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DAY 116: Father Knows Best

Series Run : 1954-1960

203 episodes

Network: CBS/NBC

Series Premise (as far as I can tell):

Life of a “typical” 1950’s family from the midwest… 413 more words

365 Days


Neal Pollard

There is an old episode of Father Knows Best where Bud, the Andersons’ son, has a glowing write up in the local newspaper for his star performance as his High School’s placekicker.  325 more words


In this Case, Father Elfert Does Not Know Best. No, Fornication is Not a Great Idea.

So, on April Fool’s Day, there was an installment of Rev. Martin Elfert’s “Father Knows Best” column on Religion New Service that I originally hoped was a joke, but sadly was not. 2,042 more words


Delayed Gratification Is A Sign Of Maturity

I am probably pushing the envelope on my luck. My daughter and her husband prefer to keep a low profile. It’s not that they are purposefully secretive or trying to hide anything, but they certainly don’t fall into the category of “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. 1,126 more words

Delayed Gratification

I am fed up with the ACLU protecting my rights, with Hollywood redefining our morals, with left wing activists demanding center stage, with a president who doesn’t know the difference between what is natural and what is perverse. 113 more words


LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY! Lady Killer : Posed to Thrill

A list of my favorite things:

1) Comic Books

2) Dark slightly off kilter comedy

3) 50’s and 60’s Hollywood glamour

4.) Beautiful art

5.) Female comic creator kicking ass! 285 more words