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Slightly Positive Outlook

Today was off to a relatively good start. Tired and stressed out, I fell asleep reluctantly at 11:30 last night, first time I’ve slept that early all summer. 209 more words



Waning moon rests on

Comfy chaise, whispery clouds–

Ailing sage, fatigued.

© Valida, 2015


Diatomaceous Earth - Made me feel amazing!

Learning to accept there is no time frame for, ‘chronic fatigue syndrome‘. was possibly the hardest part about it all. I’m moving a million miles an hour and making plans for new adventures but all in my head. 790 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Are You Listening to Your Body? It May be Yelling, Right About Now

If you have ever fought against fatigue, you’ve probably tried everything to gain some energy. Like me you probably succumbed to endless cups of coffee and sweets. 530 more words


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Don't ignore your body's warning signals. It may be telling you exactly what you need.


Being that this started out as a cooking blog, such a big change to my (and my family’s) diet seemed incredibly relevant… So here’s another share! 558 more words


OMG, Shut Up.

My mind is on the crazy train to full on panic

And I’m too tired to have an attack

I think my problem is that I’m immune to this knack… 68 more words

The Way I See It

It's not the journey, it's the destination, right?

I admire those of you who can sit still; I’m just not one of them. J. and I aren’t amblers by nature; we are generally on a mission. 488 more words