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A Family Vision

Can one get a glimpse of the future? Are visions of things unseen possible? Is it God or is it all just in our head? I believe God loves us and has great plans. 788 more words


Hunting Season '17

My husband, Trent, absolutely loves deer hunting. He looks forward to it all year long and this year spent lots of time out in the woods October – December. 409 more words

What If We Could Choose Our Parents?

A picture I saw on another blog site of a father congratulating his daughter on an award started me to reflecting on the question of… 1,360 more words

Hope For Today

January 7 - Job 14-16

Good morning! If you are reading along with me, we have made it a full week! If you are new to reading through the Bible in a year or if it’s not a regular discipline for you, this is a good milestone. 910 more words

Reading Through The Bible

Proverbs 4 - Father to Son on Wisdom

The 4th chapter of Proverbs presents the wise and urgent secret for a successful life. ♦

King Solomon lived large and small. As the son of King David, he reigned over a united Israel for over 40 years in the 10th century B.C. 909 more words


Let's Get It On!


Welcome 2018! And just like that, it’s a brand new year. Also, it’s a brand new blog page. So without further ado, let’s get this bloggin’ started! 533 more words