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Fate/Zero: Maybe There Is A God in This World

Management: This essay is meant to be less of a review and more of analysis of the show being examined. It contains plot spoilers for the Fate/Zero anime. 1,381 more words

Anime Review: Fate/Zero Season 2

Okay, I came to this show knowing it was written by Gen Urobuchi, and in season 1, I was surprised by the minimal amount of death…well…season 2 is…definitely more emotional. 1,952 more words


[17] Royal Best Bro

I wouldn’t mind Rider being my roommate.

This is my first journey through the “100 Days of Anime” Challenge, an ambitious project that I’ll be taking. 381 more words


Anime: Fate/series

*WARNING!!* I try my best to keep from spoilers, but that being said my anime discussions are BY NO MEANS SPOILER FREE. Occasionally there will be spoilers!! 1,027 more words



I just finished one of the greatest anime I’ve watched. It’s part of an entire series of stories, and I will for sure be continuing the stories. 327 more words


Anime Review: Fate/Zero Season 1

I know, I know I said I would be watching One Punch Man first…but I wasn’t in the mood for a superhero comedy at the time. 2,601 more words


Another Autumn Series

Apologies for another long hiatus folks, a combination of actual illness and fading summertime days kept me occupied but now, not only am I back but thanks to the discovery of a recent smartphone game, I also have a theme for the next several reviews! 672 more words