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Hi, My Name is Anonymous and I'm a Fatty.

As you can see, I’m setting the bar rather low for my first post.  You don’t want to come in all genius-like…too much pressure to maintain that caliber of writing. 365 more words


Traveling in the New World

I’m just home from a couple days of travel for work. It was a bit tough to get out of town, but once I was sitting in the plane, belted in, ready to take off, things were all in their place. 1,105 more words

Since the launch on 22 November, my posts have been mostly asking for your help.
Well as the countdown to start date, I thought it was time to share my first challenge with you. 137 more words


Οι χορτοφάγοι συγκεντρώνουν υπογραφές για να αποσυρθεί το νέο βρετανικό χαρτονόμισμα

Πάνω από 93 χιλιάδες άτομα έχουν μέχρι τώρα υπογράψει στη διαδικτυακή διαμαρτυρία που γίνεται εδώ και λίγες μέρες για να αποσυρθεί το νέο χαρτονόμισμα των 5 λιρών που κυκλοφόρησε πριν από δυο μήνες στη Μεγάλη Βρετανία.


My Three Least Favourite Characters

Overall, I don’t think we consciously give much thought to our least favourite characters, instead we focus on the ones we do love and enjoy, which is fair enough. 1,011 more words

Written By PippaStef

Fat Pants 

In honor of my favorite eating day ever, I thought I’d reblog this post. Stay tuned for an all new Thanksgiving-I’m-fat-so-fuck-it post!
Believe it or not, I’m new to the marvel that is fat pants. 450 more words

Thanks to everyone for their messages of support about my year long fundraiser for JDRF.

Here is a link to virtual event I mentioned in my posts running up to the “launch” 100 more words