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Picture of The Day: Saber Alter

Let’s give Saber Alter a chance for a change since she is also one of my favourite Saber version in the Fate series. She is not wearing her signature armor in her Dark Saber version but that what makes this a very great Picture of The Day post.


Picture of The Day: Scathach

More Scathach for this website please! Yes, she is the sexy and badass servant from Fate/ Grand Order and you know you want her as your servant if you were battling for the Holy Grail. 15 more words


Google Chrome Theme: Scathach

Well of course, you just have to make another skin featuring Scathach, the Lancer class from Fate/ Grand Order. This badass girl is available as a Google Chrome theme for your Chrome browser beautification. 62 more words


Winamp Skin: Scathach

Lancer from the Fate/ Grand Order version just needs her skin debut and I’m very motivated in making her Winamp skin version in this website. Just a proud thing to do the cast a limelight on this favourite Fate series character. 72 more words


Picture of The Day: Shielder

I’ve been posting a lot of characters from the Fate series as the Picture of The Day and today, I would be proud to present this Shielder character from Fate/ Grand Order. 13 more words


[Anime] Fate/Zero: The Forbidden Banquet (S1E13)

So here we are at the end of ‘Season 1’! We’ve seen a lot of build-up in this first season; we’ve been introduced to each of the seven Masters, their Servants and gotten a reasonable amount of detail about each of their circumstances. 1,768 more words


Wallpaper of The Week: Jeanne d’Arc 2

Jeanne d’Arc will be featured again as a Wallpaper of The Week. This particular warrior from the Fate series just kept mesmerizing us with her gorgeous outfit. 9 more words