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My fingers seem to reach you, but my feelings cannot reach you
I’m afraid of destroying tomorrow, but I don’t want to surrender, my chest aches… 305 more words

Fate Zero

Wallpaper of The Week: Saber 10

How many of you are dreaming a Saber to be your bride? She is looking so gorgeous in that bridal outfit with that shiny blond hair. 35 more words


rewatched Iskandar/Rider’s death in Fate Zero. It’s too much. *sobs*

Fate Zero


Ugh, this is the worst and most off doodle I ever did of Gilgamesh. My hands were extremely shaky dammit.

This’ll serve as a constant reminder that I should not drink too much coffee. 16 more words

Fate Zero

Thy Most Chivalrous OTP: Diarturia

The King of Knights and the  First Knight of Fianna

(DiarmuidxArturia/LancerxSaber from Fate Zero)

This is one of the things I loved about Fate/Zero aside from the gorgeous animation and music, the story and the different philosophies and morals each character had.   625 more words


Photography - The Devil Within

With the wings of figma Devil Homura the devilish side of my figmas comes out. 14 more words