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1985: Poor Man’s Steak

I spy an angry woman behind us in line at the Grand Union. I turn away as her eyes meet mine.

Dad busily chats with the cashier. 608 more words

Photo of the day.

If music is the food of life play on.

Father and daughter duo.


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Hydrangeas and Melancholy Babies

Hydrangeas spell melancholy to me as their bittersweet beauty signals the end of Summer.

The mere mention of ‘melancholy’ always brings me to Melancholy Babies shared with my ice-cream loving father when I was a kid. 155 more words


1995: Crazy Cabbie

The school bell rings. Out of habit I glance up at the wall clock. 2:15 on the dot.

It’s the first day that I don’t have to leave fifteen minutes early to catch the city bus back to our apartment; Dad finally bought a new car. 1,054 more words

1987: Night Terrors

It’s 10:00 pm. I put my Barbie’s to bed for the night, and kneel by my bed to say my prayers.

Dear God,

Please help all the little kids in the world who have less than I do, you know the ones who are starving or really sick—the ones I’ve seen on T.V. 152 more words

Big fat Ganesha on small lean Mushika.!

How could Mushika, the vehicle of Lord Ganesha, manage to carry Ganesha?  Lord Ganesha is known for his stout body. How can we justify the deeds of Lord Ganesha to ride on the poor little rat, Mushika? 428 more words

Life Style

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Dr Meg Meeker

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters -10 Secrets Every Father Should Know. The writer opens with a statistical overview of the life of American kids and the dangers they face from the time they enter school. 376 more words