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August '15 - The Divine Comedy

Everybody knows this month’s Artist In Residence (except you)…


The Divine Comedy – or more specifically their singer Neil Hannon – are the musical equivalent of the guy in the pub who only says one thing an hour. 1,093 more words

Muck and Brass

My wife is a genius. Such praise one does not shower lightly.

It’s our first Irish summer holiday and she has risen to the task magnificently. 430 more words

F91 Dudelange v University College Dublin - Europa League First Qualifying Round

Luxembourg, there has always been something about Luxembourg; a tiny country hidden between much larger and grander European nations, politically, culturally, as well as on the sporting front. 5,599 more words

"I think we got away with it" – A Christmassy Ted

Where do we even begin? “A Christmassy Ted” is a monumental episode. Structurally, it’s the show’s biggest experiment to date. Narratively, it’s something of a mess. 4,879 more words


One minute she was here, the next she was gone.

One minute she was here, the next she was gone.

It’s been over 4 years since Mummy left this Earth for Heaven and not a day goes by where I don’t miss her that little bit more than I did the day before. 638 more words


"I'm just doing a job" – Flight Into Terror

The first series of Father Ted concluded with an elegiac episode which mused on the transitory nature of life. Not to be outdone, the second series reaches its climax with what can only be described as… 2,153 more words