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1997: Good Samaritans

“Jenny, I’m going to rest for a few minutes.”

Finally. Now you can get some homework done.

I call back, “Okay, Dad. I’m just going to work on my math assignment.” 750 more words

Bonds- A Short Story

Three gentle raps on the white painted door. He waited a moment then hit it again, louder this time. No answer, he said “honey? I’m coming in.” A turn of the knob, he peeked his head through a sliver of an open space. 661 more words


Local Man Can't Deal with the Logistics of a Simple Temporal Threat by Proxy

Then I went through the wall as well and into the lobby of an apartment building. We continued running right through it and through the wall on the other side to the outside. 905 more words

The Story

Locked and unlocked


Locked up in my bedchamber. More than I can bear.
The beauty of my countenance, the shimmer of my hair
do me no good for no prince charming comes to find me here. 817 more words

That Inward Eye

The mere sight of daffodils brings me back to those precious evenings from January to September in 2010 when Father and I chatted, laughed, drank tea,  listened to music, sat in companionable silence and enjoyed poetry together. 88 more words


Is limting contact with my father a good thing?

I don’t really speak to my Dad all that much, and I don’t really feel the need to. He doesn’t ever pop into my mind, unless I’m visiting my brother and he mentions him. 1,181 more words



Quinn opened the car door for the woman, who then sat in the driver’s seat while her husband stumbled into the back seat. “Thanks,” muttered the woman. 516 more words