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Miranda Kate's Mid-Week Challenge : 2017/04/23

I paused when I saw the feather on the ground, propped up by the rocks. “Daddy? Is Momma OK?” I brushed the hair from my eyes, and looked at the clouds. 483 more words


More than growing taller

If there was someone she had looked up to since she was a child, it was her father. That wasn’t to say literally, the moment she realized she was going to be taller than him. 174 more words


Entering Into the Family Music Business Never Felt So Right

Because my dad has been a touring musician since before I was born, I have had a unique opportunity to experience live music from backstage for my whole entire life. 533 more words

Living And Loving

What is it about Men and Flowers?

Am I alone in having had foibles about giving a bunch of flowers to a man?

It’s only in relatively recent years that I came to realise that there is no reason in the world why a man would not appreciate a bunch of flowers as much and I would and I wondered why I had always thought that flowers would somehow be an inappropriate gift. 295 more words


Black Pearl (by Cortney Joseph)

Miyah rushed home with tears in her eyes, running through a throng of people without even stopping to apologize for bumping into them. There was no time to spare, and the sooner she could get home, away from the world, the better. 1,282 more words

Short Story

"Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way"

I’m glad my parents failed me, because in their failure, they were actually succeeding. I grew up knowing my parents were human beings, like me. I learned that there are consequences for… 498 more words


The Watcher and the Watched

There’s something very precious about having a beach to oneself and that’s exactly how it was for me and Puppy Stan this morning out at Kilfarrasy. 166 more words