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1988: “Takin’ What They’re Givin’”

I wait in line at 2:15 pm near the double doors. Dad always arrives early to pick me up. His car will be first in line, behind the last school bus. 1,098 more words

1998: A Missing Report

“Jenny, shouldn’t I have gotten your report card in the mail by now?”

I give him a worried look. Shit! What are you going to do? 439 more words

1991: Lilacs and Fire Hydrants

Dad taught me the fire hydrant game when I was six. Red ones count for double points today.

Summer foliage hides some of them, even though I already know where each one pokes out. 387 more words

The Wild West and Halfway

Day 43- July 13

The HI-Plains Motel in Leoti (pronounced Lay-Oh-Ta) served hot breakfast to order free, which was awesome. Then we continued on. We were looking forward to reaching Colorado today though there wasn’t much service on route. 2,689 more words

Father And Daughter

Our last days in Kansas

Though our first couple of days in Kansas has been a bit hilly, again nothing in comparison to before, the past days have been flat. Flat flat flat. 1,360 more words

Father And Daughter

1996: Ripped

 Proudly, I scan over the last paragraph of my English report. You’re writing is really improving. And it’s so much easier when you can do your own work and not have him dictate everything… … 392 more words


“Daddy, do my hair, quick” exclaimed little Mayera, as she hurriedly brushed her long hair. Raman was still packing her lunch. There was literally a chaos every morning. 109 more words