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1994: Hail Mary!

You should be in bed. It’s a fucking school night. How are you supposed to get A’s and be his personal slave?

Instead I kneel on the edge of Dad’s bed while squeezing his back and feet, vigorously. 483 more words

And he went gentle into that night- To my first love, my dad.

It’s gonna be that day tomorrow when my Dad silently closed the door of life and departed from me. My life will be empty in the many areas that he had so brightened for me. 351 more words

Butterfly Kisses and Lullabies

Today marks my anniversary here in WordPress, though I’m not posting because of that. I really wanted to pay tribute to my father, whose birthday it was yesterday. 405 more words

Personal Space

Partner, Friend, Father

We live in a world of stereotypes. The innate tendency of people to generalise from a single or a few sample points to the entire population has led to this flourishing market of stereotypes associated with sexes, ages, countries, states, communities etc. 1,401 more words


What’s That Daddy? A Question of Perspective

Why are you crying Dad
Are you happy or sad?
Right now I’m sad my love
Why do we get sad Dad?
Sadness is part of life Baby Girl… 229 more words

a brief memoir about indestructible forces

We were poor people. My mother didn’t work, as she was busy raising me (and my sister once she was born in 1983). My dad has never… 801 more words