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What does the Texas Family Code say about Christmas?

The Texas Family Code Standard Possession Schedule is designed such that the parents are supposed to divide the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving is handled by alternating years, and Christmas is handled by dividing the Christmas Break and then alternating which parent has the first part and which has the second part. 738 more words

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Proud Poppas United Speaks with Dr. Aseer on the Family Court System

Dr. Aseer Ali Cordoba provides need to know information about Family Court, Father’s Rights regarding separation, custody and child support.

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More a bomb than a book: Masculism is like a follow up to Germaine Greer’s worldwide million selling The Female Eunuch (and The Whole Woman… 255 more words

Father's Rights

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John Thorpe (BA Hons) graduated from a degree in Media and Cultural Studies. His wife and mother of his 3 children had mental health issues (who he supported) suddenly died 2 days before his youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday. 171 more words

Father's Rights

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He stood alone in the dock

he was told

the charges against him

he was precluded from challenging

the slander that masqueraded as evidence

he was there to be judged… 345 more words

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