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The Boat Song by Tobias Haglund

“Dad! Dad! Are we there yet? Are we?”


“But we’ve been driving for-EVER!”

“Quiet back there!”

Frida held her breath. Jack looked up in the rear-view mirror. 1,792 more words

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What Would You Do If A Drone Dropped Down To Watch Your 16 Year Old Daughter Sunbathing?

Wow! This planet certainly has it’s share of different, strange and really odd people but, it’s comforting to know that if ‘said’ people were to violate your privacy, they would be violating the law and receive the consequences that come with that violation. 223 more words


Joe Jackson: America's Dad???

I saw a story on Facebook asking the question about if Joe Jackson was a good dad, and after hearing so many stories about fathers doing heinous things both towards their families and others, if you’re looking for a father figure, Joe Jackson ain’t that bad of a option. 684 more words

I am Home

I am home.
You’d always call me where I was, who I was with and where did I go. You were always on my caller’s list, you always wanted me around. 252 more words



Our little Jade is almost three months old and so intelligent for her age. She is constantly smiling and looking around. She responds to both daddy and I but always smiles bigger when daddy’s home. 57 more words



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am. Like, not “find a four-leaf clover on my way to cash my million-dollar lottery prize” luck, but the luck that gets me through each day with such incredible people; the luck that got me the family that I have. 458 more words

A letter to my Papa...

Hi Papa,

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you and today I miss you so much more. Your birthdays were always special. Full of fun, activities, cakes and more often than not, life changing lessons for me. 636 more words