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The Fortune and Fate of Chance

The discourse of Counterfeit Money as a whole is marked by the aleatory by chance, by fortune (tukhē). According to the narrator of the story, the unforgivable action of his friend in giving the counterfeit coin to the beggar could only be excusable if his friends actions were driven by a desire to create an unforeseeable event out of a single stroke of luck in the life of the beggar. 133 more words

Art As Gift

Belief & God with extra hypocrisy please..

You say you love God
& you’re a believer.
I say i love God
& become the oppressor
of ‘minorities’.
I’m a fanatic
whereas you’re… 104 more words

039 - Exit the Warrior

We conclude our trilogy of episodes on Chapter 21 of The Silmarillion, “Of Túrin Turambar.” After Glaurung sacks Nargothrond, Morwen pulls a Thingol and ignores Melian’s advice. 151 more words


If Only I had Save You

I split my tongue,
and licked the flame,
howling and bleeding
out your name.

I left you flowers
at your grave.
Wishing it was you… 18 more words

Original Poetry

Episode 156a - Dresden Files – London Falling - Flowers Through The Stone - Session RECAP


So for the first time in several years of us podcasting we had an Audacity fail, and it decided to shove just over 1/3 of episode 156 down the memory hole and lose it forever. 113 more words


What Does Immortality Mean?

We hear the word immortality and immediately think, “We can live forever!” But how long and what is forever. This subject was discussed in the book, … 27 more words