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Textling #22

Thimblefuls of energy has become an aspirational term; nowadays I scoop with a hollow tooth. And still, and uselessly, I measure myself, my output, my proficiency, take giddy turns from  75 more words


Sleep Tips For Sleep Deprived Moms

As a recovering sleep deprived mom I know how you feel.

I have created this with you in mind…Sleep Deprived Moms – With Love


Phase Four: Depression Was (is) The Worst

Fatigue is the worst part of my symptoms. It seemed to worsen with the rebif shots, then again, I know side effects are always the risk we run in medical therapy. 326 more words

Seeking Help

At the beginning of the fall season, I felt like every activity I tried to do on my own literally made me exhausted. It wasn’t sewing. 1,039 more words


Road Trippin' 2015: Home, James! And don't spare the horses.

We crawled out of bed later on our final day in Anchorage than we had at any other point in the trip, and possibly later than either of us had gotten out of bed in our entire lives. 1,795 more words

A Letter to the Girl at Work

Dear lovely girl at work, who always sends me back pain remedies,

I am so grateful for your genuine concern, and the fact that you care and try to understand what us fibro suffers go through. 148 more words


Reduce fatigue and muscle soreness by sipping this banana cacao recovery smoothie

Loaded with potassium for hydration and carbohydrates for regeneration, this chocolaty smoothie will help you out after an intense workout. By blending up this divine drink, you can kiss fatigue and prolonged muscle soreness goodbye! 83 more words