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The Tipping Point: When I Became Hooked on 5 Favorite Shows

I am a huge proponent of television on the Internet. I live on the Internet. I seldom turn on my TV.

Sites such as Netflix… 1,304 more words



Figure 1:  Father Ted explains to Father Dougal the concept of far away.


The noun, ‘proximity’ is derived from the Latin third-declension feminine noun, ‘proximitās, proximitātis,’ meaning ‘closeness.’  Further, the Latin third-declension noun ‘proximitās, proximitātis,’ is formed from the Latin first-and-second-declension adjective, ‘proxima, proximus, proximum,’ which means ‘close,’ and the Latin suffix, ‘-ās,’ which denotes a state of being.   17 more words


"A bit of a kicking"

I’m afraid there are times in some of our working lives when we get what is often called “a bit of a kicking”. That spoken assault when, no matter how pointed or aggressively given, you really have little choice but to just take what is thrown at you.  241 more words


How Not to Do the Hercules Hoist

There are plenty of places online that will give you advice on how to complete various popular obstacle course race obstacles. This is not one of those places. 383 more words


There's been a biiiiirrrrrdddderrrr!

There’s a bird-feeder in our garden that was left by the previous owner. Mr. TMAOT (Just realised that the abbreviation of ‘Twin Mum Amongst Other Things’ almost looks sweary and is just one ‘O’ away from a ‘tomato’ anagram. 546 more words


"To see just how far we've come" - Are You Right There Father Ted?

When families across Ireland tuned in to Channel 4 on 13 March, 1998, their anticipation for a new series of Father Ted was tainted with bleak reality. 3,201 more words



Explanation of bizarre allusion below…

The occasion for this insanity? My last photoshoot with the amazing Alan Moss, for which the only completely new outfit I had to sport was a vintage 1980s Nicki Ferrari dress. 80 more words