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Episode 2: Fatal Attraction / Krissy Myers

Krissy Myers (@krissy_myers) and Jay (@007hertzrumble) discuss their shared Shame – Fatal Attraction – and contemplate the ways in which the film wrongs women, trades on peak Michael Douglas fame, and undermines its greatest asset (crazy Glenn Close) for the sake of ticket sales. 163 more words

Cinema Shame Podcast

Fatal Attraction (1987)

“You play fair with me, I’ll play fair with you.”

In a sensational milestone of the 80s thriller genre, Adrian Lyne solidified his reputation by combining two of cinema’s most eye-popping topics: sex and crazy.  509 more words


Women's History Month: Student-Teacher Decorum

Using scenes from the film Term of Trial to explore the topic of student-teacher relations…

Term of Trial is a 1962 film directed by Peter Glenville, starring Laurence Olivier and Sarah Miles. 514 more words

Media Criticism

Our Furry Friends #1

Since we’re about to publish Paws & Claws, an anthology with animal stories, we invited all our writers to talk about their own experiences with the fluffy, the furry, the feathery, in short with the pets that are gracing, or at one time graced, their homes with their presence. 629 more words


English, motherf**ker, do you speak it? (Part 4)

A five part series on words with cinematic origins


7. bunny-boiler (Fatal Attraction, 1987)

Definition: (noun) a woman who acts vengefully after having been spurned by her lover (according to Oxford English Dictionary) 202 more words


Signs You're A Bunny Boiler


You, say he is the center of your universe.

He, doesn’t even know you exist.

No really!






Fatal Attraction (1987)

Fatal Attraction
Directed by Adrian Lyne
Written by James Dearden based on his short film.
(number 351)

Here’s another film which you hear a lot about without actually seeing it. 749 more words