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Made the leader board for #TWIOgirls (Highest % weightloss, 100 girls in the group)
I knew I had a big week but didn’t expect 3rd. The work I am doing seems so little compared to the other women in the group. 25 more words


Spanx You Very Much

Ugh, Monday¬†again. Didn’t we just have Monday last week?

If you are feeling like you can hardly bring yourself to get out of bed, or the thought of expending the energy it takes to bring your coffee cup to your lips makes you wish it was,  62 more words


Shit just got real.
Running my first 5k on 15th May



Just done my second run of the day and decided to time my mile.
The last timed mile I did was in January and I ran 18.10 minute mile. 30 more words


Let’s have a little toot of my own horn here.
My Mum let me down last minute with childcare last night and this morning meaning I couldn’t go to karate. 111 more words


Entry 4

Alright… yeah… so having a tummy flu sucks! Woke up at four and started the day by puking… great.
Other than that this tummy flu has made me get down 9 lbs. 279 more words

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