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yip… that’s how i feel today…  in my last post i mentioned how fatigued i was, this has not been helped by tight work deadlines, earlier mornings and off site meetings. 298 more words


white knuckling

I’m holding it together. But only just.

The words are back – the liars. They’re telling me, I’m telling me, that I’m a failure as a parent. 140 more words

Physical Illness and Poisonous Divorce

I am suffering more illness than I have my whole life. I am diagnosed with arthritis, I keep getting bizarre viral illnesses. I am so tired. 26 more words

Recovery And Healing

Mind Over Body


This is me about every 5 seconds today. I yawn so loudly and for so long people stop and look at me. My eyes keep drooping, my head becomes too heavy for my hand and my chin dips down to my chest before snapping back up in hopes my professors didn’t see. 732 more words


Where does the time go?

It is now a week since I went back to work, I am doing half days for the remainder of this week and will be working full time from Monday. 731 more words

Breast Cancer

Chamomile tea is good for gas

Thank gawd for the Internet.

I had a lot of gas this morning and I work in very close confines and was therefore a mite embarassed about my flatulence and was doing my best to let it out quietly. 542 more words


The Question of Endurance: A Fatigue of the Heart

For those of you know don’t know, I am graduating in the beginning of May. I will have successfully obtained a Bachelor degree in both Philosophy and Biblical Studies. 240 more words