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Putting on the fire

Watching it burn

Laying all pieces

From the mantel, let them turn

Into ashes, into dust

For there is no more time to rust… 41 more words


Does the Bible Presuppose Fatalism?

I’m trying to decide the best way to frame the next in the Prophecy in the NT series, and while pondering that came across something that looked like fun to tackle. 1,471 more words

Understanding Scripture

"I don't want to screw it up"

What is it about the words, “I don’t want to screw it up”?

To the fatalist, it’s nonsensical. Nothing can stop nor change what will come to pass. 248 more words


How can Infinite Jest help unite people?

The problem with long books is they develop a reputation of being…long. War and Peace? Long. Les Miserables? Long. Infinite Jest? Long. Being me, I didn’t spend 28 hours listening to a book just for entertainment (The file is 56 hours, but I listen at 2x). 1,042 more words


Modern Fatalistic Musicals: A Video Essay

The video essay can be considered a supplement or database to the larger paper, since it reframes the research in a practical mode of exhibition.  The video also is meant to raise questions, allowing further research and exploration into the subject.   20 more words

Film Theory

Jesus Longs for His People (Matthew 23:37-39)

Jesus was not harsh out of hatred.

Behind his sharp rebuke in Matthew 23 was a deep love and longing for his people to hear his message, repent of their foolish pride, and live in faith. 1,023 more words


Maybe I will, maybe I won't

Maybe I’ll make some changes, maybe I won’t. No, that’s not me trying to gain control over my chocaholism, even though it can get out of hand. 1,158 more words