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Fate/Zero (2011-12) with many spoilers

The Fate/[1] franchise is more or less omnipresent in anime fandom these days. From references in GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There[2] to endless fanart and mentions in my twitter feeds the… 1,327 more words


The world of Gen Urobuchi: the Sharp Contrast between Purity and Dirtiness

Most of the Anime lovers must know Gen Urobuchi, or at least, knows two of this novelist and screenwriter’s most famous works: Fate/Zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica… 2,416 more words


The GLORIO Chat Episode 5: The State of Fate


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Kids these days with their Fate/Grand Orders and Fate/Apocryphas, making up servants all over the place… BACK IN MY DAY, there were only seven servants with seven masters. 170 more words


Going in to Fate Hell

Hello there Potatots,

It’s February! Lunar New Year is just around the corner *cough* Next week *cough*  It’s going to be another year of unwillingly receiving  red packets from relatives that you haven’t seen for almost a century. 491 more words


January's Animated Character of the Month

Greetings Animated World!

Welcome to the first Character of the Month selection for 2018!

I’m going to try out something new out on the blog for this year. 1,114 more words


12 Days Of Anime Day 8: Modern Anime Classics

This is the 3rd draft of this article, because it initially started as a guide for what shows and movies would be good for people new to anime. 1,754 more words


Do Spoilers Matter?

*Spoilers ensue for: Death Note, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, Juuni Taisen’s early episodes, Anna Karenina

When I was 9, I was taught an important lesson when I inadvertently spoiled Death Note for my mom (I have a cool mom who reads manga). 1,071 more words