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The Impact Of Destiny

‘The Impact Of Destiny…’

The gentle flutter of drizzling drops on the windshield made nothing to dissuade the heat inside the car. Sweat dripping down, he watched as his gas gauge fluctuated without a steady decision. 924 more words

Short Story

Screwing Up Your Fate

An error does not become a mistake unless you refuse to correct it.

Many people are born with a perfectly good fate and then go about trying their darndest to screw it up. 437 more words

Self Discovery

The last time. 

Have a thought That being alone is better.

It’s for the best.

The best of times.
No need to care for anyone else.

No need to think of them 24×7… 159 more words

The Feeling

You can choose but your fate is sealed

-Hidden Wings Series


Strange Island

Lately, it has been painstakingly difficult to think of anything conclusive that’s worthwhile of being translated into text. You cannot begin to ponder just how some are able to manage a clear state of mind amongst the chores of chaos that is the routines of day-to-day life. 495 more words

Reason of Death : Mystery or Fate 

This is how all it happen ….

Death is all a mystery or we say this and that reason ….fate ?

But this is not how it is …reasons are only presentation for the world but the actuality is different …. 285 more words


Ode to Eternal Justice

Just remember every soulDispatched to his or her maker

Was murdered by all of their goals

God, were Faith not dreams of fakers!
Would there were an afterlife… 129 more words