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The Knockout - 1914

The most clever moment of The Knockout is a part where the film breaks the fourth wall. Pug, played by Fatty Arbuckle, has to change in order to get ready for a boxing match. 798 more words


Long-form project

I’d argue that the best thing for something like this is to have a long-form project, some sort of ambitious, ridiculous, and possibly even punishing adventure that, at a minimum, also promises some regular content built around a theme. 81 more words


The Sunday Intertitle: A Film in Intertitles

Time to give your negative capability a workout, folks! Reduced to its title cards, the 1915 slapstick romance WISHED ON MABEL, starring Mabel Normand and Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, becomes both abstract and winsome. 79 more words


TDISH: The Scandal that Rocked Hollywood

On September 5, 1921, Hollywood funnyman Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle rented a hotel room in the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco to relax and have some fun with friends. 121 more words

This Date In Strange History

The Sunday Intertitle: Flush Before the Draw

This gambling den, in FATTY’S RECKLESS FLING (1915), appears to have intertitles as wall decoration.


The Sunday Intertitle: Various Kinds of Eggs

Lots of entertaining intertitles in SPECIAL DELIVERY, but this was my favourite. Madge is played by the unfortunately-named Jobyna Ralston, who keeps showing up at… 387 more words


Fatty Arbuckle

Poor Fatty Arbuckle. Every time some big star becomes enmeshed in an especially tawdry scandal–and it’s hard to think of a scandal more tawdry than Bill’s Cosby’s right now–Fatty Arbuckle gets dragged into it. 380 more words