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A Hello from Fan Flabby Dozy

It doesn’t happen very often in my life but yesterday I had a light bulb moment. You know, one of those moments when all of a sudden you realise something has to change, although you aren’t entirely sure how to change it! 588 more words


Ooh blimey.
It all suddenly becomes real when your race number arrives



Pure GoldĀ 

My mom is a great storyteller. Family stories have been passed down, retold countless times, and loved since I can remember. On Sunday, my mom told us a story I had never heard before, and how it’s even possible she never told us this doozy, I do not know. 973 more words


Loving the Skin You're In: A Twisted Journey

I imagine being totally in love with my body like a unicorn running through a Lisa Frank- style field of neon daisies. Beautiful, but unrealistic. Being an American woman, hailing from a city like Los Angeles and living in a city like New York, there will always be times when I feel like I am “less” because of my appearance. 776 more words


#FlyingFeet trying to catch my little Miss who had already left me in the dust!

@missionfindacure sure has put a spring in our step!



Little run with my biggest little for @missionfindacure
4 years old and run/walking 1000km this year.
I am beyond proud of her <3