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No Time to Slow Down

When Mom’s sick, everything keeps going.  I know I’m not the first woman to mention this, and I won’t be the last.  It’s not very fun when you don’t have sick days.   194 more words


No More Sickness!!

We are one week into school holidays and we have not had much chance to do any holidaying. My husband has gallstones and is having surgery but in the meantime, it seems that midnight is a good time to have attacks and acute, gripping pain and a trip to the ER. 334 more words


Every Morning

This morning is a fine example of how every morning feels for me.

I woke up at 7:15, we left the house a little after 8:00.  263 more words

morning light

i woke up too early this morning, before 6! i could tell from the light coming in the bedroom doorway that it was early, but not stupid early. 300 more words

Adrenal Fatigue: A Blessing In Disguise!

This vlog is a tid bit longer than others but is packed with information about adrenal fatigue, my story with it, and some things you can do to support yourself in healing if you think your adrenals are a little wiped out!

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Love, J


It's My Life - Part I

A life filled with physical aches and pains, nerve pain, muscle pain, skin pain, bone pain. Sharp, dull, burning, stabbing, aching, cramping, itching. Pain. Mental pain, emotional pain. 1,859 more words