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Galactic Pot Healer - Philip K Dick (1969)

Joe Fernwright is a pot healer – as was his his father before him – in a future totalitarian dystopia although his services are somewhat redundant since no one makes or breaks ceramics any more. 678 more words


The Heart and The Rose

Nothing truly matters said the rose to the heart

Nothing truly matters that was always the start

All that has ever been has been done before… 245 more words


Answering the Calvinist's #1 Argument

“Why did you believe the gospel, but your friend did not? Are you wiser or smarter or more spiritual or better trained or more humble?” 3,124 more words


How Unintellectual

When we lose an emotional connection with the truths of Scripture, it jeopardizes our spiritual health. Instead of patiently waiting on the Lord in times of trouble, the overly intellectualized sometimes opt to simply wait. 712 more words

Renovation Church


When I was twenty, I read too many American writers.

They seduced me with the thought of an Arizona sunrise

stretching like time over the infinite highway, delivering my soul. 331 more words


The complainer goes, “It isn’t fair! God made me a sprinter, and yet God has made me join this marathon.”

Well then, run!


Flowers on Theistic Fatalism of Calvinism

Arminian Leighton Flowers writes:

It’s interesting to me that when a Calvinist seeks to defend against the charge of being a “Theistic Fatalist” he often argues “God not only ordains the end; but also the means” as if that is a point the Theistic Fatalist would in anyway deny.

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