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Dad's Rights Activist Roger Madden launches website to help non-custodial families

Family court is not always fair. When you need someone to help you fight, Roger Madden and Fathers United can help you! We’ve  been fighting for Dads Rights since 1980. 148 more words

Dad's Rights

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My children will always be my children. I’ve spent the most part proving my innocence for something I never did. I have been tried and came out alive from this but truly the saying goes the kids suffer the most, Well, that is only partially true as we also suffer in some way. 335 more words

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Tip: Save Time and Money in Your Minnesota Divorce by Getting All Information to Your Attorney

Want to save money in getting a divorce or in any other family law matter?  One of the best ways is to simply follow-though and provide your attorney with the information that he or she needs to draft the pleadings or settlement documents. 618 more words

Family Law

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Our next topic was brought to us by one male follower…thanks. So we were really excited that a man thought this was important enough and wanted to know how we feel about it. 452 more words

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I love this post and couldn't agree more with its content. Now day there are some woman that use kids as a weapon, simply cause of their own disappoint. They also make false allegations against the fathers to get full custody in the court and whats more, they are protected for being the mom. Making false allegations is against the law yet many woman get away with it, this is hurtful not only to the father but is must hurtful towards the kids that they not only have to deal with a break up of their parents but also with the fights and problems created when the parents don't get along, feeling like they have to choose sides severing their relationship with one of the parents. Kids that are put thru this end up with several psychological problems. A child needs both a mother and father and both parents need to learn how to deal with the consequences of a failed relationship. No matter how either of them feel they need to put the kids feelings before their own and understand that the oposite party has a right to move on. When failed marriages or relationships with kids happen, the kids will find themselves in blended families with four parent figures. As it is this is a new and complicated relationships, false allegations and lies only make it worse for the kid. Kids need to grow up in a stable environment and if the parents get along and at least are civil with each other they set an example to the kids letting them know that even if the marriage or relationship doesnt go as planned, both parents will still put them first and this way kids will adjust easily to the changes happening in their surroundings. I know that there are also fathers who just don't care but this post is dedicated to the fathers that do want to be in the kids life and can't or have been force to get out of the kids.

The Root of the Problem...

Follow the Money Trail! It all goes back to the pervert Bill Clinton! 16 more words

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REPOST: Dads hope again for shared parenting rights

Nebraska state senators are taking a run at requiring divorce courts to provide uniform for the seventh consecutive year. This article has the details.

Hopefully, the seventh try will be a charm. 736 more words