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Attack of the scribble head!

You never know when my scribble head will appear! That is what I am calling my anxiety now as when I have an attack my head feels like a toddler has scribbled in it! 687 more words

day 1564 - serious dessert

line ups for premium ice cream shops are always this long, but if we always turn around like we did last time, i’ll never get to try any of them. 59 more words

My 365

Holiday............I need another one!

I promised you a blog about my recent 4 days holiday with my mother, Bista, Nibblings (the nephews) and chidling.

Well there isn’t much to write about really.  425 more words

whats next?

I have been thinking a lot about life this week. I am still waiting to hear from two positions now and I am getting more and more frustrated! 461 more words

Happy happy happy with this run.
I felt strong running for the first time this training cycle.

Have had a brilliant few days at theme parks and bike riding with everyone having new bikes and kit


I am Rough!

No, not in the sense of feeling or looking rough but I am playing rough in Cinderella. Rough is the clever one in the comedy duo of Rough and Ready. 811 more words

2.5 on the books but did 3.1 to get my 5k summer medal from @missionfindacure
Why is the first mile so hard? I always nearly give up….every run! 35 more words