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Ustadz Dr. Ali Musri Semjan Putra. MA


Segala puji bagi Allah, shalawat dan salam buat nabi kita yang mulia Muhammad Shalallahu’ alaihi was salam beserta keluarga dan para sahabat beliau. 3,328 more words


Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi - 'Journeying as Unveiling ' Stephen Hirtenstein Part 1

‘Journeying as Unveiling ‘ Stephen Hirtenstein Part 1 – Part 2 and other videos follow on.

Given at the symposium in Murcia 2014 ‘Ibn Arabi and the Secrets of Journeying’ at the start of the ‘In the footsteps of the Master…’ tour of Andalusia organised by Anqa Books and MIAS Latina… 395 more words


Maysir: Easy Money

“O you who believe, intoxicants, Maysir, sacrificing for idols and  making decisions based on games of chance are filth from the work of satan, so avoid these things and you may prosper. 1,293 more words

Islamic Financing

Obama Cites Ayatollah’s Fatwa on Road to Nuclear War

Frontpage, by Raymond Ibrahim, March 26, 2015:

As Iran continues edging closer to developing nuclear weapons—a major threat to the entire Mideast region, especially longstanding U.S. 839 more words

Counter Jihad Report

On Deception, Uncertainty and Gharar

Gharar originates from the Arabic verb gharra, which broadly means: to deceive.

As it relates to business, gharar is considered one of the three main corruptors of business contracts in Islam (the other two being interest and gambling). 940 more words

Islamic Finance

Fatwa Syaikh Ibnu Baaz " Jama'ah & Harokah"

Ayo semua bersatu ..

Fatwa Syaikh Ibnu Baaz Tentang  Jamaah dan Harakah

الذي يقول بأن الجماعات الإسلامية من الفرق التي أمر

النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم باعتزالها هل فهمه غير صحيح؟ 706 more words

Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun

Produce the Fatwa

Weekly Standard, MAR 20, 2015, by THOMAS JOSCELYN:

In his annual statement marking the Persian new year, President Obama said he believes that Iran and the U.S. 638 more words

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