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Check Out an Extensive Gallery and Trailer from Dan Sheldon's Promising Pic 'Fate'

Dan Sheldon’s genre bending time-traveling picture, Fate, looks to be more science fiction than anything, but it’s also got a compelling trailer that hints there may be more to this film that meets the eye. 166 more words


Level One Wonk Reviews: Fate Adversary Toolkit

Are you a Butt-Kicker, a Specialist, or a Story-Teller? There is a huge world of games out there to satisfy every player’s and group’s style. And while there are academic discussions in every corner of the internet, sometimes it’s best to start at level one. 1,210 more words


The Law of Affinity – The Enforcer of Good Behavior

The spirits tell us that one could summarize the Doctrine of Spiritism as the Golden Rule. If you always follow the dictum, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, you have achieved the lion’s share of what the spirit realm, and Jesus himself, have been trying to teach us for the last two or three thousand years. 57 more words


Create Your Own Destiny

July 26th: The Empress

Time to stop pondering your fate today! Take the bull by the horns and make it yourself!

This is an amazing time of prosperity, growth, creativity, and excitement. 121 more words

Sung Harmonies 

In the sprawl of narrowing strata

Engraved paths shoot misty grass blades.

A yawning sun, mellow light

Dappled across the rugged trench carved into dirt. 73 more words



If wishes were birds

Then I would have flown

Soaring so high in the sky

Above the predators that gaze at me

But I remain on the ground… 35 more words


How Frieda Kahlo reconnected me with my father.

Today was my last day in Mexico City. I intended to go with my friend to the Frieda Kahlo Museum but when we arrived the line was so long and we decided to skip it. 605 more words

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