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Not Much Here

I slept pretty good with the oxygen last night. No water in the nose so no near-drowning experience. I woke up a couple of times but no biggy. 139 more words

I couldn't remember how I "got better"

It’s not like I’m “healthy” by any means. But compared to 5 years ago, I’m a different person.

If you were reading this blog 5 years ago, you know that I was struggling to get through each day. 510 more words


Another trip around the sun!

It was my 31st birthday yesterday. I was treated like a princess and it was wonderful, but it was another birthday without children. My husband and I have been doing some planning about the future and about us becoming parents. 406 more words

Surviving Second by Second

It’s on nights like these that I reach deep inside for hope, trusting that there is some piece of surviving, some bit of energy that I’ve overlooked in my previous struggles, a stowed bit of vigor that I might call upon to get me through this night. 180 more words


So Much On My Mind

Let’s see. I weighed this morning and I’ve lost 4 pounds since I weighed on February 1. It’s not a ton of weight but it is progress. 417 more words

12 Important Things You Should Know About Chronic Illness, by Amy Stenehjem, MD

Someone in an online support group to which I belong posted a link to this article, written by a doctor, Amy Stenehjem, who has a chronic illness. 23 more words

Chronic Disease