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Cult TV Essentials: Father Ted

When you watch ‘Father Ted it’s hard to believe the first series is twenty years old. In fact if it wasn’t for the odd dated mobile phone and a one off dream sequence with some of the cast of ‘Ballykissangel’ you’d be hard pressed to date it at all. 513 more words


Tea, Glorious Tea!

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.  Chaim Potok

Does tea make everything better? According to William Gladstone it does: 1,065 more words

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Currently Reading and Watching: Sacred Spaces and Father Ted

I did quite well out of the Mother’s Day gifts. A box set of Father Ted – the complete DVD series. And a book my family gave me,  161 more words


Here’s A Tip: Sorry Not Sorry...

Have you ever apologized just to keep the peace but not really meant it? Do you want to make it obvious that you’re “sorry not sorry”?… 88 more words


Frankie says "Go to Protein World"

Protein World eh?  What’s that all about?  The whole (non-protein) world – and possibly beyond – is outraged by this evil, sexist diatribe by the monsters at Protein World.   231 more words

"Very easy to put on, very hard to get off" – The Plague

After Jack’s latest bout of nude sleepwalking, Bishop Brennan visits to inspect the parochial house’s new security measures. Meanwhile, Dougal’s new rabbit, Sampras, begins to breed rapidly – a problem, as the bishop is intensely leporiphobic. 2,066 more words