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Some people spend their entire lives

searching for real love

but it was in the peak of my chaotic life

that you were sent from above… 120 more words


Dark Nights

via Missing

Dark nights and fairy lights,

Leading you down a dangerous path.

You don’t know what to do,

Lost in these murky waters.

Look to the North, 10 more words


Believing in a Future Life, Completely Changes Your Point of View in this Life

In the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, there is a passage which succinctly summarizes what it means to us, once we truly believe in reincarnation: 252 more words



Message unread

Fate washed ashore

A different shore

Change in time frames

Arc of life changed

Deserted island

Heart breaking

At home clutching a picture frame… 32 more words


5 Tips on How to Cope/Be Content with a Difficult Situation

As you all may have already guessed, I am a Muslim woman (and if you haven’t, then do you even know me?!). But because of this, my entries are going to (and some have already) steer more towards the spiritual side. 2,049 more words


Anhedonia and the Abyss

The future is felt like a big open sore, suppurating raw – like putting fingers in the wound, to pay the future any mind. I can give it no concern. 305 more words


A Path of Your Own

A thousand score of roads stretch toward you from the horizon, converging at your every step. Looking back, you see a single path carved out of an infinity. 76 more words