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Glenn Close made it clear that she was not happy with the denouement of Fatal Attraction. The film, she argued, has done a disservice to the image of those suffering with mental health issues, portraying as it does, a hyperbolic narrative of a near demonic, sex crazed lunatic who throws herself into full scale mania, after a one weekend encounter with the decidedly average family man, Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas). 542 more words

what draws us near

we cannot always
that which draws
us near

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Why We Can't Be Friends

I was happy. You were happy. Then we met. We were happy separately then together.

Time passed. You became bored. I was unaware that you were unhappy. 143 more words


November of Neglect

Because you felt used

you justified my emotional abuse

We sit beside each other

and I feel


Two people in bed

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Cheating Lessons From Fatal Attraction

I have always heard about the 1987 movie of Fatal Attraction, and other than having a faint idea that it had something to do with a crazy side chick, I did not actually watch the show until three months ago. 1,011 more words


Post Michigan: Cassandra Speaks

I’m going to step out of my “let’s all be friends” mode for a minute to talk about what happened in Michigan last night.

Clinton won that debate in Michigan. 632 more words