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Tricky Bathroom Faucets

Needless to say, these plumbing fixtures should have been installed AFTER the wallpaper went up. It would have been much easier for me, and the paper would have gone right up to the pipes, eliminating relief cuts as well as the potential for paper to peel due to wicking of water into the substrate along those cut edges. 293 more words

How to Winterize Your Exterior Faucets

If the words “frozen pipes” draw fear into your very core, you’ll want to know how to winterize your exterior faucets. Many parts of our country experience below freezing winter temperatures, and smart homeowners make it part of their fall routine to insulate or cover their exterior faucets, as well as empty out the water. 773 more words


Let's get crypto VS Ifaucet.net VS Epay.info. Battle of the rotators!

               Everybody must be familiar with bitcoin faucets by now.Bitcoin faucets give you free bitcoins for solving google captchas,re-captchas,solve medias,e.t.c. in a certain interval of time.Why do they give you free coins?ADS(obviously) There are plenty of bitcoin faucet sites so it might get really tedious to go through each of them individually.That’s where the faucet rotators come into play.Faucet rotators are websites designed to provide you with a full faucet experience.Once you are done with one,you can just click on the next button and move on to another one.Once you are done with most of them,you will make something in the range of 60,0000-80,000 satoshis (in an hour).Of course,you can do it all day long if you’re patient enough but the faucets that pay you high will have a time window of 1440 minutes(approx) so you won’t earn as much as you did in your first hour.We will be coming with our own minimalist BUT complete faucet rotator very soon.For now,there are mainly 3 popular well-known faucet rotators.Let’s go through each of them. 328 more words


Consumer Videos: Strange, Strange World

In our submitted videos, get ready to see the bizarre, the ‘unthinkable’. So, here we go..

Oh, what in the world?! An ‘inverted faucet’?? Well, we’re just not used to its sight but logic tells us that it’s another cool and unique ‘decor’ or a nice kind of combo product for your home. 43 more words

Submitted Video


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Bitcoin Faucet

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