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Cads, chemo, cars & cableĀ 

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday…Boo.

Six – eight weeks then re-assess.

I stopped off after the Doctor appointment and treated myself to Panera for dinner. 203 more words


pixels & sentences

He stood on the edge, his past a blur of rotten emotions, and he leapt into his future with pieces of his broken heart, his broken records, and he knew he needed to move on!

Down The Edge Of Time

A really really

funny feeling

down the edge

of time


3:43 AM

Is it bad to fall in love with an unknown heart?
Romanticising everything, from a single touch
Is it bad to wish for our fates not to epitomize a parallel line? 106 more words


The choice to state

The answers to create

To shadows that crave

Words all fake

To the scrape of metal

Going in between a heart… 52 more words


Deja Vu?

Today is September 19, 2017. It is a rainy Tuesday and I am wirting this at 6:21PM. Suddenly, I decided to write again because of what I am feeling right now. 150 more words


Sand of today is the mountain of yesterday,
Mountain of today is the earth of yesterday.
River of today is the rain of yesterday,
Rain of today is the ocean of yesterday. 67 more words