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30 Days of Anime Challenge: Day 23 - Most Hated Character

With everything right with Fate/stay Night, Gilgamesh completely jars my experience.  He’s a spoiled prat, he lacks depth as a character, and his most defining moments as a character lacked the detail and explanation that could’ve made him seem like the unstoppable threat that he is supposed to be.  7 more words


100 Days of Anime: Day 10

Day 10 is here! The question of the day is, What is your Favorite Fighter Anime? Let’s first define our criteria. A fighter anime could, realistically, refer to any anime that contains action, so we need to narrow down the list a bit. 204 more words


Make a Contract, Make a Friend - Day 18: Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summons

Without taking Pokémon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh duel monsters into consideration, this one is more or less a no-brainer, since it’s not the sort of character that’s particularly familiar or memorable enough for me to have a favourite, let alone a wide selection of favourites. 559 more words


So Damn Beautiful - Day 16: Favourite Fantasy / Supernatural Anime

Past the halfway point in this challenge now. Favourite fantasy and supernatural anime, hmm. Considering my preference of genre is generally more inclined to lean on these two in particular, I’m already fairly certain about my picks as quite a few of my favourite anime are from these genres. 909 more words


Fate/Still Confused

The Fate franchise is a fantastic and exciting one that I absolutely love. On paper, that is. In practice, it’s something I think I’d really be into, but it’s tied up in a whole bunch of convoluted bullshit that I’ve approached the wrong way, dipping my toes into only enough pools to gain a vague, incorrect understanding of what’s going on. 2,198 more words

(Fate/Apocrypha) Episode 2: I should have known.

O the perpetrator, O the slander and the slang, O the degradation and the tang of a much shorter blade; an image that falls short, a failed revelation of The Anime Popularity complex, the progeny of descended grandeur, that which will belittle and make frail the new generation, the fate of Fate? 924 more words


Quick Thoughts on the new Series Fate:Apocrypha.......''...........

Episode 1:

I started watching with a glint of hope, thinking to myself in a haze of nostalgic fog “this will be exactly like the last two, god I can’t wait”. 466 more words