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EP Review: Father Sculptor 'Faith & Violence'

Of course, there’s no such thing as a mass-sweeping revival anymore; they happen at the same time, all of the time. So if this year’s Britpop and baggy-indebted B-Towners (Peace, Swim Deep and, more recently, Superfood) have their wardrobes cluttered with Union Jack fashion and their heads filled with the soundtrack to Euro 96, then these four Glaswegians are revelling in a similar fixation with the guitar-based, goth-lite gloom that flourished a decade previous. 324 more words


A Father Sculptor Gig. And A Mary Onettes Album

To Glasgow, and the Father Sculptor gig. They’re incredibly young. Also: incredibly good. There’s a resplendently retro thing going on; I imagine they all live in the same house à la The Monkees, and the only discs on the turntable are The Smiths’ début and Blancmange’s Greatest Hits – I’m now officially a fan. 232 more words


He's Doing It Again - The Vinyl Villain promotes

When the Vinyl Villain first announced that he was promoting a show, I told him it was a bad idea. Understandably, since he was already committed to the Butcher Boy show,  he ignored my advice and did it anyway. 206 more words


Review: Father Sculptor - 'Faith & Violence EP'

Father Sculptor are an up and coming band hailing from Glasgow. So far this year they’ve had support slots with other indie-upstarts Swim Deep and Wolf Alice. 279 more words



A few weeks ago, Father Sculptor shared a trailer for their forthcoming debut EP ‘Faith & Violence’ (watch it below if you missed it). Now, they’ve shared the lead track from said record and it’s a beauty. 68 more words

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