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Climb that mountain

We have been labeled and stereotyped our entire lives.

People keep telling us that our fates have been determined the second we were born. They think we will end up at rock bottom. 201 more words


Fatherless child

Hello fellow fatherless children. I know how you feel. I am you. I love you.

I was born on a cold a frosty morning in the winter of 1985. 247 more words


Video - David Carroll & Jazzyslim Spanking PRO BLACK BROTHERS SISTERS

Hello. Is Racism, the concept of ‘White Supremacy’, Mental Illness or some other factor(s) responsible for “PRO BLACK” minded American citizens LOUDLY, HATEFULLY & ILLOGICALLY denigrating as “C**NS, SELL-OUTS, and UNCLE TOMS” our peaceful, accomplished, successful black or American friends, neighbors & co-workers of African descent? 323 more words

Child Abuse

Larry Elder LIVE: Kanye, the Media, and New Conservatives

Not only is Mr. Larry Elder a remarkable man, he’s one of my most admired American neighbors.

The entire Dave Rubin Larry Elder discussion is a MUST SEE! 176 more words

Child Abuse

How to Cope with Father's Day

In just a few hours Father’s Day will end and many women, men, boys, and girls will breathe a sigh of relief. Oh, I remember the days when I dreaded the approach of the third Sunday in June because I was always fatherless on Father’s Day. 274 more words

Honor Thy Father

How to Honor Your Dad When He Doesn’t Honor You

Many of us can recite the Ten Commandments with ease, recalling them from our Sunday School class, family Bible study time or vacation Bible school. 791 more words

Lessons From 'Black Panther'

“Black Panther” has been all the rage for the past two weeks and I finally got to see what all the excitement is about. Four days later I’m still saying and singing Wakanda forever. 351 more words