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Fate/Zero #11: Of Cabbages and Kings

So, King Arthur, Alexander the Great, and Gilgamesh go to get a drink together… 1,509 more words

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Fate/Zero #10: Little Red Butt-Kicking Hood

While all the Masters are off emotionally manipulating each other, summoning demons, chugging wine, having affairs and bickering with their allies, it seems like there’s only one person who’s actually getting anything… 1,507 more words

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Review: Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night is one of those shows that has been around for a while and you hear a lot of good things about. Don’t think that those things go to their extremes though, it’s nine years old and people have recommended plenty of other things over this. 1,098 more words

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Desktop Goodies: Saber 4 Calendar

Saber is in her maid outfit and with a little bit of a suggestive pose. How could I not make this a Rainmeter skin, right? So, here is a calendar format of this very cute Fate/ Stay Night, or Fate/ Zero if you will, girl that you would like to have on your desktop. 37 more words


Durarara x2 : Mikado's Smile

So Durarara!! gets a second season which can be traced back from June 2010. So almost 5 years later, we have “Durarara!! x2″. But we won’t have the whole 26 episodes in one go. 307 more words


Fate/Zero #8: Birds and Bullets

There’s so much going on in this little arc. While the shipyards battle was perhaps the best example so far of all the characters clashing on the same stage, the deadly dangerous party going on at the Einzbern house is a similar but different affair in which we have multiple groups of characters looping around each other on their own tangents, each plot thread knitting together into an entertaining, engaging, and really quite terrible and violent episode. 1,273 more words

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Fate/Zero #7: Here There Be Monsters

This is a very serious, dark show. People are trying to kill each other. Innocents are manipulated. Buildings are destroyed. Demons are summoned and children are harmed. 1,603 more words

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