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The Man in Dark

People think Authors are only those who write books, fantasies, stories that you can read and learn, but I believe everyone is an Author, Author of their own story and everyone has a story whether you can read it or not, whether it’s fantastic or terrible. 893 more words


Mr. and Mrs. Perfect partner does not existence in this world

My mister right should be tall dark and handsome, he should be tall, masculine, white and handsome, his body should make every woman salivate when they see him, his teeth should be well shaped and white, his smile should be a number one killer when he opens his mouth, should have dark lips, he should have a super walking style, dresses nice, every suit he puts should fit his body perfectly, should have wills smith’s body, should have worked on his vision and be financially stable, should love fun as I do, should come from a family that has a name, should have built at least a classy house within this capital city, he should be an outing guy, should be a gentleman, he should be mature, should have a sense of humor, should be romantic, should be good in bed, among other qualities. 625 more words

African Woman

Stupidity has rules, too!

Hi there!
I know its been like 3 months since my last post. Been too worked up to write.
Anyhow, let’s start with a story before I jump to the point. 474 more words


Day 52: Managing our Baby Clothes Inventory and "The Future"

One thing we are doing in our travels between Sweden and Hong Kong is bringing back-and-forth baby clothes.  For example, the things the little guy has grown out of are coming back to go into storage for a potential future “# 2″, and the things that were gifted to us or we purchased that were too big to bring with are now waiting to go back to Hong Kong. 532 more words


Lessons On Prayer - Introduction


Although all religions claim to engage their god in pray, prayer is actually the exclusive right of believers through faith in the one true God and who approach the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. 1,337 more words


Happy Sunday

Writing 101 Day 10: Happy (Insert Special Occasion Here)!
Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal
Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice. 192 more words



How to become rich mentality. Difference between poor and rich thinking.

John has two fathers. One is his biological father, and another one is his best friend’s father who he also look up to. 200 more words

One Minute Insights