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Santa is Not in Town

Ring ring ring……..

The telephone in Mrs. Smith’s house kept ringing and ringing on a Tuesday morning. It was Mr. Smith calling all the way from California. 889 more words

Short Story

A Brief Memoir About Guilt

I still think about that Father’s Day weekend. I still feel the guilt. I still cry.

I was twelve, living in a dirty trailer park with my mother, and seven year old sister. 195 more words


Unfinished Business

This four-year old post is one of my notes in my Facebook Account. It was posted on the 14th of April. I just thought that it’d be nice to post it here. 729 more words

Web Diary

The Sea of Tranquility

“Where did this one come from?” Joe asked his daughter.

Sophie threw back a red pigtail with a flourish and put the shell to her ear, feigning concentration.  2,354 more words

Science Fiction

Children always think they are stealthier than they ever are

She smelled it coming from the kitchen. The child ran her tongue over her teeth and crept forward. Her sister was upstairs. Her mother was cleaning the living room. 183 more words


September ... 'mber

I’m well aware that there is a strong movement away from going to the well of our memories in favour of striving to ‘live in the moment.’ 400 more words