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Fathers That Influence

What kind of impact has your father made in your life? We spend so much with our mothers from when we were first conceived to the day we we leave home. 723 more words

Post war America saw the irreversible destruction of millions of families. The damage was caused by war as well as the individuals’ choice to fulfil their duty to society or to one’s family. 597 more words

Spontaneous Thoughts

This is Joy

I’m a proud parent of 3 incredible little boys.  I love to talk about my boys.  Nothing brings me as much Joy.  The reason this Joy is so great in my life and my heart is because my children love the Lord and walk in His truth.   250 more words


So comforting to know that, though the breaking hurts, it is for a purpose! I Love You Father!

Life Thoughts

It's a boy:-)

Hey guys!

I have been away for a while (thank you if you had noticed) and the reasons have been many. In fact, more than I care to count. 158 more words


The One God

I find it interesting how, no matter what church or religion a person might attend, each individual has their own image of God. Different ways that God has touched their lives. 590 more words


Hope and Patience

Well, I think I’m one step closer to becoming a dad.

In my last post, I was saying how adoption agencies were flat out refusing to help me because I want to adopt a white child. 797 more words