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Family | Happy @ 93 & Still Smiling

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Happy @ 93 & Still Smiling

93 years old and having a good time… 11 more words


The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins

This is unique.  It impressed me with both its concept and writing. The first third of the book I almost put it down.  It is dark but not in the common build to shock and gore.   509 more words

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A Fathers Actions And What You Are Doing Are Two Different Things!

From the time this child was born up until just the other day you loved this kid and cared for him as if it was your own. 402 more words

Year Twenty Fifteen

Look who's talking now!

I am another week older and also another week wiser in the ways of a 14 month old.

On Saturday, there was a bit of a team bonding drink at my rugby club. 692 more words

"I Got To Take A Dump And Have Children"

People who have children are just pathetic,

Oh, I understand the need to recreate, the need to do what everyone else is doing like a good sheeple, the need to create little workers for dada and the need to ensure there is someone there to wipe one’s ass when one is old, decrepit and senile (which admittedly comes at a young age if one is a  407 more words

Father & Archibald Slim - Dionysus EP Preview

The two Awful Records rappers released two songs together via Soundcloud from part of a joint EP entitled Dionysus. The first song is “If the Cops Shoot At Me” and features fellow Awful Records artist KeithCharles SpaceBar, the second song is “Problematic”. 89 more words