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Father Daughter Bonding Time - UTKM Style

My Daughter and I decided to have a little Krav Maga fun on our recent trip to California.


Krav Maga

Burning Timber (pt 4)

The woman cleared her throat before continuing.

“We come from a long line of women, child, women who are both adored and feared.” At Amber’s blank face she sighed, “My name is Fernie, and I am over seventy years of age.” Seventy? 790 more words

Flash Fiction


When the earthshine smiles down upon me from the watchful moon

and gifts to me a star from your sky,

 I immerse myself within your love and know that you, my Father, 10 more words


Burning Timber (pt 1)

The wood cried as flames licked along the timber. She knelt as close to the flames as she dared. Her orange hair matching the flickering flames in the wind. 389 more words

Flash Fiction

Letter-a very special day That I wish I could spend with you

Dear dad,

You know how much I would love to be there with you in this day. We have always celebrated with a family dinner, one of those unique moments that will always be in my heart and in my memories. 503 more words


Letter - December

Dear Lavinia,

I lighted your Christmas candle, so that I feel as if you were here with me. The flame is burning and growing, like my little girl, although I can’t call you “little” anymore. 584 more words


Samina's Chance: Chapter 39

Samina wrung her fingers tightly as she forced herself not to look to her left at her father. But with the heavy silence between them as they drove home, she couldn’t help but glance over. 1,500 more words