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My debut as a blogger, my debut as an activist, my life spent in search of justice

I’ve never “blogged” before, so you’ll forgive me in advance if my formatting is wrong, or my etiquette is not polished.  I’m a regular guy, who likes regular guy things like football, red meat, fishing, and 90’s teen dramas.   1,141 more words

Family Court

Schwartz factors

Research suggests that relocation attempts are made most frequently in families with a high degree of dysfunction and that any potential benefit that could be realized by a relocation is most often nullified by the inherent dysfunction. 1,039 more words

Child Custody

Case overview

My difficulties with the Clark County Family Courts began in 2013. After many years of dysfunction, I filed for divorce in January, 2013. My divorce was finalized later that month and I moved to my new home one month thereafter, looking forward to the prospect of parenting my daughters in a more peaceful environment. 752 more words

Child Custody

The Question of “Angry White Men” and Complaints of Procedural Abuse

I started to include the contents of this post in the last one, “Why More Falsely Accused Don’t Speak Out.” Then I thought the topic of angry white men might be due some room of its own. 824 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Equal Child Support

Don’t Get Me Wrong Here. I Believe There Should Be Punishments For People Not Paying Child Support. But It Takes 2 To Make A Child. So I Believe Both Parents Should Be Treated Equal When It Comes To Paying For The Child. 6 more words

A cruel plan: Relocation to Sweden

I am the father of two young daughters, ages 5 and 8. We have lived in Las Vegas since 2007. Last year, my daughters were taken from me when… 977 more words

Child Custody

Dads count too!

I was strolling through some news today when a picture of three girls popped up.  They were holding signs that read something along the lines of, ‘Mum told us about internet safety, we didn’t believe her that this image would spread around the world’.  1,924 more words