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"Tedfest" - The Father Ted Festival: Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare

The Father Ted festival pays homage to the classic TV comedy series Father Ted. The show starred a predominantly Irish cast which focused on misadventures of three priests and their housekeeper living on Craggy Island — a remote isle off the coast of Ireland.   229 more words

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If it’s May, that can only mean one thing. Eurovision. Well, yes, but that wasn’t what I was thinking of.

End of the football season? Well, yes, but again, not what I was thinking of. 571 more words


Thank you! My Black Cat Blue Sea Award

This must be a million-dollar question: why do people blog? Why put yourself out there, share your words, your photos, poems, thoughts, musings and snapshots of your life? 549 more words

Estella Lynch

We've Never Had it so Good

1. A clarification 

Back in darkest August , we happened to get royally bummed by a Peter Crouch inspired Stoke City.  We were slightly peeved by this but, as they were Prem All Stars and we were 4th Div sticklebacks, we took the defeat on the chin and just felt happy we’d seen the Welsh… 1,005 more words

8 things I've learned while in Ireland

I’ve learned various things since coming to Ireland (like that I can’t spell Irish names). Enjoy these 8 things I’ve learned since coming here. Irish friends, you can just laugh at how what you call normal, I do not. 944 more words

The Parting of the West

When the storm came, it was all storms; the ur-storm. Every tempest the Atlantic had ever unleashed before that night was just a premonition, each squall that would escape its abyssal depths from that day forth merely an echo. 2,700 more words