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Empty Rooms

Outside the leaves are falling, while inside the light seeping through the windows is changing. It gives the house a different feel and it is about this time in the fall when I notice our oldest son, Justin, has been gone for a while. 311 more words


There are little moments, seemingly insignificant cracks in the fabric of daily life where you get a glimpse of something singular. As a parent you continually ask if you are doing the right thing, and that right thing inevitably has ties to your child’s growth. 387 more words

A Father's Path

Nearly 22 years ago I stepped on a path that I knew long before. How I knew I cannot say, but I, as certain as anything in life, always knew I would be a father. 73 more words

Some thoughts on Father's Day

It was a day I hated and would often intentionally avoid, as it was a strong reminder of the fact I didn’t have a father (well, an alive one) any more. 1,888 more words





J: 是喔~我聽過,但沒有看過,都在講什麼?
J: 有啊,人類就是太浪費,每天花費太多不需要的資源了。
K: 可是…. Daddy…..
J: 怎麼了?
K: 我們老實說…. (挖勒,搶我的口頭禪)
J: 嗯,好啊~(笑)我們來老實說,快說!
K: 人類會這麼浪費,還不是你們實踐大學設計害的?
J: 怎麼說?
K: 妳們就讓人家本來不想要的變成很想要啊~
J: ……,但是人每天生活一定要用到東西啊,也可以設計讓人喜歡用很久的東西啊!

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Charge of the Light buggy Brigade

Something I see a lot in the male clients I work with at the intake and throughout sessions, is the description of their fathers “Hard man, drank hard” “liked a drink” “enjoyed a drink but always went to work” (see ‘functioning alcoholic’), alcohol is never too many family members removed from being an issue in Ireland. 914 more words

Authoritarian Parenting

What I notice…

Relationships tend to fizzle for a multitude of reasons. Disconnection, isolation, fear, abandonment, anxiety just to name a few. These can manifest individually or they can all manifest at once in a relationship.

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