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the harsh financial reality

I’ve wanted to post about this for a few weeks/months/years.
A few realities of our current life and a feeling of failure for our family on my part. 641 more words


On Defying Gravity

by Devina Gunawan

Featured image by Johannes Karundeng

I have always believed in fate. In destiny. In stories written in the stars. I have always been a believer. 334 more words


Writer's Block

As I wade in the elegiac state,
Contemned in the pool of infinite realities
And strands of letters, numbers, DNA,
The alphabet of living words and organisms… 20 more words


My Guardian Angel



The Angel in the skies,

Showered blessings on me.

With mist in my eyes,

I looked up to thee.


Why oh why, so long did it take? 46 more words



It transfers my mood
this flash of memory
renewal of fate
sparks culled
forged in a smile.


Fate and Destiny

Maybe we were only destined to meet each other in our dreams.

Maybe our souls were intertwined from the beginning of time but Fate decided to unravel our heartstrings. 99 more words


Fate's Enemy #1: The Bar

Art by Matiazi

For my next attempt at a web flash stories series I have decided to create a non-linear story of a mysterious character. In this series I would like to explore the past, the present and the future of this character, who introduces himself as Elladan. 437 more words