Dads of the Roundtable, Part 7: Future Goals and Final Thoughts

Happy Father’s Day Week!

In honor of Father’s Day, the PhDadBlog is sharing a Dads Roundtable throughout the week. If you missed the first few parts of the Dad Roundtable, please click on the following links to catch up: 1,723 more words


#CoolDad #004

Dad: “Hun…”

Mum: “Yes?”

Dad: “Was it… It wasn’t…”

Mum: “What, darling?”

Dad: “…It wasn’t Father’s Day last week, was it?”

Mum: “Yeah, it was… I thought you-” 81 more words


This Father's Day, every baby counts!

On Father’s Day we had a funny little thing happen. James and I were on the bus with the kids going to meet my dad for lunch. 333 more words

Family Life

Toby's Holiday Trifecta

Every June, in the course of a matter of days, we have three major celebrations.

I call it “Toby’s Trifecta.”

During one week a year we celebrate Toby’s birthday, his Father’s Day, and our anniversary…all big events. 1,123 more words

Dear Daddy...

I know the first few days after my birth were very stressful, but you were so wonderful by staying positive and helping mommy get through it.  171 more words

Cud Chewing

Father's Day

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day! This is our first summer ever where we both (usually) have weekends free and it’s been great to have something to look forward to every week. 177 more words