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"I have no choice."

Outside the air was warm and the birds were singing. Inside you could cut the air with a knife.

“I don’t understand you your honor! Have you ever took the time to look at that crest behind you?!   1,143 more words

Fatal attractions

Making Love in Spanish is the first published novel of B. Wiser, aka Bambina Olivares Wiser, and it comes from the imprint of Anvil Publishing. She has lived in several countries, and has worked in advertising, luxury brand management, and public relations. 980 more words

Fatal Attractions

Saturday 1st Novemeber

‘ I started this November habits workout today. Basically I am abstaining from fast-food, drinking and wanking among some other goals. It serves a few different functions.

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Wolverine #75 - Yep! They're Bone!

Whew.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a synopsis as I go through my comics.  With the Christmas season, it just got really busy.   1,331 more words


X-Men (vol. 2) #25 - Blurred Lines


October 1993 – “Dreams Fade”

No…I don’t mean Blurred lines as in the Robin Thicke crapfest.  Just read on…


In this continuation of the “Fatal Attractions” saga, the governments of the world, working together, and with the assistance of Forge and SHIELD, launch a series of satellites that cover the earth in an electromagnetic field specially designed to prevent Magneto from using his powers in Earth’s atmosphere (for those who don’t remember, he was currently staying aboard Avalon after taking it from Cable and using it to pick up the Acolytes and Colossus during Illyana’s funeral). 1,149 more words


Making Love To The Elderly

I was a young orderly at the nursing home, fresh out of college and with a burning desire to help those who couldn’t wipe themselves. She was ancient and beautiful, like a Seychelles giant tortoise or an ornate Ming Dynasty vase. 747 more words


Life is full of distractions. Differently put, life is full of attractions. It depends on content and context. Distractions seem omnipresent, but I believe focus is omni-potent. 1,330 more words