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Gear Head

There is something so cool about clockworks and gears. I’m sure the entire steam-punk movement has been based on people’s love of the beautiful and perfect way gears fit and work together, totally unlike my doodle. 160 more words


March 1919

Throughout March 1919, 11th DLI was stationed at Grenas. The war diary for the month demonstrated very clearly the way the battalion had been depleted and the limited work that could now be done. 120 more words

Battalion Diary

Gratitude for Community

It’s Sunday morning and I’m in bed at quarter after 11, with the Seahawks and Chiefs in the background.  I am so tired.  I had less than an hour of sleep last night but I can’t spend the day in bed as I have a ticket to hear Mendelssohn and Mussorgsky with the Seattle Symphony this afternoon. 260 more words

John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmitt?

For this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday, I offer a few unrelated bits of foolishness that occurred to me this week.

I ran Tuesday morning. A little later, as I walked from my vehicle into my place of employment, my legs said, “Yeah, we’re bad. 238 more words


After Memorial Day loss, fans plan chicken sacrifice Tuesday at Nationals Park

Led by self-styled “Rubber Chicken Man” Hugh Kaufman, Nationals fans will sacrifice a rubber chicken at noon Tuesday outside the Nationals Park centerfield gate.

Despite outscoring opponents over the last eight games, the Nationals have won only two of those contests, and find themselves with a losing record after Monday’s 3-2 loss to the Miami Marlins. 170 more words