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When Self-Righteousness and Profit Merge …

Room 1219: The Life of Fatty Arbuckle, the Mysterious Death of Virginia Rappe, and the Scandal That Changed Hollywood By Greg Merritt

Who was Fatty Arbuckle? 413 more words


Day 3: Los Angeles

You can’t visit LA without doing Hollywood, so we had to go up and see the Hollywood sign, of course: finding a sneaky route up through Griffith Park gives you loads of great views. 400 more words


Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco (1915)

I completely understand if you thought this was a repetition of yesterday’s post. It took me a minute to sort out the difference between these two movies, as well. 533 more words


Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition (1915)

This Keystone short came early in 1915, just after Charlie Chaplin left the company to join Essanay. Interestingly, it resembles a more ambitious version of “ 611 more words


You Dumb Kid: The Cook

The Cook (1918)

Ah, children. So susceptible to the violence on television and in movies in these modern times. You can’t open a newspaper today without reading about yet another child stabbing his friend through the gut with a homemade… 481 more words

You Dumb Kid

His New Profession (1914)

For this Charlie Chaplin Keystone comedy, I was able to find two slightly different edits, but nothing so glaring as in the case of “ 573 more words