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Interview: Daddy's Virgin

Daddy’s Virgin

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?
Daddy’s Virgin has quickly become one of my favorite stories focusing on father daughter sex. 763 more words

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Daddy's Virgin

“Daddy, do you think… do you think it’s normal for me… for me to want sexual things?”


With an undeniable arousal getting the best of her, Lily looks to her mother for advice and release.

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Incest Playtime

“Do you like the rest of me too, Daddy? Tell me you do, please Daddy… pretend… pretend you’re my lover?”


Kara only ever wanted to know how to pleasure herself by masturbating.

445 more words
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Interview: Daddy's Advantage

Daddy’s Advantage

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?
This book has an interesting take in that it features multiple kinds of incest. 588 more words

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Daddy's Advantage

“Oh God, I knew Daddy looked at me strangely for a reason! I just knew it…!”


Arianna’s been hiding her sexual desires for years, knowing Daddy and her brother, Eric, already treat her strangely.

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...sex education classes at The Academy...

…oh yes, the high standards of The Academy…

…not for nothing this marvellous institute had such a fabulous reputation… it was why so many fathers sent their daughters to get properly trained… 2,192 more words

Fuck Me Daddy

Daddy's Taboo Tales

Daddy’s Taboo Tales Complete Collection

A collection of short stories all featuring naughty but innocent young daughters intent on testing their new found sexuality by seducing their fathers in a night of incestuous exploration accidentally bringing out their most hidden kinks and secret desires. 730 more words

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