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Fatty Fat Fat

Starling has been a bit of a piggy lately.   She gobbles down the carrot I let her have after school, and I once even caught her eating half a slice of cheese when she thought I wasn’t looking.   280 more words


Making a Fatty

I was on my way home from work yesterday and popped into Woolworths to see if I could get any inspiration for dinner. While strolling down the meat section (as usual) I spotted one of their “special” stickers. 318 more words


Small Study Links Lack of Sleep to Type 2 Diabetes Risk: MedlinePlus

Researchers say lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of substances called free fatty acids in the blood. These substances interfere with the ability of the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. 194 more words

Health News

Day 50, Fit Test 4

Not too happy about the results in the belly and how much weight I’ve lost but I guess I’ve put on some muscle so it would account for some of it. 96 more words


The Sins of Running

I’d love to pretend I’m original. Lists abound on this topic, but it’s like an acoustic cover of “Hallelujah”: We all think there are too many out there, and we all think ours still merits being forced upon other people. 3,928 more words

Fan-girl Friday: granadilla butter

This week I’m Fan-girling over an old favourite that has resurfaced for the season: granadilla butter. Its like lemon curd with granadillas. Its equally as life changing. 120 more words

I can't believe I'm legitimately writing about clothes

I feel like I give too much attention to what I wear when I’m running. It’s mostly because I hate running (seriously, you didn’t think I was going to stop saying that, did you?), and I latch onto any discomfort and make a mountain out of a molehill. 1,373 more words