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Study: Surgeon Performance Not Affected By Fatigue From Overnight Work

HARTFORD (CBS Hartford) — A long night without sleep doesn’t negatively affect the performance of doctors doing surgeries the next morning, according to a new study. 421 more words


Just One of Those Days

I don’t usually accept awards or take part in “pass on challenges”. They usually infringe on my time, but this one that Lauren Scott of… 512 more words

What's On My Mind

Taking the Air

I was feeling sorry for myself. I was exhausted and had gone straight back to bed after a very brief early morning appointment. My legs were refusing to take me anywhere. 321 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Pregnancy Week 27

Week: 27

Baby: Broccoli (a broccoli? A head of broccoli? What’s the singular term?) – including all the leafy bits, I presume. I’ve been craving a bit of broccoli lately, watch out baby! 657 more words


Walking the Maze

Today I had some news that left me for a while feeling almost enraged. I wanted to scream, shout, punch something, shout at the world and tear down walls. 385 more words


You don't get this time back, you know.

Well there goes another 48 hours of shit.

Did a bit too much on Monday – several blog posts and looking for articles, amongst other things, so spent last two days feeling crap.  453 more words

Thyroid Dysfunction – the shape shifter dis-ease

The thyroid hormone is one of the main hormones that stimulate the furnace of the cells to produce energy. Without it, or when the thyroid hormone is low, food cannot be used and is stored as fat. 21 more words