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I’ve just turned 30.

30 seems to be a really good time to start considering priorities in life; what do I want not tomorrow or next week, but next year, 5 years from now, 10 years from now? 1,066 more words



With new affection on the horizon, I sit here in meditation.
To my left, a dimly lit sky with all the beauty and wonder of the night; settling into the earth, almost out of sight. 181 more words


A Regular day Gone Totally Strange

For as long as I could remember I’ve worn glasses. My parents always made sure I was wearing them no matter what, even when I slept. 1,156 more words

Winners are Losers

The world is not made of winners and losers, because we cannot be one without being the other. The triumph of winning is sweetened only by the bitterness of “being a loser.” The ecstasy of accomplishment is only as high as one’s self-esteem is low, the pleasure of triumph coming substantially in the form of evanescent ego-boosts. 195 more words



We cannot escape the dreaded knowledge that death is inevitable. 7 more words


True Love is…

better late than never.~


Still Is

It’s not that you broke your promise…just that it was nonspecific. When you swore you’d be back, that you’d still stick around for me, you didn’t tack on a day or time. 368 more words