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Making Up Words

Captain’s Log. March 23, 2019. 9:45 PM. Family Domicile. Eighty third entry.

Today was a fantastic Saturday. After waking up to a shining sun, we decided to go to a farmer’s market with Lord Overpour and The Queen Mother. 339 more words

Dad Life

Deviant Life #30


Being a parent is one of my favorite things in the world, but I completely understand how some people would feel just the opposite. 24 more words

Deviant Life

Guest Post Series: Fatherhood - Lessons from the backseat

by Nayef Khan

My father’s
first car was a Fiat 650 2-door hatch-back. He was still getting settled into
his new career path, fresh off the expat wagon, with ambition to do something… 842 more words


[VIDEO] That Dang Dad: Queer Eye & Domination

In the modern Queer Eye, five gay strangers seem to have an uncanny ability to get people out of their ruts and help them exchange toxic self-neglect for healthy self-love. 16 more words


Blissfully Boring.

Plans for the weekend?

I’ve used this forum and my limited readership, like a bit of cathartic exercise these last couple of days.
I have vented and released and I feel all the better for it. 930 more words


I’ve never written a novelette before but read somewhere that creating one for a book is a great way to market a book and your brand. 389 more words


To Do What's Best For His Daughter

Well that’s a dark sounding title innit?

I’m going to preface this with a disclaimer, I’m going to talk about family issues and if you don’t think that you’re able to read this without taking it personally then I ask you not to continue. 832 more words