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Grandpa's letter

2017 will be remembered as the year of the lost summer as Zackary’s mother did not allow the Baker family the opportunity for meaningful time with him. 414 more words

Letter to the grandparents

This email was sent from Melanie to the Grandparents on September 26

Sam had his first (only?) meeting yesterday with the court appointed guardian ad litem. 647 more words


“Masculism? No idea what it means”
A: Masculism has not yet been provided with a wide enough platform to air its views. You can read ‘Masculism: The Pro-Feminist Evolution’ (800 pages) by John Thorpe (an isolated widowed father of 3 children). 1,956 more words

Father's Rights

167 Red Flags

At a BrainSyntax.com community site, contributors listed 167 “red flag” alienating behaviors. The arbitrary number 10 of 167 was given as an indicator that an ex-partner can be defined as an alienator. 197 more words

The importance of fathers: My story.

**You can share your story anonymously. Help other dads gain knowledge of what to expect during the court process and also help them try different strategies they may not have thought of. 1,474 more words

Best Interest Of The Child

Schooled by a Narcissist

Source: Apple Dictionary/Thesaurus

his emotional development was hindered by his mother’s narcissism: vanity, self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption, self-obsession, conceit, self-centeredness, self-regard, egotism, egoism. ANTONYMS modesty. 572 more words

Evolution of contact denial 2006-2017

Missy said:
You can’t pick him up because…
He doesn’t want to come to your house today because…

“You can’t get the the car seat he needs into your car.” (Sam had already visited the police station to have them check Zack’s car seat safety before Missy said this.) 297 more words