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Marvel - Lola


Lola stands for “Low-Orbit Liftoff Automobile,” and it was potentially named in such way after Phil Coulson’s ex-fiancée Lola Daniels.

Cost: x1 upgrade points…

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The Dead Zone - Stephen King Novel

The Dead Zone  by Stephen King

This classic, by the master horror writer, was first published in 1977 but has aged remarkably well. It’s strange to think that some readers of such fiction today were not even a glint in their sexed-up father’s eye when King penned… 1,033 more words

Book Review

starry eyed and lost in the depths of you.

‘I fell in love with you unexpectedly, but now I intend to be with you forever. ‘ Long slim fingers combed through my loose waves of jet black as his low voice reverberated in my ears, his hand reached for my cheek as he traced my jaw and then brought his forehead to mine as we smiled simultaneously. 326 more words


Sweet, aching Balance

There is a strange and often unsettling balance of the eternal Yin and Yang that occurs when a deep understanding of self permeates your existence. While you feel an enlightement within  your very being, externally you could be punched, kicked, battered, bruised, strangled and abused and in an odd moment of acceptance at your outward mistakes, you allow the blows to come in a furious flurry because if it means that you stay on your path then you’ll take it. 352 more words


Anecdote # 5

“I can’t hate you, and

you don’t let me love you!”



By Charles Robert Lindholm

caused me to be there
a casual comment
from a friend made me
want to see
a photo of you 157 more words

Interpreting the meaning

It had been bounced off

a bumper too fast.

It trembled around

not sure of its body

and blood dripped

from its broken face

and dangled… 71 more words