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You Dumb Kid: The Cook

The Cook (1918)

Ah, children. So susceptible to the violence on television and in movies in these modern times. You can’t open a newspaper today without reading about yet another child stabbing his friend through the gut with a homemade… 481 more words

You Dumb Kid

His New Profession (1914)

For this Charlie Chaplin Keystone comedy, I was able to find two slightly different edits, but nothing so glaring as in the case of “ 573 more words


Go to San Fraaaaanciscooooo!

I went to San Francisco two days ago and took a bus tour. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for seven years and I’ve never been in one! 219 more words


The Masquerader (1914)

Once again, I’ve found various “edits” of this early Charlie Chaplin Keystone short, with different intertitles and lengths. I’ll discuss the differences at the end, but first I’m going to focus on what I believe to be the more authentic “original” version (at least it’s longer). 490 more words


Fatty Arbuckle

Poor Fatty Arbuckle. Every time some big star become enmeshed in an especially tawdry scandal–and it’s hard to think of a scandal more tawdry than Bill’s Cosby’s right now–Fatty Arbuckle gets dragged into it. 380 more words

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Buster and Fatty Vamp and Camp It Up in THE COOK

The fabulous Fritzi over at Movies Silently is hosting A Shorts Blogathon! You can find all the entries here.

I’m doing Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s… 1,210 more words

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Babymoon At The Site of Fatty Arbuckle's Tragic Downfall

My husband and I decided to take a “babymoon” vacation in San Francisco when I was seven months pregnant. For those of you who haven’t heard the term, a “babymoon” is a vacation for you and your partner to enjoy your last moments as a lone couple before the baby arrives–the last hurrah celebrating the freedoms of single-hood before an extreme commitment (sounds more like a bachelor party than a honeymoon to me). 557 more words