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Found My Home, in Your Lying Eyes

I’d, found my home, in your, lying eyes, and, it wasn’t, the right place to be for me, and yet, I couldn’t, help myself, but falling, deeper for you, again, and again, over, and over. 152 more words


Throwback Thursday ~ When Animals Attack

Originally published December 15, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad-

Thank you for not getting me a pet monkey when I was a kid, even though I begged and begged for one. 954 more words

Throwback Thursday

Tuesday's Tragic Moment in Comics - Magneto tears the Adamantium off of Wolverine's skeleton through his pores!!

It’s a moment that has been teased in comics since these two first crossed paths and is even hinted at in the original X-Men movie during the scene where Magneto controls Wolverine’s body in the train when he kidnaps Rogue. 194 more words

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