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Scenes I Love | Gifted

I’m starting 2 new segments here called “Scenes I Love,” and, “Lyrics I Love.” Expect to see them regularly, but on no particular schedule. To begin “Scenes I Love,” I’ll be quoting one of my favorite scenes of all time, from a new movie called  173 more words



The man’s voice is deep and crashes around the room like a rogue wrecking ball.  He is missing most of his teeth which makes conversation difficult, and asking him to repeat his words only results in yelling the same barely decipherable utterances again.   406 more words

father, you had me, i barely had you.*

so. i turned 39 last week. on a tuesday. i was born on a tuesday. early morning. 1:20 a.m. in the middle of a good Canadian blizzard. 428 more words


Teaching the next generation

He couldn’t help but feel proud, watching his little girl cut the man’s purse from his belt. She nearly bounced her way through the crowd, no one any the wiser. 96 more words


Uma mensagem

Klara, em reportagem incrível do NY Times, fala do tempo, de lembranças, de coisas que deixamos para trás e como elas retornam.

a melhor reportagem que você vai ver hoje

é Tudo Verdade

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Mercy reached for Haley’s hand. She gripped it firmly as she stepped up the stairs. She checked once, then twice to be sure Haley’s eyes were tightly shut. 7,233 more words

Remnant Saga