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The Self: A Tantric & Astrological Perspective

“The individual experient also, in whom citi or consciousness is contracted has the universe (as his body) in a contracted form. …. Then he unfolds Himself in the totality of manifestations viz., principles (tattvas), worlds (bhuvanas), entities (bhaavas) and their respective experients that are only a solidified form of Cit-rasa .” (Pratyabhijnaahrdayam: The Secret of Self Recognition. 1,351 more words


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Skipping blood, some misstep puts his foot over on its side and he collapses to his ass and palm. He’d had the instinct they’d be occupied but instead they’re on him in an instant almost like they’d been waiting, just playing with that poor body. 386 more words


New things

Having not updated this for a year and a half, it might be time to do something. First off, here is a link to a poem I wrote as part of Nevada Street Poets for the Mary Evans Picture Library in Blackheath. 77 more words

Choice and Change

With messages from The Braided Theory, Stillness, and Stillness and Change, it is likely difficult to determine what exactly we as humans can do. 229 more words


Fatalism, Love, and Death: Just Like This, Until The World Ends

Warning: The Following article covers a series depicting self-harm and suicidal ideation.

While I consider myself an optimist, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy fatalism at times. 477 more words


We All Have Our Own Truth

Perception isn’t only reality, it’s hard wired to your vantage point.  She had always been afraid of storms. She knew that her own lack of confidence had kept her from dreaming too big and almost paralyzed her with fear of failure during the hours she was awake.  210 more words

Latina Blogger

“We colour and mould according to the wants within us whatever our eyes bring in.”

It was an ironic incident, insomuch as my father realized the spark within me that had been birthed many generations, undefined, before his own creation, in which I came to weep at the harrowing weeds of Thomas Hardy’s resilient defiance of Victorian tradition. 315 more words

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