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Meeting the True Love of My Life

I have been in countless relationships. I have been married two times. My new wife, she is wonderful. She is beautiful. She is everything you look for in a woman. 283 more words



When I was growing up my father didn’t really express his emotions verbally.  My brother and I didn’t hear “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” from him.  2,236 more words


we're at 4 months now

so are little oliver is now 4 months old alot has gone on since october , he babbles so much its cute he so excited when i come home from work even though i only get 30 mins with him  which is more than some people , i get about 2 hours with him when i work so it 5 days a week then i get the two days off which is just time to spend with my beautiful child . 14 more words


An Idol of Mine. Part 1.

There are men that I idolise, men that I look up to and admire.

Over this series of blogs, I will explain who I idolise and why I have the utmost admiration for them. 363 more words



“Here I am walking around my apartment, trying to fill my time and avoid prayer because I don’t really think I know how to start. Should I sit?

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Daughter Impregnated by own Father!

The world becomes more frightening everyday. Shocking news are non-stop. One heinous crime flashed on one of the news entities in the Philippines. A 16-year old girl was said to be raped and made pregnant by her father. 16 more words

A Father's Embrace.

La Paz, Bolivia

A moment between little Ester and her father.

Medical School