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[GIFS] Jang Nara is always delivering donuts and coffee since 2011.

Here’s a definitive proof that Jang Nara-ssi is delivering donuts and coffee ever since 2011.

Lee Soo Young, Baby-Faced Beauty (2011)

Kim Mi Young, Fated To Love You (2014)


cr: Jang Nara DC

Jang Nara

[PICTURE STRIPS] Fated To Be Snail Couple~ ♥ #JangNara #JangHyuk #FTLY

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original pics cr: Jang Nara DC

Jang Nara

Korean Dramas

“So, I had a sleepover at my house, and my guests and I ended up watching a marathon of Korean Dramas. You should watch them! Oh, gosh. 246 more words