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"The Sleep"

And it has yet come again:

the overlooked drug, the loophole sin,

the consuming roar of the hellish hymn.

The Sleep is a music, the Sleep, a din. 263 more words

Whats the point of evidence?!

I called the DWP a few weeks back just to get some information on how they based their decision. A couple of interesting things cropped up that some people may not know about. 259 more words

Painting #32

I woke up this morning eager to start a day of painting, but found that – in the cold and wet weather – all the paintings I had primed or applied an imprimatura to over the past two days were still wet! 501 more words


what is this

My anxiety and depression used to be textbook perfect.

My panic attacks always came on like a tornado. The sucking building pressure and then the mind crushing explosion as the storm hit. 379 more words