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The Comedy Vault - Part 11 (continued).


6. FATHER AUSTIN PURCELL (“Think Fast, Father Ted”) 

Father Purcell is of course the world’s most boring priest. 510 more words

The Comedy Vault - Part 11.

Father Ted (Channel 4, 1995-1998)

Father Ted is one of the best comedy shows of the 90s and I don’t really need to explain why really, I’m sure that you’ll all be familiar with the characters and the history of the show and why it’s such a classic. 472 more words

"He just couldn't stop dancing" – Think Fast, Father Ted

With the parochial house roof giving way under the full brunt of the Atlantic weather, Ted asks Bishop Brennan for a prize to raffle off so that they can pay for repairs. 2,499 more words


Father Ted & Co The Dinner show

Barry is a massive fan of Father Ted so for Christmas, his sister Clara bought us tickets to see a Father Ted & Co show at the Grand Opera House. 380 more words

I just called to say I love you...

Apologies on behalf of the Cut To Content team! It’s been a busy ol’ week for us and we haven’t got round to any blog updates since Tuesday! 51 more words

Father Ted - Ireland's Greatest TV Show

Christmas Eve, 1996.

I’m at 9pm Mass with my Mum, Dad and sister and hoping (as usual) that the priest doesn’t preach for too long. Sermon time comes and the priest says, ‘Now, I won’t be keeping you too long this evening’. 669 more words

Ireland Month

The (Not So) Entire History of Me (Part One: Birth, the Banter Brigade and Beyond)

I’ve never been someone that was drawn to the idea of blogging. 

The idea of sharing innermost ramblings with the cutthroat public forum of the World Wide Web has never been something that has been appealing to me. 1,092 more words