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Continuing from Fate/Stay Night, this anime is actually the prequel. But Fate/Zero was aired on 2011. It tells us about the fourth Holy Grail War that involves Kiritsugu Emiya, a magus killer hired by the Einzberns. 242 more words


Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Honmei Choco

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or… 274 more words

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Anime Challenge #7 Your anime crush: Rin Toosaka

I have discovered a problem. By making a list of my favourite anime girls, I’ve already written about my ‘anime crush’. That said, I suppose you’re just going to have to read a bit more about Rin. 436 more words


My Current Anime 3x3 Mosaic

Although I have long had a list of my favorite anime in various forms of top 5 to top 30 shows, I have never before made a 3×3, a core list of my 9 favorite anime, so I decided to make one. 1,004 more words


Fate/Zero - Manga Outshining Anime?

One of the best parts of the holiday season, for me, would be the random sales that occur in book stores. In my case, a local shop had a sale I couldn’t pass up, and I left with the first three volumes of the Fate/Zero manga that had an English release just earlier this year. 893 more words