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Obliterating The Taboo-Muslim Women & Sexuality Part II

Being a Pakistani Muslim feminist, I have no problems is discussing Muslim women and their sexuality, yet realistically speaking I am obstructed in doing so by standards and stereotypes that have set for “Muslim women.” My co-author for this series, the spirited British Pakistani Muslimah, Hajra Khan has covered the matters of being a practicing Muslim women in the west very well in… 1,235 more words

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The Frontier Built By the Mind

A barrier is a wall meant to keep any persons or creatures out. Every barrier has its own weakness, but the weakness is dependent on how the barrier was built. 1,562 more words

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Morocco Books, Recommended Reading Before You Go

Travel Exploration Offers a Hand Curated and Select Picks of Morocco Books to read before you go. The Books to Read before you visit Morocco… 755 more words

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Music and the Mullahs – can the twain meet?

The debates about the use of music in Islamic practices specifically and music as entertainment are perhaps as old as Islam itself. These debates are not new reminds a scholar of Amnan Shiloah (1997). 1,662 more words


Check Out These Great North African Woman Writers (Part II): Fatima Mernissi

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Too often, the discussions Americans hear in the media about women in the Muslim world are marred by ignorance, distortion, politics and just plain bigotry. 418 more words


A Paradise For Women: Keeping The Dream Alive

Many years ago, I came across a thin, nondescript book in my college library titled “Women in Moslem Paradise” (1). It was written by Fatima Mernissi, a Moroccan feminist lawyer . 716 more words


Fatima: The Story of Feminism in the Arabic World

Fatima was born into a poor family, the third in a line of daughters. She was a disappointment to her father from the beginning. His dream a son. 1,913 more words