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Fighting for your child

Everytime you leave, a piece of me dies

I’m not sure where from, deep down is where it lies

I grasp your hand tight, all the time that your home… 109 more words

Daily Skull Painting, Day 7: "Skull Lady & Candelabra

If you’re wondering what this daily painting thing is all about, you can check out Day 1 where I explain why I’m doing this project. To purchase a daily skull painting, leave a comment or email me at: … 99 more words

Art And Creativity

Daily Skull Painting, Day 4 "Skull Lady & Ballroom"

Confession: This whole project is scary for me. Sure, I’ve been painting/writing/other creative stuff for years now (Does that make me old?), but this is the first time I’ve really put myself out there. 284 more words

Art And Creativity

Can I Claim the Federal Tax Dependency Exemption in Minnesota? Separated, Non-Married or Divorced Parents in Minnesota and the Tax Dependency Exemptions for Children

Minnesota now has a new law that outlines the analysis of which parent will be allocated the dependent exemption for the children of Minnesota parents.  Courts will look to this statute in the event parents cannot agree on who should get the exemptions.   747 more words

Family Law

Does it Matter if I Don't Have a Dad? 

For various reasons my actual biological dad has never really been around in my life for a long time. I’ve never had too much of a relationship with him since I got old enough to be on my own (this pretty much happened when I was a teenager) and to be honest I’m not sure that it has really hurt me that badly. 1,168 more words


How Do You Draft a Minnesota Parenting Plan for Divorce, Custody, and Parenting Time?

Minnesota divorces, custody disputes, or parenting time issues can be emotional, stressful, and may appear insurmountable. But, you and the other parent have a shared obligation to create the best possible loving environment for your children at both residences.    364 more words

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