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Putative Father Registries are a Reproductive Justice Issue

I woke this morning to a heart wrenching post on Facebook. Another baby placed for adoption without the father’s consent. Another father denied an opportunity to parent his child because of the lack of awareness about (and existence of) putative father registries. 558 more words


No One Owe's You Alimony For Life And The Rights Of The Father

Due to the very high and it’s too high divorce rate in the United States, the demand for alimony needs to stop. In most cases it is the woman who wants the divorce. 228 more words

Food For Thought-If You Are A Virgin, Actually Mean It And Other Things

It is not cool lying about being a virgin when you are not one. Call me a prude but I don’t sleep around. It is part of how I was raised. 168 more words

The Enigma

After nearly two years I have yet to identify what irks me the most about this predicament. I think the answer is that there is… 597 more words



I want you to close you eyes an imagine this situation.

You are a non custodial parent. Your children live with the other parent six hours away. 407 more words


Custody and Child Support (Updated 01/11/15)

This is a list of information, statistics and articles about corruption, and cruelty in collection of child support (one who owes too many arrears in child support often have their license revoked, or are sent to jail – and while in jail for any crime, debts continue to accrue, their bank accounts and disability can be frozen, and their wages can be garnished by 65%), and child custody (men only get sole child custody 18% of the time, and rarely get shared custody), and if fathers do not prove their paternity, mothers can put their child up for adoption without his consent. 1,224 more words

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How Do You Prepare for a Minnesota Divorce Settlement Meeting?

If you have a divorce attorney, then you may rely upon your attorney to prepare you and to acquire all the information that you need.  If you mediate your Minnesota divorce by yourself, however, then get organized… 1,250 more words

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