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Caught the leg

Of a dream

Fears risen upstream

Craving the soul of peace

Hearts lay in streams

Done with the silence

Of those beams… 8 more words


A Tough Audience

“But why?!”

“Bathory-san, we don’t believe there is sufficient interest in a death metal concert at the academy,” the student council president said.

Elizabeth Bathory, age 16, first-year student at the Lydian Music Academy. 3,135 more words


An Idol Is Born

Young Elizabeth, age 7, was an energetic child. She didn’t like sitting still for very long, usually running off to play with the other children whenever she could get away with it. 1,530 more words


Tanka: choices, fate and other such fancies

Sometime in the past

I chose left instead of right

Little did I know

This changed my life forever

My path was set from that day

Late To The Game 10/20/17


This house we call home

I saw a house once standing tall and strong
but we received no quietude and peace
now walls decrepit, and deprived seats wrong
have made deranged thoughts, and unclean strife cease… 91 more words


Fate/Apocrypha Episode 15: All your dreams

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For some reason, this episode seemed entirely devoted to revealing the characters’ wishes. To be fair, we eventually had to find out, but this seems like a weird time to do it. 172 more words