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Why is fatalism so frightening? There are two reasons why we resist it.

#1: We think it means that we have no control over our future. 264 more words


They Have Come to Bind

Now it is the charge against the main deductions of the materialist that, right or wrong, they gradually destroy his humanity; I do not mean only kindness, I mean hope, courage, poetry, initiative, all that is human. 61 more words

G. K. Chesterton


We wait for the sun to come out tomorrow before we head out into the field.

Today will end in anticipation of tomorrow,

For the sun or the rain or whichever way the world fancies. 66 more words


Those Brave, New-World Creatures—Millennials

By Frederick Balzac, staff writer for Boomers X Millennials

As a 59-year-old Baby Boomer, I may envy the youth of Millennials, but not the world they are inheriting from mine and other older generations. 928 more words


Day 7: Overcoming Anxieties

*I just wrote half this blog and then the draft didn’t save lol so #attempt2 is gonna be half-hearted.

I didn’t want to go into too much detail yesterday about what I was truly feeling, in fears that it would open up an anxiety “can of worms”; reality is, 477 more words

Daily Dose

Cosmic Pessimism

By Eugene Thacker

Source: continent.

We’re Doomed.
Pessimism is the night-side of thought, a melodrama of the futility of the brain, a poetry written in the graveyard of philosophy. 4,754 more words