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Michael Scott's Not My Dad

As I was sitting down to write, my wife and I were perusing a show to watch in the background while we worked. We stumbled upon The Office. 531 more words


The Need For The Mentorship of Young Men

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Sons need their dads.  Despite what many single independent woman that don’t need no man” 687 more words

Masculinity, MGTOW, And Personal Growth

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The importance to all children, particularly boys, of having a father figure and mentor cannot be emphasized enough. My father worked a lot of overtime when I was growing up but at least we spent some time together.

Opposing a domestic violence restraining order in California

Opposing a domestic violence restraining order in California is the topic of this blog post.

Opposing a domestic violence restraining order in California is extremely important due to the serious consequences that can result from having a domestic violence restraining order entered against. 1,177 more words

Fathers Rights

The Importance of Cleansing Mass Media and Social Media from a Man’s Life — The New Modern Man

As all but the most blind have seen in recent years, mass media is a social engineering project built upon a mountain of lies. The advent of the Internet and the Wisdom of Crowds phenomenon have been ill winds blowing over once-dominant television’s fantasy land, with Realtalk exposing mainstream news and entertainment for what they […]

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Fathers Rights

Video: Tucker Carlson Brings Manosphere Talking Points to Mainstream Media — The New Modern Man

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson just threw open the shudders on the Overton Window by bringing manosphere talking points to the mainstream media just in time for International Women’s Day.

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Fathers Rights

Hateful Anglo-American Feminist Messages Are Invading Latin America — The New Modern Man

Proving the tentacles of The Anglo-American Matrix stretch around the world and in many ways the entirety of Latin America is a vassal state of this evil empire, feminist messages are now infiltrating Latino music and media.

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Fathers Rights

John Galt Gets Noticed: Feminist Media Complains About Men Not Working — The New Modern Man

In this world, if you have a penis it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This certainly applies to the topic of work.

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Fathers Rights