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Flashback Friday: Cup O' Crack 

For this week’s #fbf, I decided to re-post my Cup O’ Crack craziness. Currently, I’m on spring break and steadily eating my way to This-Isn’t-Even-Funny-Anymore-Get-a-Grip town. 509 more words


Its all going wrong :(

OK i have screwed up BIG time!

I have screwed up and been off my diet for two weekends on the trot! I have drunk a shed load of wine and eaten just as much crap! 437 more words

Real Life

the munchy bean

I cannot begin to tell you how eternally hungry I have been over the past few days.

So hungry in fact, I am sure that if I were to wander into a paddock by accident, I would be wrangled, dipped and tagged along with all of my fellow grazing bovine. 114 more words


I have hit a wall! - HELP!

I am beginning to get annoyed at the smallest thing!

Is this because i am surrounded by idiots or is that i have hit a wall with my weight loss. 387 more words

Real Life

A haiku to my body

​Fat and fit

lie vowels apart

and I a perpetual ‘e’.



Bride Drops Half Her Body Weight In One Year For Her Wedding

Losing weight is probably the most common New Year’s Resolution, and the one people fail the most at. However, the bride-to-be in this story managed to lose HALF of her body weight in only a year, so what is your excuse? 442 more words


The skinny on fatty liver disease

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

A disease in which fat invades the liver is on the rise in Singapore, but there is a straightforward way to fight it – by losing weight. 563 more words

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