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A Circle With No Conclusion

I have always been one of those people that followed my heart rather than my head. I am not and will not apologize for it, however, I see it has often led me astray. 317 more words

Rants From The Cave - Part I - Hate

One month.

That’s all that’s left.  Just thirty days, give or take, before life as we know it comes to an end.

No more wining and dining in the city’s finest establishments.  1,369 more words


Why is there glue in your hair?

I am going to start this off by saying, I am neither artsy nor crafty. I try, sort of, but my lot in life is to forever be the kid in the back of the room who puts Elmer’s glue all over his hands and slowly peals it off while the rest of the class makes beautiful portraits and detailed mosaics. 360 more words


#04 About Last Night...

Two months ago I made a facebook post that was focused on the idea of enjoying every moment the best you can. Take the high’s, and lows and cherish those fleeting moments. 910 more words


More Human Than Human

My son has started to get into anime.  I’ve recently introduced him to one of my favorites: Heat Guy J.  J is a “heat guy” (android) who is sharing epigrams, little bits of manly wisdom with his human partner, Daisuke.  363 more words


Happy Birthday, Jessica! I Have A 21 Year Old Daughter!

21 years old.  I have a daughter that is 21 years old.  Unbelievable.

How did this happen so fast?

Just the other day we walked into Munson Medical Center for a doctor visit.   559 more words