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Toni Erdmann (2016) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4): Along comes her prankster father...

In comedy, timing is always important. Not only you have to find the exact right moment to draw maximum laughs from your audiences, but also you have to make it sure that your audiences never see that coming beforehand. 933 more words


Dancing With My Father

Life is a dance floor, this world is a ballroom
I dance hand in hand with my Father
The more I let Him lead and allow myself to follow… 194 more words


1986: Lab Rats

Knock. Knock. Knock…on the steel motel door. Mom?

Dad springs from his nap and squints through the glass door hole. When will I be tall enough to see through there? 707 more words

Going back to the whole Santa thing...

This year my Bear has a lot of questions regarding Santa. She is realizing the guy at the Mall is just a guy. Or maybe the one at the Mall is the real one and the ones elsewhere are impostors. 534 more words

Dear Dad ... Giving a 'Thank You' Letter to an Elderly Parent as a Christmas Present.

I wrote a post on December 17th, 2012 about my experience of having written a ‘Thank You’ letter to my father when he was in good health and how it was one of the things that truly helped me in the aftermath of his death in 2010. 594 more words


So I looked up a recipe I'll never use

“Have fun at grandpa’s?” he asked his daughter as she ran up and hugged him.


Considering how long it had taken him to get along with his father, he admitted to being a bit jealous how quickly she had taken to him. 213 more words