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Book Launch at Indigo Bridge Books

Please join UNP at Indigo Bridge Books today from 5:30-7:00 p.m. for food and conversation over the release of Abolishing Freedom, co-edited by Marco Abel and Roland Végső. 116 more words


Why do three always come along at once?

I often find that I spend a long time working hard at something and preparing myself before I see results. That’s just the way my life goes, sometimes I think it’s because I’m not really a risk taker, I do tend to play it safe. 804 more words


Poem: Inevitable War

Blink with a whoosh and a rise up, doom leads the way looming, and it’s not like we don’t all know,

facing it in the sun and wash ourselves in the “oh well.”  Bisecting processions of misunderstandings, 364 more words

Andrew Halter

Treading the line between fatalism and the will to change

My feelings on certain subjects within the political sphere are subject to the full range of emotions from rage to apathy, from bleak pessimism to a dire need to do  342 more words


I remember starting, but I can’t remember the first one. Jesus those days, crazy days. I was in secondary school… I think it was second year, although as I said I can’t remember the first one, but I was either 13 or 14, (I began secondary school at 13). 234 more words

Daily Bullshit

The Fatalism of the Multitude

This is an idea put forward by James Bryce, a British observer of the United States, in 1889:

This tendency to acquiescence and submission, this sense of the insignificance of individual effort, this belief that the affairs of men are swayed by large forces whose movement may be studied but cannot be turned, I have ventured to call the fatalism of the multitude.

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The Political Economy Of Digital Capitalism

ode to life.


guess what?

your breath, thin and frantic

crimson pools

spreading on the pavement.

Or maybe it’s not pavement.

Maybe it’s soil.

(you rather like that thought, 151 more words