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Going Down The List: Fate/Zero


After a long internal debate, I decided not to write about Fate Zero in the post about the new adaptation of UBW. 416 more words


Going Down The List: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV)


My experience with the Fate universe started in or around May 2013, when I watched Fate/Zero. I was absolutely enchanted by it, because it was a gorgeous-looking show, and it still is. 467 more words


Fate/Zero #23: Bring Me That Horizon

First, a note for celebration: this is allegedly my 200th post! Which is a hell of a lot of writing about things that never happened and people that don’t exist. 1,465 more words

Alex Watches

Going Down The List: Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Disclaimer: I have only seen the first two seasons of this show, so no spoilers for 2wei Herz, please. Thank you.

(MAL LINK) 400 more words


Fate/Zero #22: Murder and Motivational Speech

Waver returns from nearly getting blasted in half by Excalibur to find the elderly man he hypnotised into being his grandfather waving and inviting him up onto the house roof. 1,511 more words

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[Anime] Fate/Zero: Night of Strategems (S1E6)

Last week was exciting wasn’t it? We got a whole bunch of things happening all at once – Gilgamesh making his debut, only to whisked off before his grand finale; Berserker going ham in general and Rider overseeing the whole affair. 4,080 more words


Day 27 - Most badass scene from any anime character

Warning!! Spoilers for F/Z lie ahead xD.

Ok so this, imho, is one of the most epic and awesome scenes out there ^^. First of all, we get to see how amazingly powerful both these servants actually are. 71 more words

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