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One glass of soft drink contains about 6 cubes of sugar; that means that drinking 2 l of it, instead of water, represents almost 35% of the normal daily caloric intake. 409 more words


Primrose, a modest miracle of nature 

Introducing the latest addition to my collection of health miracles of nature…Primrose!

This rather inconspicuous plant growing in fields has great healing properties, which are increasingly became popular in the pharmacological industry and cosmetology. 531 more words

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Trans Fat Ban Here to Stay

The controversy surrounding trans fats has very little to do with their existence; after all, trans fats exist in nature in small amounts. What’s really troubling is that they have continued to exist in the food supply for years, even when their negative health effects were widely known.  570 more words

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 Three varieties of pearl millet seeds (CITA2) (8156) and (8864) respectively. Each variety were obtained from IITA Ibadan. It was forted graded and the waste ones were taken to laboratory for chemical analysis, our protein content, amino acid, fatty acid profile and vitamin evolution. 507 more words

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Alzheimer's Linked to a Reduction in Unsaturated Fats in the Brain

Fats are classified into two main types: saturated and unsaturated. These distinctions have to do with the molecules’ chemical structure. Fats are basically long strings of carbon atoms. 525 more words


Is Goat’s Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk? Here’s a List of Health Benefits

While cow’s milk remains one of America’s most common daily drinks, it is interesting to note that it may also be the reason why many Americans experience… 737 more words

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What Are Fats? Are All Dietary Fats Bad?

Fats are a highly varied macronutrient group and they’re present in both animal and plant-derived foods. At 9 calories per gram, fat is the most dense source of calories required by the human body.[ 2,266 more words

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