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8 things I've learned while in Ireland

I’ve learned various things since coming to Ireland (like that I can’t spell Irish names). Enjoy these 8 things I’ve learned since coming here. Irish friends, you can just laugh at how what you call normal, I do not. 944 more words

The Parting of the West

When the storm came, it was all storms; the ur-storm. Every tempest the Atlantic had ever unleashed before that night was just a premonition, each squall that would escape its abyssal depths from that day forth merely an echo. 2,704 more words


No. 3290

Gobshite. By CpSingleton © 2017

My God, I wish I could shut my gob;

It shoots off more than

A gun in the mob!

I start off not giving one tiny shit… 65 more words


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

Having arrived very late this year, winter has finally (though only temporarily) put paid to progress on our new plot adventure.
After many months resting on the fence of procrastination we finally took a leaf from the Pontius Pilate’s diaries of experience and in mid December, having had our fill of the petty personalities and the petty activities at our former allotment site, we dug up our fruit bushes and rhubarb, emptied our tool lock-up, dismantled our wooden beds and finally washed our hands of the whole sorry saga that unfortunately seems to be part and parcel of life on a lot of council allotment sites. 309 more words
Allotment Gardening

#OTD in 1998 – Death of actor, Dermot Morgan, who played Father Ted. #OTD in 2016 – Death of Frank Kelly, Father Ted’s foul-mouthed priest, aged 77.

Death of comedian and actor Dermot Morgan aged 47 from a heart attack. Morgan was one of the most popular comedy actors on Irish and UK TV during the 1990s. 156 more words

Irish History

28th February - On This Day In History


1906 Bugsy Siegel (gangster, casino operator in Las Vegas)


2016 Frank Kelly (actor – Father Ted)

On This Day:

1922 Egypt regains its independence (from Britain) 37 more words

The worst sitcom in history?

On the 30th of September 1990 British Satellite Broadcasting’s premier entertainment channel Galaxy broadcast ‘Heil Honey, I’m Home’ a show the Historian Marian Calabro described as “perhaps the world’s most tasteless situation comedy”¹. 457 more words