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Film Animasi "Father And Daughter", Sarat Makna Tapi Tak Butuh Kata-Kata

Enam belas tahun silam, film buah tangan Michaël Dudok de Wit ini diganjar Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, namun bukan lantaran teknologi animasinya tingkat ‘nirwana’ seperti milik para ‘dewa’ animasi masa kini—Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, dan sejawatnya. 252 more words


Day 49 - 22 June 2008

We got in the elevator and he wrapped his arm around me to try and comfort me. Comfort is a funny thing. Most other times it’s just awkward. 1,081 more words


For My Daddy.

I’ve never been the best at, or the most comfortable at expressing everything I feel. Not even when it’s obvious that my emotions are taking over and threatening to spill over into what always seems to be a wreck of a life. 591 more words


தந்தையர் தின வாழ்த்துக்கள்


உங்கள் அன்பு என் வாழ்வில் தோன்றிய முதல் வசந்தம்..

பிண்டமாய் இருந்த எனக்கு பிள்ளை என்ற

தகுதியை தந்தாயே..

உங்கள் விரல் கோர்க்கும் கனம் போதும்,

மனம் கரையும் பிறை போல..

7 vital lessons Dad taught me without really teaching me

Imagine a five-year-old boy with polio in left leg swimming against the current in a river. Yeap, that was my Dad. Those days, most kids were not vaccinated. 1,385 more words

Just Thoughts

The Outlaw’s Daughter Grows Up

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley By Hannah Tinti

Hannah Tinti merges two genres, coming of age and crime thriller, into a powerful tale of a daughter learning about her often absent outlaw father, then bonding with him, accepting him for the imperfect man he is, and discovering her own inner strength. 624 more words


Getting support to start

We got a later start than I would have wanted to on Monday morning (6/12/2016) and that was ok because we have all of June to make this road trip happen. 364 more words