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Surviving Flu Season for Singers

Winter can be absolutely disastrous for a singer. If the change of season and cold night air isn’t enough, the strike of the flu can leave you and your voice in pretty bad shape. 830 more words

Performer Resources

I'm allowed to wallow in self-pity

I resent the idea that I should never spend a few days feeling sorry for myself. I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do that without judgement. 845 more words


Listening to your body!

This week has been rough on my body. I have been feeling hungry every hour of the day and a bit more sore from an intense ab/back work out I did on Tuesday. 508 more words



Perhaps with this topic I should suggest people read it with a dose of caffeine to prevent the induction of sleep. Apart from exercise, it’s probably the thing that people in western cultures get too little of.  305 more words

Staying Healthy


Well, I am awake early this morning. Odd. Not so much, considering I have been asleep for the most part since yesterday afternoon. Beckoning the question, why? 566 more words


Mono and CMV

Wow.  The past couple of weeks have been pretty brutal.  It all started with a simple fever and escalated into Mono and CMV.  I visited Urgent Care two weeks ago because I was having fevers at night, fatigue, confusion, night sweats, day sweats, and I couldn’t cool down for the life of me.   387 more words


The Montage

If my life were a movie, this blog would be a five minutes montage sequence, deftly edited, to show the audience what I have been up to in the six weeks since my discharge from UCLH’s care. 1,552 more words