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The End

So the day has finally come that I gave up the ghost in the fight to see my daughter.

This case has cost me well over £10,000 which of course has left me in debt. 466 more words

Mental health entrapment

Now obviously and rightfully so family courts go into incredible detail to make sure the applicant can provide the child with the environment it needs to grow up into the person their capable of being. 550 more words

Father's lack of rights

Alright, this might be a touchy subject for all you mothers out there, but we’re going to do it anyways. Why? Because it needs to be said. 866 more words

Fathers Rights

One of the themes which is bubbling up from the media reporting of parental alienation in recent weeks is the ideological viewpoint that children have the right to decide whether they are ‘keen on’ a parent or not.

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Fathers Rights