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A little update

I did not want to run today, I didn’t want to run yesterday either, but today I made myself. Today was week 6, run 1 of #c25k… 225 more words

Self Discovery


Every holiday I get the boys turkey and giblets Fancy Feast because they like to celebrate, too:) I forgot to get it for Thanksgiving so, after work, I braved all those lunatics at Wal-Mart to get a $.57 can of cat food. 9 more words


A little update

On 27th October, I did the first run of #c25k, never expecting to be able to run more than the 60 seconds the plan required in the coming weeks. 151 more words

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Fat Pants 

Believe it or not, I’m new to the marvel that is fat pants. Of course, I’ve always participated in the “fat pants” life, but God forbid I give my holey flannel pants, that I’ve had since middle school, a name that explains why the elastic has been stretched out for 5 years, but they stay on, because the band fits snugly between two fat rolls. 396 more words

Old Friends are the Best Friends

I had to stop in at school this morning to make sure everyone was getting along without my constant supervision and I saw Merlin’s class outdoors conducting some sort of experiment. ¬† 193 more words


A little update

I didn’t run yesterday, I had a busy day after a bad nights sleep.
Today I was determined to do week 5 run 2 of #c25k. 194 more words

Self Discovery

How to Thanksgiving Pregame in 5 Ways

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because it’s the only holiday completely centered around a single meal, although in my family, we make it an entire day of eating. 404 more words