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The Sun, Universe, Life, and Death

I hear a lot of people give all praises to the Sun and those who give all praises to the Universe because they don’t believe in the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit! 1,208 more words

The Unfathered


It’s subtle, in many cases imperceptible at first. In younger children the typical inconsistencies appear to contain more emotional expression than any moment calls for. As parents we acknowledge the fury in the outbursts, the seemingly deeper than called for hurt coupled by an overt need for attention, good or bad, an insatiable need for praise, or an almost absolute rejection toward an independent persona. 306 more words

Guard the Treasure

Scriptures say, Maatru Devo Bhavo and Pitru Devo Bhavo, our parents are incarnations of Gods, and we Indians so far believing in this faith. In India, old age was never a problem. 579 more words


A Fork in the Road

It’s like I stalled an old beat up car at a fork in the road of my life. According to my plan I’m way off track. 438 more words


Monkey Girl

You were drawn
to the photo
of the laughing child;
chubby little face
with ears sticking out.
“Monkey Girl,” you called her.
The grin upon that baby’s face… 31 more words

Human Interest


It hurt sometimes to be loved by you

like the momentary realization before the nettles sting flares

into pain.

I beheld you standing in the hills last gasp… 103 more words


7 Things a Son Needs from His Father (All Pro Dad)

7 Things a Son Needs from His Father

When I was eleven my family moved to a new city and I hated it. I didn’t like our new house, my new school, or the kids in our new neighborhood. 762 more words