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Fatalism, Catharsis, and Redemptive Love

I have this fatalistic friend who views me as a catharsis dispensary. He constantly fills his tattoo gun and inks himself with the Mark of Cain, saying he’s smitten by God. 169 more words


Perfect Peace

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee. Isaiah 26:3
THIS is not worldly peace, not the peace of indifference, not the peace of sloth, not the peace of self-indulgence, not the peace of fatalism; but it is the peace of Christ–“My peace.” Looking back we can see that the Master preserved His peace with God under all conditions. 92 more words


Between the Panels: Keith Shadis' Extra-ordinary Worth

I’m Casey, known to the cosplay and geek realm as Cutsceneaddict, and I’m the newest writer here at Beneath the Tangles. “Between the Panels” is my monthly column on manga, so I encourage you to read along with me as I draw spiritual applications from your favorite series. 1,841 more words


Is it OK if Christians Curse?

My small group is reading through the extremely convicting and difficult book of James.  These days we are reflecting, as a group, on the fire from Hell that is our tongue and the reality that the one who can tame the tongue is perfect:  meaning that no one is capable of taming the tongue. 988 more words

New Testament

Weekly Poem #121


As my train passed through some disused factory district,

I saw a man-sized crow perched on stainless steel precipice.

It sat still, unmoving, but it caught me with its eye… 181 more words




A state that is the exact opposite of living.


Something that can be.

Even while you’re living.


Something that could have happened years ago. 77 more words


Determinism - Free Will = Fatalism

(A) Determinism is nothing more and nothing less than the belief in the reliability of cause and effect.

(B) Deterministic inevitability is the logical implication of a perfect reliability between cause and effect. 795 more words