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#371 Calendar thoughts

My title is inspired by two things, the first is that it is a month since I did my last fashion post on this blog. This non activity arose from excessive business travel and illness, and in fact left me questioning whether I wanted to continue with this blog at all, or even whether I wished to continue with SL which would have been a wrench as I am coming up for eight years on SL. 382 more words


#369 Ignored by design?

No, definitely not, but I’d like to explain. I’m away on business this past week, but last weekend was picking up a couple of Bloggers’ Packs via the… 819 more words


Flotsam and Jetsam

… Week 10 of the SL DisneyBound Challenge.


I should be renaming this blog to “The Lazy Blogger”! But let’s ignore the layer of dust covering this blog and move on to more interesting things. 130 more words


#368 Dead men tell no tales!

Which is why when I received the lovely but spooky winged gown outfit in a Bloggers’ Pack from Dulce Secrets via the We Love To Blog… 344 more words


#367 In memory of summer

Here in the UK autumn is becoming entrenched and we are fully into ‘the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ (Keats). In other words it is getting cold, damp and generally unpleasant, bringing Halloween and dark horror, morning fogs and frost, and with the privations of winter to follow before the sun returns (on occasion) to our blighted land some time in the far distant 2016 future. 369 more words


#366 Go on, glow a little!

My title is inspired by the Mutiny in Heaven (!MiH) ‘Lady in White’ outfit which comes in normal and ‘glo’ versions, the latter having an ethereal but subtle glow effect. 340 more words


#365 Mixed bag

Or rather mixed Bloggers’ packs………………

But before I start, it has just struck me that there are 365 days in a year and this is my 365th post. 424 more words