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Stan Ray Fatigues

It’s a Stan Ray kind of day!  Made in the USA!

4 Pocket Fatigue Series – Original Fit 1100, Loose Taper Fit 1200, Slim Fit 1300… 29 more words

Fatigues 2

Fatigues were not just the usual maintenance duties of the unit. Any “extra-professional” task  that needed to be done could be assigned. As the weather worsened in November and December, improvements to the stables were called for, and it was the men of the battery who carried them out. 129 more words


Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attacks means when the flow of oxygen rich blood to a section of heart muscles suddenly become blocked and the heart can’t get the oxygen if left untreated .Section of a heart start to die. 411 more words

Heart Attack Symptoms In Women


While training was going on, soldiers were also assigned various “fatigues,” what the Oxford English Dictionary politely calls “the extra-professional duties of a soldier.” The trench definition was more pointed: “various kinds of work done by Tommy while he is ‘resting.'” (1) 155 more words


things of the past ... stick shifts and cursive writing

I awoke to the news that Fidel Castro had passed away.  Another event that seemingly is sharing the arc of my life.  I was only 9 or 10 when he ‘liberated’ Cuba and subsequently visited the UN.   201 more words



Big joB geTs me Up

coNgress on aNti-mA:tters

– wasH & blOw Dry

Back  Abed fOr SoMething

uNderStood & mOre zEddds

(c’minG neXt sEconD…)

Fluffup bed & pUll bLinds toO. 35 more words