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I was raised to believe that I and the entire world would be dead by the year 2000. Nuclear war, followed by Soviet occupation, all leading up to the ball of redemption cleansing it all away. 492 more words

Accepting Change...

I have found that equanimity is nowhere better forged than within the crucible of change. I have prayed about equanimity; meditated on it; and chanted for it; yet, every time I’d finally thought I’d acquired it, something changed. 458 more words


Vesuvius in Eruption

Coming from Oxford, I am familiar with the works of J.M.W. Turner; his paintings (or rather, copies of them) have been dotted around Oxford’s landmarks, such as Magdelen Bridge and the High Street. 437 more words

Mount Silenus

A Vertical Odyssey of Extraordinary Peril

Read it twice to experience post-traumatic mountaineering disorder. Inspired by a disastrous attempt on Denali or whatever they’re calling it this week. 681 more words


Essay: Cultural Viruses of the Middle East

I’ll spare you the customary retrospective breakdown of events as 2015 draws to an end. Here’s how it is. The Middle East essentially remains the same quagmire of conflict, strife and discord it was at the beginning of the year, if not worse off. 5,561 more words

Middle East

'Nothing is written'

One of the all-time great movies is Lawrence of Arabia, and one of its greatest scenes is where Lawrence, having led his men across the burning cauldron of the supposedly uncrossable Nefud desert, goes back into that furnace to rescue an Arab named Gasim, who during the night, and unbeknown to the others, had fallen from his camel. 86 more words