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Some Voices - Fictional

How to you tell people your dad died of severe alcoholic abuse? How to you tell people I was hugely relieved when my dad passed away? 904 more words


Never Give Up Hope

My latest blog post for The Jewish Journal:

War. Terrorism. Riots. Crime. Unemployment. Political corruption. Intolerance.

There are many reasons to give up hope. 770 more words



1. Tình cảm nhạt đi, chúng ta có thể vun đắp; không còn gì để nói với nhau, chúng ta lại đi tìm chủ đề; cảm thấy chán nhau, chúng ta làm quen lại từ đầu; nếu mệt rồi thì cho nhau không gian riêng. 842 more words


Knock knock! Who's there?

Cancer. It was cancer knocking on my door.

I’m not sure if people actually follow a blog, like read the updates of someone they’re following, but to anyone out there who has, you would have noticed a long period of silence. 968 more words


Making Your Luck

InQuire more: Today’s Q comes courtesy of Rhode Island-based writer, John Walsh, who blogs at JohnWalshCopy – sharing his beautifully crafted and heartfelt stories of family, tradition, life, and learning.

Lurking Beyond the Horizon

This is kind of a followup to my Things are Looking up post.

Don’t get me wrong, things are definitely looking up.

I’m working hard in school and my grades are reflective of that. 436 more words

To the man I don’t know

I know very well that a lot of love letters and poems have already been written for future halves. The cliché is always there: I’ll be waiting for you or please don’t seek other’s heart. 574 more words