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Reproductive rights for men: use the legalization of drugs argument to address babymamaism in the black community

“Consent to sex is not a consent to fatherhood”  Thugtician

The right for men to decide when and if they’re ready to parent and with whom is the  legalization of drugs argument in the reproductive rights arena.   218 more words


How Do I Use My Attorney in a Minnesota Divorce Mediation?

Your attorney is your legal dictionary,  your advocate, and your knowledgeable source of all law that impacts your case short-term and long-term.  What I mean by case is your life from the point of the divorce on and how decisions in mediation affect the following: 294 more words

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How Do I Get the Other Side to Mediate In Minnesota Custody or Divorce Case?

Minnesota Court orders for divorces and other Minnesota family law matters most always include a mediation provision. The mediation provision sets out a requirement that both parties in the legal proceeding must attempt mediation before either of them may return to Court.  530 more words

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Expecting Miracles!

I wrestled with myself whether or not to write this post. It is a very sensitive subject not only for me but, also for my husband and our children. 1,530 more words

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New Statesman: A new German law wants to force mothers to reveal their child's biological father

The German press call them “Kuckuckskinder”, which translates literally as “cuckoo children” – parasite offspring being raised by an unsuspecting innocent, alien creatures growing fat at the expense of the host species’ own kind. 210 more words


Father's Rights - Mother's Rights: Naming the baby

Ever ask mom and dad what your name would have been if they had not chosen the one that you have? Or if you were born the other sex? 691 more words

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Watch "Justice" on YouTube

A short film by Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg about the struggles two fathers face dealing with being separated from their children.

New Fathers 4 Justice

New Fathers 4 Justice