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Parental Abduction - A Crime in 50 States

To whomever is concealing Shelby or knows of Shelby’s whereabouts, please see below. You are breaking the law and I will do all it takes to bring justice to this issue for both Shelby and Dana. 135 more words


First Amendment Rights from Beyond the Grave: Defense of a Suicide’s Publication of His Final Words by the Randazza Legal Group

“I couldn’t flee and I could not fight. I was never going to be allowed to heal or recover. I wish I were better at articulating the psychological and emotional trauma I experienced. 527 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Why I Hope the Supreme Court Strikes Down "Gay Marriage" Bans

“…But on the other hand we hold that the new status will prove to be the worst kind of communism. The relations between the sexes, now so carefully guarded by religion and by parents, by law and by society, will become common and therefore corrupt.

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Scandalous Stepmother Tries to Terminate Father's Parental Rights

**Names have been changed for privacy and legal reasons**

Fathers. They are the most under-recognized victims of unethical adoptions. But this reaches far further than just domestic infant adoption. 1,809 more words


Moms-What are you doing to your child?

Come on moms, what the hell are you doing? Do you ever ask yourselves that? When your child has gone to bed and it’s quiet do you wonder what kind of damage you are doing to your child’s future? 325 more words


BABY MAMA DRAMA: When single moms like Amber Rose behave badly we all pay - even the kids

(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – Dad rights activists exploded in rage recently when celebrity mom, Amber Rose allegedly refused to allow son Sabastian to attend his 2nd birthday party that his dad threw for him. 393 more words

Co-Parenting Birthdays And Holidays

Washington State Paternity Fraud Bill

A paternity fraud bill before the Washington legislature, SB 5006 and its companion HB 1524, that would allow wrongly named men to disestablish paternity has been moving this year but its not too late to have your voice heard. 388 more words