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The Golden Rule

It may seem like a lesson that doesn’t make any sense, but it did to me. Even at the time, I knew right away what my father meant about saying “don’t love anything.” It wasn’t a ploy to get me to be a miserable anal-retentive human being. 349 more words


Just Let Me Sleep

It seems to me that there is no one right way to go to bed at night, but when I look at the rest of my family, I know I am doing it wrong. 615 more words

#205 My Sandwhich Toaster

I got a sandwich toaster in the mail, from my father, for my 25th birthday present; just more money thrown at the problem, rather than anything with sentimental value, or anything that requires effort. 847 more words

Personal Subjects

I Mean Im Not Going To Hurt Myself Or Others

I am worried about how bitter I may get towards my father as soon as I stop finding ways to try to deny what he s done to me. 47 more words

No Longer Orphans

Though morning weather chills the air

I sit embraced in my snug chair

and bow my head in whispered prayer.

He comforts me, my Papa dear. 110 more words


Hardwired Gay

Based on my earliest memories, I knew I was different from other boys. It was not simply learned behavior, but from the very beginning, something organic. 1,065 more words

Sexual Orientation

Buddy and Ella, Digital Painting

A couple of friends of mine, father and daughter, enjoying a quiet moment in Hawaii.