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SoCS: tired

I am really tired. I got up at 3:45 AM because I have a cold and started coughing.

And I am too tired now, forty-five minutes later, to write much of anything cogent. 92 more words


Amitriptyline - Off and On Again

Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant that, when taken at a lower dose, can help with the sleep disorder and the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. I had been on it for nearly 10 years, since before I was diagnosed.  410 more words


3k PR: 10:32 on a flat track

15 seconds closer to my goals!

So I’m actually still at the track where I ran my race!  We got here at 2:30, I raced at 4:30, and we don’t leave until 9 pm.   445 more words


Managing the toddler with chronic pain and fatigue

I’ll be the first to admit that even before becoming sick and tired all the time that I was quite the control freak. MY house ran better on a schedule. 758 more words


I’ve skipped past a number of key topics that I’m not doing too good at keeping track of but am experiencing. Self experimentation being the big one (first round: no coffee), what to try next, how to document, how to analyse; the effectiveness of searching only for things that you wish to be true ie no sugars no crashes (not true); back to basics with protein on a vegetarian diet; disappearing to the country. 674 more words