fat shaming, and her own journey to loving and accepting her fat body — and allowing herself to feel the breeze. 3,712 more words


How to read food labels

IMAGINE the scene. It’s after lunch and I’m at my desk, busy with the day job, when I get that familiar hunger craving.

I head down to the university dining room, and stand in front of the counter surveying my options. 478 more words

5 Tips to Hack Your Meal Prep

When you’re loading up the calendar with workouts, family time, friend events and work projects, it’s likely that “make delicious, healthy meals” tumbles too easily down the to-do list. 610 more words