I am in Command...!

Except for New Year’s Day, I don’t usually follow what the world say about for a day, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc. 93 more words


The Father Of Our Country

This site is dedicated to the funnier aspects of fatherhood. But while humor is necessary to get through the insane situations your kids put you in, being a dad isn’t all silliness. 839 more words


Pooch Hall Opens Up About His Special Needs Daughter

Many remember Pooch Hall from his character “Derwin Davis” from the hit BET show “The Game”. Now Hall is on another hit show, this time on Showtime, “Ray Donavan” with Jon Voigt. 759 more words


I'll Never Celebrate V-Day... Here's Why

I often wonder why  I was  born in the  so-called  month of Love.  It  should have  been  April  but  it seems  I have  always  been an impatient  one… So February  it  was  and exactly  two weeks  before Valentine’s  Day  to add  insult  to  injury.  1,318 more words

Uni. Pieces

Boycott all holidays

Next up, Valentine’s Day.

I don’t really have a huge issue with holidays when I am in a relationship. They actually do serve a purpose. Especially for the not as romantic types like myself. 1,234 more words

NFL Dads Style Their Daughters’ Hair [VIDEO]

Because nothing is more hilariously adorable than professional athletes attempting style their daughters’ hair.

No, seriously, nothing.

As part of the Pantene Pro-V’s “Strong is Beautiful ” campaign, the company teamed up with… 75 more words

Entertainment News

...happy Father's Day, daddy...!


…Fathter’s Day is daddy’s very special day… so it is particularly up to his daughters to make it perfect for daddy…

…and who knows better what daddy wants and what he needs than his little girls…? 761 more words

Fuck Me Daddy