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A Moment Between Father & Daughter

In one of my previous my blog posts titled “How Losing a Parent Differs from The Loss of a Child” I spoke about losing my father and how he never left me. 967 more words


Joseph Was Silent

Today Catholics around the world celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and the “silent partner” of Mary, in what we know as the Holy Family. 302 more words

How Not to Be a Good Father

I admit to getting a little hit of dopamine any time someone tells me I’m a good father. You can tell I enjoy it because I try to dismiss it with things like, “Meh, not really…” or, “I just try to have fun…” or, my go-to, not responding to or acknowledging it at all. 417 more words


Self-made Man

How can someone reconcile with their father decades after his death? The book I’m working on Tracking the Human: nobody is a long time is fiction based on events in the life of my father W. 226 more words


Snapshots: Day 3

Snapshots of the Bible Story: Day 3

The Snapshot: “In the beginning… the Spirit of God hovered….” : (Gen 1): As the Thought and the Word expressed themselves outwards, the Force flowed from them, the Force who was one with them, the Force who was the very perfect expression of them, almighty, perfect, love, goodness, and the Force expressed the Personality that was Him, and whatever He wanted, the Force performed and brought about, perfectly expressing their will, so Thought and Word and Force expressed perfect harmony, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as they would come to be known, the Trinity, the Godhead, just One but three in One. 372 more words

I Miss You...

The only reason I can’t say for sure that I don’t believe in God is because I want to believe that the people I love, who I’ve lost, are in a better place now than they were before they passed. 542 more words

Anyone Can be A Father


To my Mother, Susan Jean Sundy (1949-2006), for protecting me with her life, and to my Aunt Barb for believing me.

“It is impossible to please all the world and one’s father”. 3,708 more words