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When I tried to go to therapy last fall, I quickly grew dissatisfied with it. This was largely because the reason I had sought out therapy had resolved itself. 247 more words




All three of these ideas are based on the human mind wishing to seek reasons behind actions. Are we predestined for certain events to happen in life? 402 more words

Evergreene Digest: Get Up, Stand Up ~ Bruce E. Levine

  • “We are living in a land in which corporate power buys as many politicians as it needs, unjust laws shovel money to the rich, and media substitute entertainment for information.

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Corporate Empire

Boyd on Fatalism

From reknew.org:

This belief in fate or divine determinism is as tragic as it is unbiblical. Among other things, fatalism inevitably leads people to blame God for evil.

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The Isms All Through

The isms on the go

with  a realism on the flow

the suffix “Sur ” with realism

turns into surrealism

such that be in the medical dictionary… 86 more words


Critique of TSW Part 27d The Myth of Exceptionalism

Blog 20150318

Bill objectifies motion and we reread part of the preface in sympathy with his eventual conversion from indeterminist to determinist.

I am ever so grateful to Bill Westmiller, whose comments are marked “BW: “. 1,316 more words



So I was crashing on a friend’s sofa and he had this stack of books on the counter in the kitchen. We were out drinking the night before and I always wake up super early after a night out, a hangover alarm clock or something. 31 more words