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Why Salman Rushdie Should Win the Nobel Prize in Literature | Literary Hub
To recap: Rushdie is a politically engaged novelist whose books vividly evoke not only his homeland, India, but also London, New York and numerous places in the distant past; he is a knighted Brit, and a major award winner; his writing is full of astounding imagination yet never falls into derivative or (rarely) goofy territory; and when threatened with death with, specifically,  38 more words

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When Does Charging a Penalty Become Haram?

Islamic financial institutions have struggled with whether or not charging a monetary penalty for a late payment is considered a form of interest in Islam. Here’s my answer … 453 more words


GYAN 147 :

Should Women were clothes that reveal too much ?  Are revealing clothes responsible for increasing Rape Molestation cases ?  Can any Government, religious organization or person in power declare a Fatwa as to what a woman should or should’nt wear ?  225 more words

Why this Fatwagiri-Di?

By Asma Anjum Khan

Fatwa is just an opinion but when an out of work, publicity hungry Barelvi Mulla, on a rather empty Friday afternoon, decides to work, what does he do? 1,229 more words