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Membaca Quran tapi Belum Bisa Menghafal ?

Lajnah daimah lil buhuts ilmiyah wal ifta pernah mendapatkan sebuah pertanyaan :

Bagaimana hukum seseorang yang banyak membaca Alquran akan tetapi karena kemampuan mengingatnya yang lemah sehingga ia tidak mampu menghafalnya, bagaimana juga hukum seseorang yang menghafal Alquran tapi dia dilupakan hafalannya sebagaimana seseorang yang menghafal untuk keperluan ujian ? 69 more words


Islamic Law - Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 1 - Part 2)

As I mentioned before, there were four pillars which contributed to the practice and development of Shari’ah. They are Mufti, Fatwa, Qadi… 857 more words

International Law

The Mote in Thy Sister's Eye

We all live in different worlds, don’t we? I suppose that’s what makes travel so interesting: to see how widely dissimilar regions and disparate societies recognize and deal with comparable problems. 644 more words

One Of The Fruits Of Arab Jihad Assembly in Afghanistan

One of the fruits of Arab Jihad assembly in Afghanistan was the formation of the “Global Islamic Front of Jihad against Jews and Crusaders” whose first statement was issued in the form of a Fatwa that called to fight against the Americans and kill them until they give up committing crimes against Muslims. 11 more words


The Brotherhood must not be seen as moderates

The National, by Hassan Hassan and Ola Salem, February 12, 2017

For many people, Yusuf Al Qaradawi epitomises moderate Islam. From banning female circumcision to allowing coeducation, the Qatar-based Egyptian cleric’s bold and progressive edicts have challenged conservative views for decades. 768 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Jihad In Jakarta?


Leader of anti-Ahok rally summoned over Dec. 2 protest

  • The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Wed, February 8, 2017 | 05:16 pm… 298 more words


The 2017 Iran-American War

The US is now inconveniently situated at a crossroads between a very subtle and submissive Obama versus a more rebellious and controversial Trump. For the most part, presidential candidates throughout history have been known for voicing out an array of wishful promises and guarantees just to get more ballots on their side. 657 more words