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Gone Wrong Girl

I rarely feeling strongly enough about a film to take to this blog for a little rant, but Gone Girl is one of those about which I do. 537 more words


No Josh-ing!

I met Joshua Burgess sometime around April of 1999. Josh was very tall, blond, goofier looking than handsome and he worked as a cater-waiter in Boston. 434 more words



During winter break of my freshman year of college, I had recently started sleeping with this guy who demanded to be called by his last name and ONLY his last name. 695 more words


What She Said

After work, I’m too tired
I don’t have the energy
To meet your friends
The truth is, I just don’t give a $hit
Because your world revolves around me… 98 more words


Ahh, Family Pets--conversation starters--kill chickens

Pets may not sound like a big deal when it comes to writing a good family history, but just try asking about an animal in a photo and see where the path unfurls! 447 more words


"Carmen" opera finale

Lesson to learn: Awaken and then kill the love of a strong and loyal man at your own peril.

Powerful, tragic story with music that pounds the blood in your veins.