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Catfishing, Polyamory and Psychosis: Story Idea

Woke up this morning with an idea that apparently doesn’t want to go away. I’m not entirely certain where it came from – I rarely am – but felt like inflicting it on you folks. 457 more words

Working Conditions

Dating is for suckers

I’ve been through more break ups in my life than there is therapy to fix. Wine helps though. Only slightly. That’s where cupcakes come in. Because, obviously. 397 more words

Suburban and Urban Gothic Sub-Genre

I watched the movie Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. In this film Dan (Michael Douglas) has a brief weekend affair with Alex (Glenn Close) which turns into nothing short of an obsessive attraction where Alex shows unsettling behaviors to follow. 239 more words

Fatal Attraction

So, like every other millennial, I gave into online dating. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure. I wasn’t ever necessarily opposed to it, but I didn’t really understand or like the idea of virtually chatting with someone. 756 more words

From Alex to Amy: The Evolution of The Crazy Girl

***Spoilers below for Fatal Attraction and Gone Girl***
By Eoin Martin

When Fatal Attraction was released in 1987 it was met with feminist criticism. Alex was a character who seemingly was meant to demonise the working woman, Alex is a woman who has a career but is ultimately a crazy bitch. 698 more words


Lies and Deceit

A few days ago a close friend and I had a conversation about cheating that inspired this post. The topic was brought up because I had decided to watch… 594 more words