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Focus on a Miracle Today

I know when you are in pain sometimes it is difficult to see the small miracles that is a part of life everyday. You are so focused on what is going on in your body, which you do not like and want to go away, that you may fail to notice those things outside of you that are beautiful and miraculous. 126 more words

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Why your brain tires when exercising

08 Mar 2013

A marathon runner approaches the finishing line, but suddenly the sweaty athlete collapses to the ground. Everyone probably assumes that this is because he has expended all energy in his muscles. 502 more words

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Hello Monday!

My Monday looks nothing like this, but it’s a refreshing view, and I imagine a quick dip in these chill waters would be very refreshing! You certainly wouldn’t retain any wooliness in the head afterwards. 214 more words

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word: languorous


Definition: (adjective) Lacking spirit or liveliness. Synonyms: lackadaisical, languid, dreamy Usage: The sun was low in the west, and the breeze soft and languorous that came up from the south, charged with the seductive odor of the sea. Discuss.

I always feel tired-treatment

ialways feel tired Catching 40 winks is not only good for dark circles and the dream that you are the Lady Gosling – a good gives also your erased brain. 682 more words

Fatigue (medical)

Welcome Back Freedom - So Nice To See You Again

I love fireworks. Always have, always will. They are not only beautiful and inspiring, but they bring back great memories of summers with my family and at camp. 329 more words