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Fate/Zero「AMV」- Akatsuki ᴴᴰ

This amv  doesnt get enough love TT^TT

►Anime: Fate/Zero
►Song: Akatsuki- Babymetal

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Picture of The Day: Jeanne d'Arc 2

My favourite character from the Fate series, Jeanne d’Arc, will be my choice for today’s Picture of The Day submission. Loving her design to the death, although Saber will always have a special place in my heart.


Picture of The Day: Saber 4

Saber wearing a white dress looks very beautiful and elegant in this artwork. Forgive me for spamming my favourite character from the Fate series. It’s just that Saber will always looks beautiful no matter in what outfit she is on.


Saber - Fate Stay Night

My most recent Cosplay from Fate Stay Night or Fate Zero since the character design doesn’t change in either series. Arturia Pendragon (aka King Arthur) also known as Saber. 72 more words

Arturia Pendragon

Picture of The Day: Jeanne d'Arc Alter

Today I’m presenting you guys with another Fate/ Grand Order character as today’s Picture of The Day. Jeanne d’Arc is one of my favourite characters in the Fate universe and her alter version is very cool.


Wallpaper of The Week: Matthew Kyrielite

Maybe you are familiar by her class in Fate/ Grand Order, Shielder. Apparently, she goes by the name of Matthew Kyrielite and I think I will go by her real name from now on. 12 more words