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Spousal Support Part - II

At the law office of Terri M Miles, you the client benefit from the experience and dedication of an attorney with specialization in family law. Terri Miles puts the client first; meaning you will have a strong advocate who will guide you through every step of the justice system providing you with high quality representation. 377 more words

Divorce Mediation

Custody: How does possession work for Firefighters?

When a firefighter is involved in a custody situation, some unique problems arise. Although Texas has a Standard Possession Schedule that is presumed to be reasonable in most circumstances, that type of schedule won’t work for someone working a firefighter’s schedule. 466 more words

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Prophets, Busted Clouds And Broken Fathers

Truly original artists often end up with a whiff of the prophet about them. I don’t think this is because they’re in direct communion with God, or anything like that. 640 more words

Court Appointed Attorney Definition

Child’s Advocate

Court appointed attorney for the children

Louisiana law allows judges to appoint a neutral attorney to represent children of custody disputes to insure that their voice is heard, that they are protected in a dispute between parents whose agenda may not be in the children’s best interest, or when the children are being used as a weapon against the other parent. 378 more words


What does the Texas Family Code say about Christmas?

The Texas Family Code Standard Possession Schedule is designed such that the parents are supposed to divide the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving is handled by alternating years, and Christmas is handled by dividing the Christmas Break and then alternating which parent has the first part and which has the second part. 738 more words

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