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Higher Plane - Letters to Mimi #1

Art by Aquapell

I believe there is a higher plane of existence, or at the very minimum of thought. Unlike many of those who have reached this place I believe almost anyone can reach it. 168 more words


The Perfect Day

Because my eyes opened to the sunrise
Because my ears awoke to the sounds of Spring
Because I’m breathing in the scent of a new day… 33 more words


Story time

What makes someone interesting?
Is it the clothes they wear?
The way they style their hair?
The contemplative look or a binding stare?
The way they pose themselves? 25 more words


My Destiny

Life, I will you to fast forward.
I can feel my destiny calling to me.
It is murky still, but the pull is strong
It’s like a fireball of energy in my chest that threatens to consume. 176 more words


A to Z Challenge: Books I Like and Why You Should Like Them Too

You will have already noticed that I am a technopeasant.*

It is obvious from the facts that I’ve chosen the most basic blog format-thingy available, just plain blue and white, and I haven’t even filled out my ‘About’ page or added a picture and I’m not even sure that when I share the good news that I’ve posted again I do so by using the correct link. 986 more words


Search not, it already is what it is

10. Do not search. That which is, is. 

(Osho’s Tenth New Commandment)

Why do we run? 

We run here and we run there trying to find the best deal, the best relationship, the best job. 534 more words