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Unexpected Delights: A Moroccan Glow

One of the exciting/irritating things about moving to a new country is figuring out where to get or find an alternative for all the stuff of everyday life: dish soap, shampoo, groceries… While I must admit I’ve been frustrated more than once (ok, many, many times) about not being able to find something that I think I need, the things that I have found have been fantastic finds. 632 more words


Fatima Mernissi, une lumière

The Moroccan writer Fatima Mernissi was also a sociologist. She spoke out on the borders of islam and feminism. Last month she passed away in Rabat (Morocco).  6 more words


That's too much reading

I’ve always loved books. Books have nurtured my childhood as much as my parents and the grown-ups around me did. It’s a big deal when I say this because I belong to a state where the intellectual way to live is through being a ‘foodie’, and books aren’t exactly something you brag about at any stage in your life. 124 more words