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Wallpaper of The Week: Matthew Kyrielite 6

Shielder or Matthew Kyrielite is here as a Wallpaper of The Week for you, guys. Love this girl from Fate/ Grand Order, she looks really cool wielding that huge shield. 19 more words


Understanding Presence and Weight with Kingdom

No other anime I’ve seen has even come close to mastering the idea of character presence as Kingdom has.  The best comparison point I can think of off-hand is Rider from Fate Zero – but even he pales in comparison to the top tier characters of Kingdom.   1,370 more words


Picture of The Day: Jeanne d'Arc 5

It seems it’s raining Jeanne d’Arc on this website so I would like to pile on the trend here by submitting another Jeanne d’Arc Picture of The Day post today. 13 more words


Desktop Goodies: Medusa Lily Calendar

I didn’t know that Medusa from the Fate series has a Lily version of her. I think I have to hunt down good pictures/ artworks of her on the internet. 69 more words


Firefox Theme: Jeanne d'Arc Alter 2

Jeanne d’Arc Alter is available again as a Firefox theme and I’m using the same artwork as the previous one since I love this version of Fate/ Grand Order lady. 57 more words


Winamp Skin: Jeanne d'Arc 3

The awesome Jeanne d’Arc gets another feature as a Winamp skin for you, fans of this beautiful Fate/ Grand Order babe. You know you love her in her casual clothes, she looks like a sexy gangster, huh? 80 more words


Google Chrome Theme: Jeanne d'Arc Alter 2

As Lucy had explained on the previous post, I’m making a Jeanne d’Arc Alter skin set and this time, she is available as a Google Chrome theme. 86 more words