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Feb 14 2011 12:18am

The day started much like many other mornings the previous several years.  I worked 2nd shift and had the Sunday morning off.  We had watched a special on Dale Earnhardt that morning, on his life and death.   504 more words


Single Mothers and Managing money

Source – CNC3 – http://www.cnc3.co.tt/business/money-matters-how-one-single-mother-manages-her-monthly-budget

Say what you want, Single mothers and our single mother culture are the source of crime and social dysfunction. This is a problem that goes back to the US in the 60’s and was created to get the black population to vote for the democratic party. 179 more words

Trinidad And Tobago

Some SAD Decisions

Some of the most difficult decisions that we make as humans, are to end relationships. Relationships are what makes us human. We long to feel connected to others. 1,093 more words


Why am I SAD? A timeline of unjust events.

I will begin by apologizing for the pity party that ensues. It is my hope that this will be my final “sob story” type of entry. 2,239 more words


SAD Purpose

Welcome to my brand new blog “Systematically Alienated Dad” (SAD). I have been considering starting a blog for some time now, and I finally feel that the right time has arrived. 859 more words


The Parent Trap 

This doesn’t apply to all of my readers, but it definitely applies to some! This may be a controversial post for some people, but please read on… 1,283 more words


Please read if you're anxious lonely suicidal or depressed.

Dear all,

For those living in the northern hemisphere, Spring is the worst time of the year for feeling depressed and ‘suicidal’ (sociocidal). To a greater or lesser extent, I’m sure this is because many of you feel ignored or abandoned by institutions and current purported movements*. 1,058 more words

Father's Rights