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Relationships, Destinies, and Soulmates

So my friend and I were talking last night about some random stuff, like how our day went, career, and eventually relationships and our current love lives. 820 more words

Sir Writesalot

#3 Anime of the Year - Heaven's Feel

In my review of my #7 anime of the year, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under SnowI suggested that the Prisma Illya movie is not a bad way to get into the Prisma Illya series. 1,272 more words

2017 Anime

On "Fate"... A Story of Shameful Serendipity

My year abroad studying in Hangzhou, China, was rapidly coming to an end. It’s June 2017, I had finally finished all the tedious language exams at my host University and was ready to drink and dance the night away with my friends in a local bar. 822 more words



Her armour vanished into oblivion

without condemnation,

He brushed her tears away.

That fateful night,

He saw her in a different light

That of a mighty warrior.



The Dalai Lama once said, “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

I have to admit that is very much the case for me. 487 more words


this time
would have been

we’d met
in different

under sky,
in different

left wondering
if it was

©Anthony Gorman 2017

Hands In The Garden

FateGrand Order ジル・ド・レェ 宝具&霊基再臨&マイルーム等ボイス集CV:鶴岡 聡【FateZero/FGO】

FateGrand Order ジル・ド・レェ 宝具&霊基再臨&マイルーム等ボイス集CV:鶴岡 聡【FateZero/FGO】