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96. Fatal Attraction (1987)

*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a blue wife-beater and jeans, black gargoyle shades and white sneakers. He’s holding a glass of Barq’s root beer* 4,123 more words



Between Alice Eve’s flatliner performance and Al Pacino’s worst accent ever (Jesus Christ! Would all these Yankee thespian geezers stop trying to do Southern accents once and for all!?! 75 more words

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Two Rom-Coms and a Thriller: Re-Evaluating the 1988 Oscars

Inspired by my older-movie-watching and the Vanity Fair podcast Little Gold Men (which is trying somewhat unsuccessfully to stretch an award season podcast into a weekly year-round one), I’ve decided to look back at the bizarre combination of movies nominated for the 1988 Oscars. 783 more words


The Gift (2015)

Oftentimes, we yearn for simplicity in movies. There should be good guys, bad guys, and a happy ending. Maybe it was all those fairy tales we heard growing up. 1,034 more words


Stigma: I am not boiling bunnies..

So sadly in society today people still experience stigma regarding mental health. I have sadly experienced it first hand. My partners mother and sister, decided I was a threat, and had destroyed his life. 525 more words

Classic Films: Fatal Attraction

Glenn Close made it clear that she was not happy with the denouement of Fatal Attraction. The film, she argued, has done a disservice to the image of those suffering with mental health issues, portraying as it does, a hyperbolic narrative of a near demonic, sex crazed lunatic who throws herself into full scale mania, after a one weekend encounter with the decidedly average family man, Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas). 542 more words

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that which draws
us near

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